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St Lucy’s campus tours

Penché en pointe

Prospective St Lucy’s student’s campus tours: This week we are having campus visits by prospective students and their parents. Taryn, Cyndi and Gigi are helping with some of the tours and demonstrations. Taryn is lovely in a purple unitard and pointes as a group leader conducting tours. The unitards she wears as a group leader are very tight so the crotch prominently displays the cleft in the head of her Penetrator suggesting camel toe. She has used this defensive mechanism for the last two years since she was repeatedly groped the first time she wore the costume as a group leader and was using no pelvic protection. She now calls her job being a ‘grope leader’ and she is routinely groped by husbands and uncles accompanying their daughters and nieces. She says the look she gets when they step into her space and slip a hand between her legs to cop a feel of her soft labial tissue and feel the head of her Penetrator instead with its smooth firm convex silicone shield covering her vulva is priceless!

She uses a grope encounter as a teaching moment to tell the man how the schools defensive curriculum will teach their daughters how to protect themselves and turn a sexual encounter to their advantage. Being that close to a girl on her toes costumed like that touching her intimately is a temptation a great many men can’t resist, which is why we dress the group leaders that way. It gives the men, who will be paying the very high cost of their daughters expenses at St Lucy’s, an intimate connection to the school and ‘personal’ reason for wanting to return, in addition to visiting their daughters of course.

Class reservations are increasing: Alumnae are reserving seats for their daughters in greater numbers now and some are registering them at birth for a seat ten years in the future. The girls and their parents who are touring this spring are ones who signed up at least five years ago and who have the grades to get in. There are no legacy admissions or social promotions at St Lucy’s. Courses of study at St Lucy’s are very rigorous, but the academic pressure is offset by the social life for St Lucy’s girls which is modeled along the lines of an elite French finishing school in the Loire Valley that produces some of the western worlds most beautiful and accomplished courtesans. St Lucy’s is very European and sophisticated in that way.

Of course few parents of St Lucy’s girls aspire for them to become world class courtesans, but that sort of training is extremely helpful in getting and holding a man’s interest, which is a very useful tool for a young woman to have in today’s world when competing for the best men for mates or the most successful at making money. The two male types occasionally occur in a single man, but, in my experience, that is very rare. So a young woman needs experience with both types before she has to make up her mind if a particular man is worth mind-fucking for life. Of course some girls just love the chase leading men on and breaking their hearts. We discourage that sort of thing because it can easily backfire on the woman and get her killed when a tricked suitor flies into a jealous rage.

Protection and Penetrator: In addition to the academic curriculum we stress the fact that St Lucy’s girls have access to a large pool of medically screened male partners of appropriate ages so they can gain experience practicing intimate skills with men of all temperaments and sizes. That way they can become familiar with different male types in the general population, and particularly in the upper classes. All of our male escorts use no protection and are very fertile with high sperm counts which we feel gives our students an incentive as well as an opportunity to learn to trust their own method(s) of contraceptive protection rather than relying on a man for protection. The sooner a girl learns not to trust a man as far as birth control is concerned the better.

One of the demonstrations for prospective students and their parents is the fitting of a Penetrator plug one of the first pieces of intimate equipment a new student is fitted for. Chuck, a male Gyn from the Clinic, goes through the fitting procedure, a pelvic exam and taking vaginal measurements, with Cyndi while the guests watch. Then Cyndi shows the group how she inserts and removes her own Penetrator and does exercises with it inserted to show how well it fits and that her movement is not limited in any way with her plug inserted. That’s where a lot of the moms will take me aside and ask if they can get a Penetrator for themselves. Penetrators of this design (with the anti-expulsion ridge and perineal removal loop) are fairly new and vaginal plugs weren’t part of the course when the mom’s graduated from St Lucy’s. So this time of year there is a spike in Penetrator fittings as Mom’s of prospective students are fitted. Their husbands, to the extent they know what is going on, are very pleased because a Penetrator can be worn while swimming in place of a thong making the woman far more alluring if a guy is into plugs or loves removing his partners protective equipment prior to penetrative sex.

The demonstration: Gigi and Jon, a lovely man of 22, a grad student at UNLV and a graduate of our escort training program, demonstrate penetrative pointe-sex something every ballet student learns. The parents of prospective ballet students are asked if they would like to see the student in ballet boots or pointe shoes for the demo. If there are primarily women in the group the answer is usually pointes. If there are more men - sometimes a lone dad will bring his daughter or an uncle will bring a niece - the men will switch the answer to ballet boots. Gigi can perform equally well in either and wears Gaynors if in pointes or a pair of Gepetto’s Pleasure Boots (specifically designed for sex en pointe) if the majority want ballet boots. The demo is traditionally rear entry penetration while the woman is en pointe and bent over holding on to the barre in a small studio set up for the demonstration. Jon wears a Speedo slingshot and Gigi wears a thong bikini. She just pushes the thong to one side before being penetrated. Gigi adds spermicide in the dome and inserts her latex Reflexions diaphragm and then an applicator of dive-gel as an intimate lube while the guests watch. Returning readers know Gigi has a GyneFix IUD implant for birth control, but rather than get into that with parents we have her use a diaphragm. Using a diaphragm in the demo also shows the parents that the school isn’t insistent on hormonal contraceptives as the only effective birth control option and some women who have never seen a diaphragm become interested in using the method themselves so the demo becomes a teaching moment for the adults watching.

The Orgasms: In preparation for the demo Gigi and Jon warm up with a great deal of foreplay so that Gigi is very aroused. That makes it more difficult for her to get the diaphragm inserted correctly because her vagina has lengthened (tented) as her cervix is pulled up out of the way of a thrusting penis, but she has excellent insertion skills so she can handle it and by starting the demo while aroused Jon can give her a moaning, mewing, shuddering G-spot orgasm in just a very few minutes before he finishes inside her and withdraws. At the end of the demo when Jon has withdrawn Gigi readjusts her thong to cover her vulva so his semen puddles and soaks into the cotton liner as the couple bow and accept their intimate audience’s applause before they have a short Q&A session. I have watched the demo, well, I watched the audience watching the demo and there is not a man there who doesn’t have an erection by the time Jon shoots his wad deep in Gigi’s belly.

Alumnae pointe-sex class: A few of the women who are still taking pointe themselves asked if I could teach a pointe-sex class for alumnae. That might be an option for the next Homecoming. The Alumnae office could send out an enquiry and we could plan a long weekend with three training sessions with a male escort for each adult student, or they could bring an SO, lover or even a husband if they think he would behave himself. I would have them be fitted for Gaynors and wear them several times to class get used to them (they take almost no breaking in) before they come out as Gaynors are the most supportive and comfortable pointes for pointe-sex. The more adventurous ones could get fitted for a high quality pair of ballet boots if they wanted to try that, but if they aren’t used to wearing BBs and staying en pointe for long intervals it’s probably best that a woman not experienced in wearing ballet boots for pointe-sex not try it for the first time in a classroom setting. Well, it’s a thought for later this year.

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  1. Now I know you're taking pix from many different ballet-photo sites. I recognized the picture at the top of this post from It's from 2004, and the girl's name is Audrey, who I think is from France. The picture is from here:,purple-unitard,33_31.jpg. Though it is from another source, I could imagine Taryn wearing the same outfit.


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