Friday, August 21, 2015

Nikolai and pointe class

Lovely toasty warm legwarmers

The Photo: Legwarmers for cool studio warm up and staying warm between scenes and during rehearsals. Legwarmers are also coming back as fashion accessories this fall, though for ballet girls they never really went away.  

Popular pointe class: My daily company pointe class for the corps while not mandatory is highly recommended by the ballet masters. However, during the summer there is a lot of absenteeism as dancers take vacation before rehearsals for the fall season starting in late September.  Since I have become Nikolai’s coach and social minder he began coming to watch me teach the class. I suggested that while he was there if he was ever interested in taking pointe this would be a good time for him to give it a try. 

I was so pleased when he said yes and I wanted him to be fitted with Gaynor Minden shoes. However, he wanted to be fitted with stock Freed classics so he can have the full pointe wearer’s experience of breaking in new shoes. Our Freed rep had him come to her at their St Martin’s Lane shop and I went with him. He created something of a sensation as there are very few male ballet stars that are fitted with pointes and he signed autographs for some of the women shoppers. We found although he takes a wide box he takes only one size larger than I do. He bought six pairs along with ribbons and toe pads. I taught him how to break in his shoes and we both wore new Freeds in the evenings at home and in my studio in Eaton Square as he began getting his calf and pelvic muscles used to balancing en pointe. A week later he made his debut in Freeds as a new company member in my pointe class.

The word quickly spread that he was not only in my studio during class, but in pointe shoes and actively participating and the rush by corps members to return to class was amazing. Even some of the soloists began appearing in class and other soloists and a few principals appeared to stand quietly inside the door to watch Nikolai en pointe. The younger corps members are very anxious to be in the same room with Nikolai even though they know he is deeply in my thrall and the older ones are plotting how to take him away from me.

Now that he is taking pointe the women all appear in makeup with hair beautifully fastened in neat tight buns. Their tights are new and sheer rather than the old tired washed out ones typically worn for class and the leotards are new with a French-leg if not thong-back and extremely form fitting some even going so far as to bring cashmere shrugs or pashminas and their best legwarmers to wear before and after class and during breaks. All of the women including me want to look our best when Nikolai is around so that we might bask and blush in the warmth of his gaze. Too, the effort expended by the individual students has increased noticeably so the energy and concentration in the studio has risen considerably since no one wants to be seen marking a combination however complex when Nikolai might notice.

I had Nikolai move in with me at Eaton Square the day Marvin left for Cambridge as it is far easier to mentor him when he is close at hand and even necessary when I’m working with him to increase his stamina in the bedroom. Too, he is so taken by the vast choices and quantities of items for sale in London that he sometimes loses track of time and had frequently been late for class or rehearsals until he moved in with me and we ride together to work and shop together as well.

Party animal: For the first few months he was in the UK Nikolai was invited to and attended a party almost every night and his performances began to plateau rather increase in brilliance as had been expected. Now that he knows he is going to have his brains fucked out almost every evening his consumption of alcohol has decreased markedly, possibly because he knows he can’t perform well or even satisfactorily with me in bed if he isn’t sober and he desperately wants to cum deep inside me as often as he can. He frequently whispers in my ear when he is driving his powerful thrusts into me as deep as he can get that he would love it if I became pregnant by him. So in reducing his drinking to a socially sustainable level and getting him to his commitments on time I have begun to get his behavior turned around. I’m hoping that once he establishes a routine of proper professional behavior he will be able to stick to it when my time mentoring him is over.

Irene Adleresque: I seem to have gotten something of a reputation as being a dominant courtesan of the Irene Adler, Lola Montez, Lillie Langtry sort who is the companion of wealthy aristocrats. I suppose this came about from my close relationships with His Grace the Duke of M**** and Alexei, the Russian oligarch who is my neighbor in Eaton Square, but I have been living permanently in the UK for less than eight months. Although I have been active for the last few years as a visitor to the UK with the general population and some of the aristocracy while celebrating the four seasons, the primary celestial events first worshiped in this country in the old ways by the Druids. So perhaps my work on behalf of Aphrodite and certainly jealousy triggered the gossip. I think being compared to Irene Adler is a reputation I don’t deserve (though I am a Dominatrix) since I’m not in bed with Royalty, at least not yet. But I have had a lovely conversation with one of the princes during which we agreed on a great many things.

Since I inherited an ancient title some aristocrats hate that I’m an American, even though both my parents were of Welsh stock and I’m a British citizen, but the generation of my age and younger seem be welcoming enough, especially the men as tales of my pelvic skills and sexual conquests were the first to leak into the tabloid press though they had almost all the facts wrong. But they did spell my name and title correctly and I do love the publicity. It has drawn women to my businesses hoping that some of my knowing what men really want from a woman and how to survive giving it to them will be imparted to them as my clients.

Nikolai is not wealthy, but for now he doesn’t need to be. With his gorgeous powerful young body, gazelle like jumps, stunning stage presence and an awesome reputation in bed he has the ability to steal women’s hearts with a single glance and doesn’t miss an opportunity to do just that. He makes a marvelous escort while clubbing or dinner companion at formal parties. But for me his expert stud service in my bed is one of his best qualities.


  1. So, Nikolai is a male pointer. How well is he doing?

    At least he's able to get the ladies to attend the classes more. If it wasn't intentional on your part, I'd say you'd have a good eye for merchandising or advertising.

    I would guess that you might get the stinkeye from the old guard in the aristocracy. I mean, if I were an elderly lord, I would think it was ludicrous to have a Yank take one of the realm's oldest titles. However, if I were a lord at my age (which is just a few months behind you), I would tap dat azz. J/K about the terminology, of course.

    Would it be possible to send me a private message what your full title is? I promise, as a journalist, not to reveal it to anyone.

    1. Nikolai is doing quite well in pointe class and it did indeed increase the attendance and crowd at the studio door to watch him in class.

  2. Am I correct in thinking that men rarely tale pointe training?

    Also, do any of the women (or you, for that matter) still wear hair in a topknot?


    1. That's generally correct. Aside from the all male Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. And Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker (Hard Nut). Also there are the ugly stepsisters in Cinderella often played for laughs by men en pointe.

      However, some male ballet dancers in major companies do take pointe to strengthen their feet and to better understand what their female partners go through en pointe, which makes the men better partners.


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