Monday, April 19, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz 04-19-2010

Who is the maker of this shoe?

And, for extra credit, in what country was it made? The distinctive feathers and single line of stitching on the sole are great clues!


  1. I think it's Gaynor Minden, which I do believe is Made in the USA. Of course, I'm probably waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off.

  2. I’m sorry Eric; the shoe is not a Gaynor Minden. Gaynors have no stitching on the soles and no feathers (pleats) under the platforms. I hope you will try again.

  3. To me It appears to be a Chacott . Now where its made that hard to say
    If the shoe is a Coppelia The Coppelia II is made in Spain by Freed,
    If it's the Veronese 2 It is made in Japan
    How did I do?

  4. Yes, you are right Paul! The Shoe is a Chacott Veronese made in Japan, although from the photo you couldn't have known which one it was. Good for you!


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