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Lesbian protection with FemCap

A lesbian ballerina’s protection
The photo: Gaynor Minden pointes for a Lesbian ballerina’s art and a FemCap for dildo thrust-buffering and to direct a vibi’s impulses into her fornices for A-spot and P-spot pleasure. The FemCap pictured with a pair of my Gaynor pointes has a 26 mm inner diameter which fits me perfectly. The outer edge of the brim is 50 mm in diameter for the 26 mm FemCap.
Lesbians and FemCap: Our clinic fits quite a few Lesbian ballet dancers with FemCap, a transparent silicone contraceptive device the brim of which seals against the vaginal walls. Since I joined the clinic at the first of the year I’ve been doing most of our Lesbian patient’s contraceptive barrier fittings and teaching them insertion and removal techniques.  They are very straightforward; for women new to cervical barriers I always have them first insert two fingers to feel how the vagina s slopes up and then back and have them feel their cervix so they know what it feels like and how far in it is when not aroused. That way they have an idea about how to push the folded cap down the vagina toward their cervix. Then compress the brim with one hand and spread the labia with the other and insert the cap with the concave side of the dome up. FemCap is pushed along the back wall of the vagina and when it hits the cervix the brim is tilted up with the fingers and should slip into the posterior fornix with the dome over the cervix. Once on the cervix a finger sweep all around the cervix and feeling it through the dome ensures the cap is properly in place. At that point the removal strap is pushed down forcing the base of the cap as deep as it will go in the fornices and should be held there for ten seconds while a strong suction is developed.
Some users new to FemCap panic when they try to remove it the first few times and find that even when depressing the dome enough of the vacuum isn’t released to remove the cap by tugging on the removal strap. While that can be initially disconcerting it shows how well the cap fits since with suction that strong it is very unlikely to be dislodged. For women who can’t release enough suction to comfortably withdraw the cap a long handled ice tea spoon can be used as a removal aid. With the convex side of the bowl against the vaginal wall slip it between the wall and the brim. Then push the bowl of the spoon into the anterior fornix and twist the handle to break the suction between the brim and the vaginal wall. Lesbians who don’t need contraceptive protection can wear FemCaps dry, no spermicide in the dome, and the cap can be safely worn continuously for at least forty-eight hours though I’ve worn mine for four days with no ill effects.  FemCap shouldn’t be worn while menstruating as the flow can float it off the cervix.
Most of our cervical barrier fittings for Lesbians are for FemCap, but a few are for latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms if the patient needs dive protection for underwater dildo play at depths greater than 25 feet. Below that the pressure squeeze on the FemCap dome becomes very uncomfortable. Now that the Reflexions is no longer being made our clinic is having our own latex flat spring diaphragms produced as there is still a small but pressing need for that style rim and material. FemCap is preferred for penetrative surface sex protection and shallow dive sex by Lesbians because it allows the skin-on-skin fingering of the wearer’s G-spot and as I mentioned above when a vibrator head is pushed against the FemCap removal strap and dome the entire device vibrates gently and the impulses are transmitted to the wearer’s A-spot and P-spots simultaneously which almost always generate powerful orgasms
Lesbian Dommes and the need for contraception: Most Lesbians who come to us are cycling naturally and enjoy their cyclical hormonal swings.  Spermicide is not needed when FemCap is used in a pure Lesbian Domme/submissive relationship. However, there are instances when a spermicide should be used. One fairly common example is when the Domme has the hots for a Bi-sub - who is on the pill or a LARC - and having sex with unprotected males. In that situation the Domme needs to use an effective spermicide (usually ContraGel with lactic acid as the active ingredient) to protect herself if playing with the Bi-sub when she and her partners fingers are in each other’s vaginas while her Bi-sub is still draining fresh semen.
You would be surprised by how many gorgeous Bi-sub ballerinas there are who are as comfortable with bedding a marvelously virile man as sleeping with a hundred and ten pound Domme and taking them quickly one after the other. Since it is impossible to know for sure if the sperm in coitial discharge is dead to be safe a Bi-sub should only be played with while wearing an effective barrier contraceptive with spermicide in the dome since transferring motile sperm from one vagina to another with the fingers resulting in the pregnancy of the woman who did not have penile/vaginal intercourse is quite possible.
Sizing: Most Lesbians take the smallest FemCap size, a 22 mm inner diameter designed for women who have never been pregnant although some few take the larger sizes 26 mm if they have been pregnant, but have not delivered vaginally (which is my size though I’ve never been preggers) or the 30 mm if they have delivered vaginally. And we do have one or two patients who have found they are primarily Lesbian after being in unsatisfactory traditional heterosexual marriages and having children.
Comfort and uterine protection: Since most Lesbians don’t have to worry about the discomfort of a large male partner hitting the removal strap they can comfortably and confidently wear a FemCap for safety since it is important during cunilingus to prevent air blown into the vagina from entering the uterus and possibly causing an air embolism. This is especially true during dive-sex when a playful partner could use her buddy reg to push against her partner’s labia and hit purge sending a jet of compressed air into her partner’s vagina, through her cervix and into her uterus, unless she is wearing a well suctioning cap. And FemCap performs a cervix thrust-buffering function when a dildo is being used on the wearer by her partner by substantially lessening the discomfort of the dildo ramming her cervix.

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