Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nikolai and the penis-leash

The male ballet basket or package on display.

The photo: A dance belt worn high and proud cupping the family jewels under a pair of tights rolled down over a belt to fully separate the glutes and display the male genitals to advantage. And people wonder why so many women love watching ballet!

Nikolai and Marvin: I’m making some changes in my private life as well as taking on a new responsibility for the next few months. My former psychiatrist and primary lover, Marvin (Morning Wood) has accepted a teaching position at Cambridge University for the upcoming academic year. He has taken a flat in Cambridge within waking distance of Trinity College where he will be teaching. His fixation with me as the embodiment of his dead wife Jenna is in remission which is the only reason he feels confident enough to leave my bed for more than a few days. This will give us both a chance to let Jenna’s stock of Bloch Alpha (S0104) pointes have a rest and allow me to wear only Gaynor Minden pointes while he is away. Marvin has turned over my therapy to a young and brilliant female colleague (‘Elaine’ for the purposes of this blog) who is on the staff at Blackthorn Clinic and who specializes in women’s fetishes and paranormal possession. He thinks she will bring new insights to my case and better help me cope with the responsibilities of being Aphrodite’s high priestess.

Since my wards will all be away from home at college or university I can concentrate on my first loves teaching, performing ballet and sex, not necessarily in that order. I have gotten a marvelous position as a pointe coach for the premier ballet company in the UK and it is only a short ride by car from my place in Eaton Square to the ROH.  That car ride incurs a daily congestion charge (about £11.5 per day) to drive in to Covent Garden, but the Sloan Square tube station (which is closest to my place in Eaton Square) is on the Circle Line and Covent Garden is on the Piccadilly Line so I would have to go one stop east on the Circle line to Victoria station change to the Victoria line and go one stop north to Green Park and change to the Piccadilly line and go three stops east to get to Covent Garden and the ROH. I’d rather have the convenience of the car and not worry about the weather, crowds and not having to wait for a train so to me it’s worth it.

Which brings me to what I think, at least for now, is a marvelous opportunity by working for the ballet at the ROH. In addition to teaching pointe I have been asked to be a coach and social mentor for a young (26 y/o) Russian male ballet star who is dancing with the company this season. My job as a social mentor for him could be challenging as he has a tendency to go off the rails in social relationships. He has only been with the company since the first of the year and has already gotten into several situations with young female corps members – two pregnancies and two terminations - and the mandarins are hoping by having me mentor him I can help him smooth relations with other company members and in his private life he won’t cause as much unfavorable publicity for the company off stage as he garners favorable publicity in his marvelously performed professional roles. He appears in this blog as ‘Nikolai’ which means Victorious; conqueror of the people in Russian and he lives up to that nom de theater!

I asked why I had been chosen since one of the senior women dancers or an administrator could better represent the company than I can. The answer was that none of the company’s women wanted to get near him as he is very seductive and sexually reckless. The senior administrator who asked me to mentor him knows of my intimate relationship with The Duke of M****, a major donor to the ROH, and his son and that my mentoring of Willow, who is the Duke of M****’s granddaughter and in the corps, was a good indication of my success in dealing with difficult personalities. So it was thought if anyone could keep Nikolai more or less under control it might be me. I know they think that if I fail the failure won’t tarnish the reputation of a senior company member and they can always say, “Well what do you expect, she is an American” even though I now hold one of the oldest hereditary titles in the UK.

So I was introduced to Nikolai as a technique coach and we liked each other immediately. I have introduced him to Alexei, my Russian Ex-pat neighbor in Eaton Square. He had already met Alexei’s daughter, Veronika (Nika to her friends) who dances in the corps. Nikolai said he thought that Veronika was too young for him and that he liked older more experienced women and thought I was beautiful. LOL! He is a silver-tongued devil, our libidos are about evenly matched and he has had a recent negative full STI panel so I knew he is safe to take inside me with him unprotected. He is a wonderful replacement for Marvin as he is just as well hung and has great bedroom technique and I’m helping him improve his sexual stamina. It’s always nice to have that sort of thing as an excuse to get a gorgeous dangerously sexy bad boy into my bed and with Elaine’s help I can forget about Marvin for a while and release my inner cougar and prey on Nikolai using his lovely hard body to slake my desire for sex with gorgeous athletic young men.

Through our clinic I asked how Nikolai’s ballet partner’s pregnancies occurred and was told that both girls, one nineteen and the other twenty-two, had IUDs inserted which was very disconcerting until I got the rest of the story. It seems the one with the hormonal IUD was taking a weight loss supplement that made her contraceptive hormone much less effective and the other with the copper IUD had unknowingly expelled it and was totally unprotected. I’m not sure how an IUD can be expelled w/o the woman realizing it, but perhaps she lost it while masturbating with a dildo in a hot tub which she is known to enjoy doing.

Pompoir as a psychological penis-leash: I love teasing Nikolai by fondling his package while whispering in his ear telling him what talented fingers he has. In his practice clothes with him encased in two tight layers of fabric he is impossible to get to w/o unbelting his tights, but well worth the effort as foreplay when we have the time alone in a studio. It is amazing to me how men can continuously produce sperm to impregnate their partners when we are in season and how much I enjoy helping a lover out of his dance belt and guiding him inside me to let him have a shot at immortality.

However, with me in my teaching clothes of Gaynor Minden pointes, convertible foot tights with the feet rolled above my ankles and worn over a thong-back long sleeve crew neck leotard Nikolai can easily press me against a mirrored wall slip a hand down my tights to caress to my vulva, part my labia, insert two fingers to stroke my G-spot while his thumb massages the shaft of my clitoris and have his tongue down my throat so quickly I hardly know what’s happening.  

Did I mention what talented fingers he has? By fingering me that way the ease and speed with which he can bring me to orgasm is astonishing even while I’m en pointe and gripping his fingers with my muscles. It shows he has had years of practice. I try not to let jealousy consume me when I think about the other women he has been with and just concentrate on the fact that I now have him in my bed and we are fucking each other’s brains out. I never want him wearing protection while inside me. I love feeling his liquefied ejaculate draining out of me after he finishes knowing that I’m well protected by the stretchy membrane of my barrier against which his hot creamy jets of semen splattered.

Given that he has a powerful libido, a roving eye and younger women are constantly trying to seduce him I needed to make certain that Nikolai is deeply in my thrall. So I have used Pompoir and the Mare’s trick to bind him emotionally to me. I don’t use them enough so that he gets accustomed to me milking his penis or keeping him hard inside me while he recovers to shoot his load inside me again, just enough so he can’t wait for me to do it again. Too, I use Pompoir as a reward for him pleasing me with a ballet performance or how well he treats me when we are out clubbing. What an absolutely glorious situation!  

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  1. You are such a Manx, a cougar! At least he's got the challenge to impregnate you, too. Here's hoping that you can tame that tiger!


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