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An Immaculate Conception

A silicone Caya contoured contraceptive diaphragm

The photo: A Caya one-size-fits-most silicone diaphragm newly available (by prescription) in the U.S. as of June 2015. However Caya has been available on-line through contraceptive suppliers outside the U.S. for several years. The device is 75mm long (from the relief arch and removal dome at the anterior end on the right to the posterior rim on the left) and 67mm wide. The six bumps on the right end of the rim and a corresponding set on the opposite side are ‘grip dimples’ and provide gripping traction for fingers on the rim during compression for insertion.  Caya will fit women who take the four most commonly prescribed conventional diaphragm sizes; 65mm, 70mm, 75mm and 80mm and who have a pronounced (1 to 2 cm deep) post-pubic vault. Caya has a medium tension nylon spring that arcs downward when compressed to aid in slipping it under the cervix.

Snow White’s 18th birthday: Some weeks ago shortly after my wards joined me in London for the summer one of the denizens of Belgrave Square a Life-peer noted for his promiscuity, wrecking marriages, breaking of female hearts and extravagant spending - who for this post I’ll call ‘Lord Woodie’ - gave a lavish birthday party for his lovely and privately schooled daughter (Tory Glory) who in his eyes could do no wrong. In real life however, while she loudly proclaimed her virginity she has had an amazingly wide variety of objects in her vagina with the exception of a penis. She is an infamous tease letting men have their way with her up to the moment before penile penetration when she says no, which has caused no end of male fury and frustration. She has worked her way through a lot of men who have gotten blue-balls playing with her one time too often. She is constantly getting her friends in trouble while managing to escape censure herself to the extent that she has gotten the nickname among her circle as ‘Teflon Tory’ since nothing seems to stick to her. 

Tory who Bea had met in an up-market ballet class poached one of Bea’s male admirers who Bea has become very attached to. That sometimes happens, but Tory quickly goaded him into taking the blame for an auto accident which damaged several parked cars that occurred while she was driving after a few drinks at a friend’s party. It was hit-and-run and with all the security cams in London it didn’t take long for the police to find the car. She told her date she would have vaginal sex with him if he said he had been driving so he did and he was booked and released on bail. Of course the traffic cams were analyzed image by image and it soon became apparent that a woman was driving and her date’s fingerprints were nowhere on the driver’s side of the car. Unfortunately by that time the boy, the son of an Anglican vicar in Kent, had attempted suicide overdosing on a bottle of his mother’s tranquilizers. The boy will probably be ok, but he has been admitted to a locked ward in a hospital until his depression can be brought under control. It appears that Tory’s father has bought off the owners of the damaged cars and all charges have been dropped so Teflon Tory skated again. This greatly upset Bea as she really likes the boy and wanted to see some accountability from Tory.

Cue Maleficent: Bea felt Tory had gotten away with far too much so she though of a way to get back at her by ruining her relationship with her father. With fake ID she slipped into the birthday party caterer’s staff as a server. It was an avenue of access available only because the staff was required to all be female escorts dressed in latex catsuits with full hoods, spider-gags, ballet-boots and a recent clean full panel STI test since her father - who had his female personal assistant make the arrangements - is a known latex, ballet-boots and spider-gag fetishist and never misses an opportunity to have sex with the waitstaff at his parties. It is a situation that Tory frequently talked and joked about calling the waitstaff her father’s ‘personal trainers’ helping keep his stamina up.

Lord W and the condom: While the Lord is known for slaking his sexual desire with a great many women he is very careful that his partners are free of STIs and are on effective forms of birth control and he always uses condoms. To disguise herself Bea filled out her employment questionnaire saying that she used a contraceptive diaphragm as birth control and wore a Caya diaphragm with spermicide in the dome to conceal the fact that she has a GyneFix copper bead IUD implanted. After the party was well underway and there was a lull in table service Lord Woodie singled out three of the waitstaff to have his way with in Tory’s ballet studio while the sit-down meal was underway in the large dining room in the main wing of the house. One of the girls was Bea who knew she was his type with a small, well proportioned, hard body and had made sure she acted provocatively by ostentatiously checking that the pull of her relief zipper was snug in its keeper and running her fingers languidly over the zipper seam stretched over her mons pubis then bending over showing him her tight latex sheathed buns while pretending to adjust the tongues of her ballet-boots when she knew he was looking at her.

His Lordship had one of the maids from his personal staff come and get the girls in their turn and Bea was number two. When she arrived in the ballet studio which she says she thought of as an encounter salle she found him waiting for her in a fleece sweat, nylon wind pants and black leather ballet slippers and asked her to perform a ten minute warm-up barre routine to music from Swan Lake while he exercised with her. Even though the studio was cool in a latex catsuit, hood and ballet-boots she was sweating profusely when she was through and could feel the sweat draining down her thighs and soaking the socks and toe pads in her boots. She said she was grateful that she was wearing a spider-gag rather than a ball-gag which would have made it very difficult to breathe during her barre routine and during penetrative sex. Bea has had very little experience with sex while gagged so I had worked with her making sure the spider gag fit well as they aren’t nearly as difficult to wear when properly fitted as they appear to be.  His Lordship had wanted to see her perform développés and splits to test her flexibility and strength and Bea said she was afraid the latex of her suit would tear and that she would be unable to perform a développé while in ballet-boots, but since I had insisted she learn how and to practice it she was thankful I had insisted. She performed the barre flawlessly and the seams of her £450 catsuit held so it was well worth the price.

After their barre he had her pull down the nylon wind pants he wore and as he kicked them out of the way she saw he was commando, already erect and dripping clear pre-ejaculate. He handed her a blue foil packet containing a Kimono MicroThin Condom. She opened it and rolled the 0.044 mm thick latex sheath on to his erection while he tugged the pull of her relief zipper out of its keeper and began to slowly open the waterproof zipper. It was then that he found how aroused she was as her natural arousal lube flowed over his fingers and dripped onto the floor between her legs. Things picked up speed from there with him turning Bea to face the barre and ordered her to bend at the waist and grip the barre with both hands and when she had he spread her engorged and slippery labia with one hand while positioning the tip of his erection at the entrance to her vagina with the other.

Penetration: Once in place and w/o warning with a single powerful stroke she said he plunged his full length into her, his glans glancing off her cervix stretching the cervical cup of her Caya as he pushed the silicone into her anterior fornix. She gasped and shuddered in ecstasy as the removal dome of her Caya was rubbed against her G-spot while she automatically tried to rise taller in her boots to get away from his thrusts - impossible to do - as he repeatedly bottomed out with the latex of his MicroThin and the silicone of the cervical cup pushed to the limit of her anterior fornix with her gasping and moaning in delight. She said she tried to hold back to prevent reaching a screaming orgasm and gripping him so tightly with her contractions that she would force his ejaculate to flow down around his shaft and float the condom off his erection. If that happened she might not have enough of his semen in the used condom for her purposes. Even so she was so tight he didn’t last four minutes before spewing his seed into the tip of his Kimono and then holding on to her hips while he regained his breath. He was still erect as he pulled out and stripped the condom off tied the end and turning her around shoved the condom through the ring-gag and into her mouth with the instruction to “Get rid of this cunt!”

Lady Fortune smiles on Bea: She quickly closed her relief zipper wiped their coitial discharge off her hands and the crotch of her catsuit with a baby wipe and kneeling wiped his still erect penis clean of it’s coat of semen. He thanked her and gave her a small medal with his crest on it as a token of his pleasure saying that she had marvelous pelvic skills. She curtsied to him before leaving the studio and headed for the female servants loo where she intended to freshen up before rejoining the rest of the waitstaff.  She opened the door of the loo to find Tory snorting a line of coke from a travel stash kept in a zipper pocket of her clutch. Apparently it was more potent than she was used to as she suddenly staggered, moaned, her eyes rolled up and she collapsed on a banquette, shuddered and passed out.

Never one to waste a crisis Bea realized there would never be a better opportunity so while Tory was unconscious she unzipped the relief zipper of her suit and pulled out the Caya which she was supposed to be wearing dry. However, what Bea found was that in addition to her arousal lube which she produced while flirting and being finger-fucked by her male guests the cervix cup contained a considerable quantity of her stretchy eggwhite fertile cervical mucus. Bea carefully pulled the condom out of her mouth and slitting the reservoir tip with her nails squeezed Tory’s father’s semen into the cervical cup of her Caya. Then compressing the rim and spreading her labia reinserted the sperm filled diaphragm back into Tory’s fertile vagina, closed her relief zipper and wiped off the tightly stretched latex over Tory’s mons pubs. Then she rinsed the used and now empty condom and opening her own relief zipper parted her labia and stuffed the condom up behind her pubic bone. She zipped up again, washed her hands and rejoined the waitstaff in time to help serve dessert.

Two weeks later Tory missed her period, but she had been under a lot of stress and her cycles aren’t all that regular anyway so she wasn’t concerned and kept going to ballet class. However, a week later she began feeling nauseous in the mornings; she tested for hCG and was positive so she was newly pregnant.   She had a serum pregnancy test at our clinic just to make certain and she was about six weeks along and immediately had a vacuum aspiration to rid herself of the reproducing tissue.  But her father was notified and he was furious and insisted on having the DNA of the fetus tested to identify the man she slept with. Imagine his shock to find that it had been his sperm that had impregnated her! He blustered and fumed had the tests run again by three different labs and they all came back with the same result. The news leaked as gossip and their friends can’t imagine how it could have happened unless his condom broke during an incestuous relationship. Tory will be traveling out of the country with an elderly female tutor for the next few months while her notoriety subsides.

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  1. OMG! Your wards are very clandestine! It's almost as if Bea was a female version of Dylan Hunt (Mission: Impossible) or an MI-6 agent.


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