Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breath play with a urine filter

A Vintage Russian civilian (GP-5) gas mask

Urine filters and breath control: As part of my Advanced Sexual Techniques course I’m teaching multiple uses for corrugated rubber hoses. One is to create a ‘urine filter’ which can substantially enhance a sexual encounter for a woman who is into bodily fluids, gas mask and breath control fetishes. The use of a urine filter combines the body fluids and breath play fetishes into a challenge for any student of deviant sexual behavior. Vintage (Ca 1970s) Russian civilian (GP-5) hooded gas masks with corrugated hose and filter canister, like the one shown in the illustration accompanying this entry, are used for urine filter training. The canister is clamped in the upright position close to and slightly below the elevation of the wearer’s head. The woman puts on the mask with the corrugated rubber hose disconnected from the filter canister and the hood is tightened and the seal checked to ensure the mask is airtight. Then she assumes the position she will be in for intercourse. The position missionary, rear penetration en pointe or kneeling etc, was predetermined so that the filter canister could be correctly positioned. Then the student’s male partner urinates in a measuring cup and holding the hose so it has a dip in it below the level at which the hose enters the mask - as shown in the image above - pours 100 ml of urine into the hose and the urine settles into the lowest part forming a fluid block and the open end of the hose is reconnected to the canister. The woman then has to use the suction power of her lungs to suck enough urine up the tube to have it pass air so she can breathe. From the churning of the urine while gas is being sucked through it the air is heavily laden with droplets and scent from the urine. If the trap in the hose isn’t adjusted correctly the girl can suck urine into her lungs and develop aspiration pneumonia which is very common when an escort is in training to be a gasmask-girl and is learning to breathe through a urine filter. To prevent lung infections women training to breathe through urine filters are typically started on a course of Ciprofloxacin by their Gyns several days before their urine filter training begins.

Possible side effects: Here in Vegas this past winter we saw in increase in lung infections in teen submissives because their Doms didn’t want the expense of putting them on an antibiotic while training them to breathe through a urine filter. And there was one drowning when an 18 y/o with a cold started to sneeze when tied down in a dentists chair while wearing a gasmask and urine filter. She tilted her head forward (her Dom has forgotten to put her chin block in place) and accidentally inhaled the entire 100 ml filter. She couldn’t get off her back to clear her lungs and drowned in her Dom’s urine and her own vomit. Her death was ruled an accident, death by misadventure.

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  1. First, of course, this and similar techniques are uni-sexual in that males may 'appreciate' inhaling the scent of urine just as much as females. Next, there a way to avoid the danger of inhaling too many droplets into the lungs. The Bubble Bottle does the same but in a more mechanically sound way. The canister is replaced by the bottle filled about half way with urine (stale is best) There is an air outlet at the top sealed to that air tube to the mask. Of course, there will be some evaporation of urine into the gaseous chamber above the urine level but this is greatly enhanced because the the air tube into the bottle protrudes downward into the liquid urine. The mechanics then is that sucking air through the flexible tube into the mask will cause fresh air to enter the input tube and this air will bubble out into the urine, adding greatly to the concentration of urine vapor in the chamber. This is then both safe and sure and can be employed for hours if desired.


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