Saturday, May 16, 2015

St Janice and Barrow Priory students, UNLV graduation

Mind the gap! Guess who forgot their butt glue?

The photo: The beginning of a wedgie. Butt glue is used for photo shoots, pageants and when going clubbing to hold a costume smooth over curves while the wearer is moving. It won’t work if you get the bikini wet so there is no need to waste it if you’re going swimming or plan to have it ripped off during foreplay. Wedgies are a normal part of wearing a bikini if you are going in the water in it. If I’m using butt glue I like the brand ‘It Stays’ in a roll-on. I carry it in case I’m posing, but on Virgin Gorda I almost never use it.

St Janice end of year pelvic and pointe fittings: Saint Janice is an exclusive girl’s school in Berkshire. Veronika, Nika to her friends, the ballerina daughter of my close Belgravia neighbor and Russian ex-pat Alexei teaches master pointe classes to the older girls there from time to time. As the school’s gynecologist was retiring Nika recommended Chris our male Gyn from Blackthorn Clinic to be their replacement gynecology specialist and contraceptive advisor so Chris has been in that capacity for several months. The head mistress had asked if the clinic could fit diaphragms as ‘flood insurance’ for a few of the upper form girls going on a swimming adventure to an Israeli resort on the Red Sea this summer. As I am one of Blackthorn Clinic’s primary cervical barrier fitters I went with Chris when he did the students end of year pelvic exams and check the placement of their stringless Marina IUDs. I fit their cervical barriers. None of the girls was allergic to latex and they all had lovely deep post-pubic vaults so I fitted them with latex coil spring rim diaphragms similar to the old Ortho White that was discontinued years ago. I used a latex barrier because they were going to be having sex underwater in the ocean and need to use a good thick silicone lube that takes a while to wash out even in sea water and Milex silicone barriers shouldn’t be used with a silicone lube because it tends to make them sticky and deteriorate fairly quickly.

Our Blackthorn dance shop is primary pointe-shoe provider to the students at St Janice and Nancy, our fitter, came along to take orders for their summer pointe-shoe needs. We recommend Gaynor Minden pointes for all women who can be fitted correctly in them because they last several times as long as toe-shoes made of traditional materials and take less training to wear confidently and continuously for long intervals while performing, clubbing or in fetish encounters such as ballet-sex where long term support and comfort are needed. Because Gaynors blocks are made of polymer and don’t breathe they are hot to wear and can take several days to dry after a wearing if you don’t have access to a source of dry gentle heat to quickly dry them. That’s why I like to travel with at least three pairs of GM pointes prepared for the roles I’ll be performing be they ballet or fetish performances

Barrow Priory pompoir training: Barrow Priory in Middlesex is the site of Blackthorn Priory’s upper school conveniently located near an elite male school so the two schools can combine their student bodies for courses in human sexual anatomy. Unlike most students at St Janice the girls at Barrow Priory upper school are all training to be escorts and are being tested this spring on their ability to isolate and manipulate their vaginal muscles and for their specialized ballet training to extend the length of their continuous interval en pointe an ability needed to successfully perform ballet-sex. All the girls must have had at least ten years of ballet training four of which must have been in pointe-shoes. All the sixth form girls have done splendidly in their studies and pelvic training and are now able to easily manipulate a pair of 1.0 inch solid surgical steel Ben Wa balls, weighing 2.3 oz. each, while en pointe a skill needed to successfully perform pompoir, the milking of  a partner's penis while he remains stationary inside you.

As with their St Janice counterparts the Barrow Priory students had their end of school year pelvic exams and had their diaphragms, with which they were fitted when they advanced to classes at Barrow, checked for fit before the girls went to their summer work assignments. Unlike the St Janice girls the Barrow girls all have frameless copper bead GyneFix IUDs with the strings removed so they can cycle naturally and enjoy menstrual sex as well as the hormone high of their fertile intervals. Most are going to be pool attendants, life guards or towel girls at up-market swim clubs, spas or as nannies with benefits where they can meet wealthy aristocratic men who could become lovers, clients or both. For the last several years Barrow Priory girls have been placed where their looks and pelvic skills can be appreciated which has increased the demand for them and it is wonderful experience where they can use their pelvic training and make influential friends.

UNLV 2015 commencement: The flight back on Limnaea II out of Gatwick on the 13th with Marvin was delightful and other than amazing sex was uneventful.  I was fertile and had an Oves screwed down on my ripe cervix for protection from Morning Wood’s little swimmers. Anya met us at McCarran and took us to my old home where we napped until the girls got home. I had Adolph and Kassandra his PA and current lover over for dinner where we had steaks on the grill. It was so good to see them both again and Adolph is still in Kassi’s thrall and as happy as I’ve ever seen him, but I wonder how long that can possibly last.  

Commencement will be today Saturday May 16, at 9am when Willow, Odette and Odile will graduate.  It’s supposed to be a lovely day with low humidity and the temperature in the mid 70s, a welcome change from the cool and damp UK. Bea will be starting Cambridge as an undergrad while the other three go to grad school at Cambridge where Taryn can guide or intercede for them if necessary.

Virgin Gorda: We depart this evening, the 16th, but I’ve changed my mind about our destination. Rather than returning immediately to London we are going to my place on Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda for a few days before heading back to the UK.  Fortunately I decided before we left the UK so I was able to get the girls reg bags and wetsuits brought down from Blackthorn Castle to bring with us. We have time before the Summer Solstice and before hurricane season starts in the Caribbean. Once back in the UK there will still be plenty of time for the girls to go fetish clubbing in London this summer and for diving my new deep training pool if it’s completed on time.
Alice, Duchess of M****, has already had His Grace’s sailing yacht, The Wanton Lass IV, taken around to Charlotte Amalie on St Thomas to meet us at Cyril E. King Airport (IATA: STT) where Limnaea II will land so we could walk to the boat if we didn’t have luggage.

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