Friday, August 28, 2015

Copper IUDs, menstrual gushing and Celestial events planning

A pair of my ‘alpha and omega’ leather pointes

The photo: A pair of special makeup Capezio Aerial style 191 in black leather. I have a few pairs I wear on solemn occasions; ceremonies such as christenings and funerals. I call them my Alpha and Omega shoes because in them I celebrate the beginning and the end of life. I wear black leather pointes made of traditional materials on those occasions (with fitted slacks over tights) to experience their discomfort. I see it as a masochistic offering of joy to welcome a new life entering the world or in sorrow with the family who lost a member to death.

Copper IUDs, menstrual cups and gushing: A copper ParaGard T380a IUD with a frame is more likely to cause heavier bleeding during menstruation than does a frameless standard 6 bead GyneFix 300. The mini-GyneFix 4 bead 200 causes almost no increase in bleeding during menstruation. Heavier bleeding and the sometimes attendant anemia can necessitate an iron rich diet to stay healthy.

This subject came to mind the other day when I was CD3 and flowing heavily with a Diva cup inserted for flow control. Fortunately Nikolai likes the scent (metallic) and taste (coppery) of my flow as well as going swimming in the ‘Red Sea’ so I have had no decrease in menstrual sex between my former lover, Marvin, and Nikolai.

My menstrual schedule for the Celestial celebrations: I am scheduled to be CD5 and nearing the end of my period on the Autumnal Equinox. For the Winter Solstice I should be CD11 and fertile, which is a very good omen! When my wards were living and training with me in Vegas they were in menstrual synchrony with me, but now their cycles are drifting as they are no longer training with me enough for my pheromones to keep them in synchrony. 

The seasons, celebrated as did the Ancients: I’m already making plans for my wards and I to celebrate the last two significant celestial events of the 2015 calendar year the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice.  The Autumnal Equinox occurs on September 23rd which is a Wednesday, and the Winter Solstice occurs on December 22nd which is a Tuesday. As we have for the past few years we will be celebrating sunrise at Location Z, the ancient holy site in the mountains North East of Ullapool Scotland. Getting permission from my ward’s tutors at their Universities has been no problem as they are known to be favorites of His Grace who continues to be a generous donor.

For the Autumnal Equinox my wards and I will be traveling from London to Inverness aboard ‘The Dragon’, my private rail cars, and staying with the Duke of M**** at his castle, Crag Abbey, in the mountains to the west of Loch Ness on Saturday September 19th. Then convoy to his Grace’s hunting lodge below the summit of Loc. Z on the 21st as a staging point for ascending to the celestial temple very early on the morning of the 23rd Afterward returning to Crag Abbey for a day or two of relaxation before Returning to London on Saturday the 26th. Nikolai has already been invited as everyone wants to meet the ballet star and my new lover. From the 19th to the 26th he will miss four performances of Romeo and Juliet out of a total of eighteen so he was granted leave for those.

For the Winter Solstice my wards and I will again be traveling from London to Inverness aboard ‘The Dragon’ and staying with the Duke of M**** at his castle, Crag Abbey on Saturday the 19th. Then convoy to his Grace’s hunting lodge below the summit of Loc. Z on the 20th as a staging point for ascending to the celestial temple very early on the morning of the 22nd. Afterward we will return to Crag Abbey and remain as guests of His Grace and his son Jack (one of my former lovers) until after 12th night which in 2016 is Tuesday January 5th. Nikolai was again invited as my partner. However, since the ballet will be performing The Nutcracker during December and early January he won’t be able to get away as he would miss twelve performances between 12/19/15 and 1/5/16 which the mandarins’ would quite rightly be upset about. So, Marvin, Morning Wood, will be partnering me as he won’t be teaching (at Cambridge) then since Michaelmas term ends on Friday 4 December and Lent term doesn’t begin until Tuesday 12 January. I think that will work out quite nicely as it will give Marvin and me time to reestablish our relationship and let him know he is very precious to me.

Nikolai’s sperm count: Now that I have managed my lover’s small harem so he can be ‘unfaithful’ to me during the work day, a situation I encourage to keep him sexually satisfied until we can be together during evenings and weekends, I conducted some tests of his semen with a home sperm check kit to get an idea of his sperm count and I was pleased to find he is still off the high end. I was curious to see if his sex drive is affecting his ability to father offspring. I’m sure his count has dropped some with him having an average of four acts of intercourse per day, but his enthusiasm for fucking my brains out has not diminished and the volume of semen he releases is quite high, the equivalent of a man who paces himself and amazing for a man who goes after women as though there was no tomorrow as Nikolai’s libido drives him to do.  At his latest physical he masturbated into a specimen cup and the lab did a thorough test. He had a very high sperm count per ml of ejaculate and they were all perfectly formed and strong swimmers. So my lover can be very dangerous around a fertile and unprotected female even at the pace he is setting for himself.

Thrust-drop injury in Freeds: It’s happened already! One of Nikolai’s Odalisques has dislocated a big toe in a thrust-drop injury while wearing Freed Classics. I had warned the girls in his harem as well as others that switching to Gaynor Minden pointes for ballet-sex play was what they should do. However, this woman’s shoe allowance had been spent on Freeds and she didn’t want to be out of pocket £ 86 – £95 for a pair of shoes to seduce Nikolai when she had a fresh supply of Freeds for the fall season. Obviously she wasn’t paying attention when I explained why Gaynors were far more comfortable and safer. She will not be dancing for several months and is out as one of my competitors in the scramble to take him away from me. Not that any of them stand a chance of being more than a convenient dalliance, a place holder. Fortunately I had an alternate on standby that immediately filled the injured woman’s spot in his ballet-sex harem while wearing Gaynor pointes. Once again, small women should absolutely wear GM pointes for ballet-sex with tall men to minimize the possibility of serious thrust-drop injuries.

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