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Stamina training and backup protection

A few pairs of dead shoes discarded by the corps

The Photo: Dead Freed and Bloch pointes discarded by the corps. Corps members go through four or five pairs a week. Sometimes more sometimes less depending on the ballets and roles danced.

Pilgrim’s Progress: Here I’m defining Nikolai as a ‘pilgrim’ since he whispers in my ear every time he fills me with his semen how he worships my vagina and the muscles that contract around his erection to milk him of powerful jets of molten pearl. In that sense as his ‘spiritual advisor’ I see him as every bit a sexual pilgrim who I am guiding on a ‘religious’ pilgrimage as intense with his psychological enthrallment and intimate physical interconnection with me as Marvin’s is. I’m pleased to say that Nikolai is very accomplished with needle and thread, a consequence of growing up with hand-me-down practice clothes he had to repair himself when he was a child in ballet school in Leningrad. So he has had no problem in sewing ribbons and elastic on his pointe shoes. He was also familiar with the need to keep his toenails short and I showed him how to economically and effectively use toe tape and toe pads. And he is an exemplary pointe student though he is working on his développés and endurance sur les pointes, but his leaps of course are exquisite!

Ballet-sex dangers, Corps dancer’s stamina: I’ve mentioned in an earlier post the trouble Nikolai got into by impregnating corps dancers, but that was the result of rare failures of the individual women’s IUDs. A much more likely problem is a dancer being injured during ballet-sex even though she is in great shape for dancing.  Returning readers will remember that my definition of ballet-sex is for the woman to be penetrated from behind then rising en pointe and remaining there for the entire time it takes for her partner to give her an orgasm and or to orgasm himself which can sometimes be as long as twenty minutes.  Problems can arise with ballet-sex for several reasons: 1) if the woman must stay continuously en pointe longer than her strength will allow causing her to fall off pointe or; 2) If she has a strong orgasm and doesn’t hold back a bit she could go jelly-boned and lose control of her legs and fall off pointe. 3) Unexpected thrust-drop which is where the male partner’s legs are longer than the woman’s so when he thrusts he lifts her off the floor and drops her back on her platforms when withdrawing which often causes badly bruised nails.  Closely trimmed hails and wearing Gaynor Minden pointes with the thick soft internal platform pads will help minimize the discomfort from thrust-drop.

Some of the more sexually adventuresome Corps girls have tried ballet-sex and found it exhausting and a bit scary so have come to me asking about private stamina training for being penetrated in that position. I suggest they wear Gaynor Minden pointes with sueded tips for their comfort, support and traction during ballet-sex as most of them perform professionally in bespoke Freed Classics. For training I tell them to use a large dildo with a remote controlled vibi and a large suction cup base and a portable barre as most of the fixed barres aren’t far enough from the mirrored walls to get between the mirror and the barre and be able to bend over and support herself on the barre. The height to fasten the dildo to a studio mirror is easily determined by inserting the dildo then doing a 90° forward bend while supporting herself on the barre and backing up to the mirror.  Then go sur les pointes making sure to retain the 90° forward bend and with one hand push the base on to the mirror to develop a good suction. Then step away from the mirror to get off the dildo and mark the spot on the mirror as the height at which the dildo should be suction cupped. Once the spot is unobtrusively marked on the mirror she can fasten the dildo when she wants go en pointe and back on to it then turn on the vibi and move back and forth up and down the shaft. Doing this several times a day and walking around home en pointe should build up stamina for ballet-sex in a few weeks.

Women’s clothing for ballet-sex: Of course the vulva has to be easily accessible. You can wear a thong and sports bra or a thong-back leotard or go commando. I don’t recommend commando because while training with a dildo or during an encounter with a lover secretions can flow profusely and drip on the floor where they can cause a slip especially while en pointe (which is why sueded tips are recommended) I think at least tights or a thong is needed to catch coital discharge while walking to the bathroom or dressing room to kegel out most of it. Since I’m lactating if I’m with a lover I’ll wear a front close sports top so I can breastfeed him as part of foreplay before he penetrates me, a thong or tights with a cotton gusset and old suede tipped Gaynors. I wear old Gaynors because they will probably get splattered with lube and genital secretions during the encounter.

Let Nikolai be Nikolai: I’ve decided not to attempt to suppress Nikolai’s libido, but let him be the awesome bull his ego and talent make him. I’m already guiding his choices toward a few of the stronger more talented sexually experienced company girls with powerful libidos. These are some of the ones who have a strong desire to see if they can satisfy him enough to take him away from me so in that sense I’m consorting with the enemy. However, I think my plan is clever as I’m turning my competition’s drive and lust to my personal advantage. I am supremely confident that Nokolai is deep enough in my thrall that daily dalliances will not affect his need to thrill me in any way he can. So I will have time to tutor him in the social graces and soften his interaction with women before I release him to select a mate for marriage and a family if he chooses. This arrangement will keep his needs slaked during the day while I’m teaching class and fitting diaphragms at Blackstone Clinic until I can have him to myself when we have both fulfilled our professional responsibilities.    

Caya as backup protection: The corps girls know I fit diaphragms at a private clinic and some of the more sexually active ones have come to me asking about using backup protection. All in the corps are supposedly using effective methods of birth control. However, the two pregnancies that Nikolai was involved with earlier this year have caused them to be extra cautious as often there is no work for a pregnant dancer – if she is pro-life - or there is a huge delay in the career of a rising star if she carries to term. So some of the most talented and attractive dancers, who are also some of the most sexually active, have asked me to fit them for a Caya contoured diaphragm as they are becoming popular as an effective backup method. I have fitted seven of then so far. One of the attractive features of a Caya, from a man’s perspective, is the very lightly textured (think matte) finish on the dome which partners find very pleasing to rub their glans against. In the UK a fitting is not required for a Caya as it is in the U.S. but if a woman buys one w/o a fitting she could find that her vagina is too small (60mm or less) or too large (85 mm or more) or her post-pubic vault is not deep enough to fully contain the relief arch on the anterior end and have wasted her money.

I think it is deliciously ironic that some of these Caya girls are the same ones I’m grooming as day-fucks for Nikolai and each thinks I don’t have a clue that she wants the Caya for backup protection while she works to seduce Nikolai for herself. That doesn’t bother me in the least as while they are young I am far more lovely as an adult beauty, sexually experienced and know tricks they have never imagined to bind a man emotionally to me. The thing I’m going to have to manage carefully is that they don’t turn on each other and cause social rifts the Corps.

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