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Dressed to fill – fetish lactation, dive-porn

Lactating and dressed to fill

The photo: The twin Medela swing electric breast pump the kind I use to express my breasts when no ANR partner is available is awesome! It’s so convenient! I can pump when I’m driving or when aboard Limnaea II or riding The Dragon and store my milk in a small fridge. 

The Pleasure of pumping: I’m not feeding an infant so I can have a glass of white wine and relax and enjoy the experience when pumping with no fear of harming a breast feeding partner. My let-down reflex (LDR) occurs very quickly so I have to be fast in getting into the harness and fitting the shields over my nipples or I’ll leak all over myself, but having been lactating for years I can don and doff my Medela very quickly. Fortunately my LDR is not super sensitive as it can be with some lactating moms whose nipples will start to leak when they hear a baby cry. Pumping is not as fulfilling as if I have an infant or an ANR partner at my breasts, but there is still the suction on my nipples and the warm tingly sensation when my milk begins to flow. Lactating requires a lot of work to keep the pump hardware clean, wearing LilyPadz to prevent breast leakage staining my tops and using wipes to clean up spills so I don’t smell like warm breast milk.  However, there are some breast fetishists who love the astringent scent when rancid milk is mixed with the aroma of estrogenic sweaty latex and latex polish when his partner is in a rubber catsuit. Although for most men a bouquet that complex can be an acquired taste. As I’ve mentioned before I love that front close bras have become fashionable especially in sports styles that provide comfort, support and ease of getting in to and out of it especially for those of us in ANRs.

Morning Wood and lactation: When they find I’m lactation a new acquaintance will ask, “How old is your baby?” Then I have to explain that I’ve never been pregnant and my induced lactation was a rare side effect of changing then coming off combined (estrogen/progestin) hormonal birth control pills. I found lactating such a pleasure, though a lot of work especially for a performing ballet dancer, that I kept my milk flowing and have enjoyed exchanging intimate secretions with my lovers for years. The down side is that my breasts went from a 32A cup to a B which caused me to have to redefine my center for turns and balances. Too a B cup ballet dancer is a bit busty so for some roles I bind my breasts and I always empty them before a performance; preferably of course with in an ANR, but often when I’m traveling with a breast pump as any dancer who has ever tried it never wants to jump, turn and be partnered with full breasts again. 

Marvin was already in love with me as the reincarnation of his dead wife Jenna before he found I was lactating just as Jenna was for their young son when they both were killed in a car crash several years ago. The physical similarities between Jenna and me are astounding: height (5’4”), weight (105), hair color (red), eye color (green), bone structure (fine), handedness (left), pelvis (wide), diaphragm user (80mm) and now lactation.   

When he found he could actually have an adult nursing relationship with me - Jenna had allowed him only a taste as she needed all her milk for their baby boy – he was ecstatic and wants me to marry him, but while I love him I enjoy my freedom unconstrained by a marriage license. When we go clubbing I like to wear a fashionable nursing top or a front-zip latex catsuit that displays my breasts beautifully and can be opened for a partner to milk me.

Las Vegas to Baker’s Bay, Virgin Gorda: We got a late start out of McCarran on Saturday the 16th  as Pirate, the man running my casino’s stable of escorts, gave my wards a small graduation party where we all had what might turn out to be our last Vegas sex, but maybe not. The distance from McCarran International Airport (IATA: LAS) to St Thomas USVI Cyril E. King Airport (IATA: STT) is 3,275 miles. At a cruising speed of 550 mph the flying time was about 6 ½ hours, perhaps a bit less with a tailwind going east. Landing at Charlotte Amalie at 9:00AM AST. It took an hour to transfer the luggage to the Wanton Lass for the 7 ¼ hour sail from Charlotte Amalie to Lost cove on Baker’s Bay.

The sailing distance from Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas to Lost Cove on Baker’s bay, Virgin Gorda is about 70.0 km (43.5) miles. About 6 hours 14 minutes by ferry. On board the Wanton Lass IV sailing at 6 mph (5.2kts) it should be about 7 ¼ hours assuming good weather and sea conditions. The US and British Virgin Islands are on Atlantic Standard Time (AST) which is the same as the U.S. Eastern Daylight time so we are 5 hours behind British Summer Time, BST.  I’ve had a floating pier and elevator installed so we able to dock and walk ashore. There is no more landing in small boats and carrying supplies and luggage across the beach and up the cliff stairway to the house which makes things far more convenient. We were all unpacked, showered and settled in in time to enjoy a late supper of Caribbean spiny lobsters and drawn butter on the veranda overlooking the cove.

Dive-Porn at Lost Cove: Taryn’s porn production company, the techies and actors, arrived the next day, the 19th, to produce another dive-porn video. My wards including Bea all want bit parts so they may be extras appearing in party or beach scenes or anonymous in SCUBA in underwater group scenes. They all want penetrative sex on camera in beach, bed or dive scenes, but with their hair or backs to the camera obscuring their faces so they can’t be identified and none have tats so they can hide fairly easily in dive gear even when wearing bikinis. Taryn’s Director is always glad to have more young hard-bodied women for background and the professional actresses don’t mind as the men use the new girls to practice with and there is a divemaster on every dive so the girls are physically quite safe and since everyone in the film crew and my girls and I have had recent negative full STI panel screenings – coordinated through Chris our male Gyn who always comes to Virgin Gorda with us - we should be safe in that regard.

Having penetrative sex with a gorgeous and massively hung male porn star is, in addition to a thrill, always a great story for a girl’s-night-out. So the girls had me check the fit of their latex Reflexions diaphragms which they use for flood insurance since they all have GyneFix frameless and stringless copper bead IUDs inserted for contraception. The cunilingus scenes are being shot first since we all use DiveGel+ in our vaginas for the underwater sex scenes and the silicone lube doesn’t taste good and coats the mouth so it’s a good idea for a man to avoid eating her pussy when he just fucked his partner while she was using DiveGel.

While blocking out underwater scenes yesterday, the 19th, we had an interruption when a rented sailing yacht about the size of the Lusty Lass entered the cove and anchored just outside the buoyed area where filming was underway. There were three couples in their late twenties or early thirties aboard. The women had hard athletic bodies and the men were handsome and well muscled making lovely couples. They put on masks flippers and scuba gear and came down to see what we were doing and it soon became apparent that they were very interested in participating. We were at a depth of about 35 feet when one of the women had a seizure and expelled her reg and her dive buddies couldn’t get it back in her mouth as she vomited.

I later learned she was newly pregnant and suffered a miscarriage on the dive. She has the single rod Nexplanon contraceptive implant and wasn’t menstruating so she didn’t know she was pregnant and the stress of the pressure changes during her week of diving probably caused the spontaneous abortion. It was obvious to all of us that she couldn’t recover and our divemaster helped the men get her aboard their boat. We called for a medi-lift helicopter which took her and her partner to the hospital at Spanish Town and then on to Charlotte Amalie to be treated for aspiration pneumonia and her miscarriage. Before he boarded the helicopter her partner told me she had no idea she was pregnant and had been on the contraceptive implant for several years with no problems. The rest of her party pulled up anchor and sailed for Spanish Town.  

To avoid that sort of thing is why we all routinely test for pregnancy. While the risk is slight since we are all using very effective methods of contraception we are all having frequent sex with unprotected and very potent men. You can never be certain that you are completely safe from conceiving and pregnancy and diving is a dangerous combination. During the spontaneous abortion the camera crew never stopped recording. The director just had them switch from the actors to the woman in her bikini with blood gushing around her thong as her contractions pushed the aborted fetus into the water and her reg floated free above her head as she vomited. He plans to use that few minutes of a real life and death drama in the porn video.

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  1. Great blog you have here, very hot pictures and a good read about lactation fetish and adult nusring.


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