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The Cunt Hunter

The RapeX condom

The Escort and the Cunt Hunter:
There is a new form of predator in town which we are calling the ‘cunt hunter’ because that’s what he is calling himself. He is stalking and killing beautiful escorts of all ages who are known to have exceptionally tight deep vaginas and who provide an exceptional memorable sexual encounter. He has killed three so far that we know of. Until recently a girl who was known to provide exquisite sexual encounters was proud to have the word get around as it deepened her pool of clients, increased her price and saved the expense of having to advertise regardless of how subtly it is done. Now however, the cunt hunter has put a chilling effect on the top 10% of the most talented escorts even if they are company girls and have protection from the city bosses. And that has gotten the attention of the men controlling the action to the extent that they have put a price of $50,000 on his head. It’s a toss up as to whether the bosses are more upset about losing the three girls and their revenue stream or the fact that if the public finds out there is a serial killer stalking high-end professionals there will be a wholesale decrease in traffic as clients feel it’s safer to get serviced elsewhere.

The Casino is now screening our escort’s clients for them. We have always provided that service but until now a large percentage of escorts thought screening was too invasive and didn’t want it known who their clients are. Since the cunt hunter has been active the percentage of girls using our confidential client screening has gone from 43% to 78%. Some girls who believe themselves to be in the target population are taking precautions by wearing RapeX condoms when out and about. The RapeX [pictured in the image accompanying this entry] is a soft sheath with four strips of barbs inside and when inserted in the vagina the strips of barbs protrude into the sheath. Once a man shoves himself into the vagina of a woman with a RapeX inserted his penis is trapped on the barbs and while he can withdraw from the woman he can’t get the RapeX off w/o cutting through the tough silicone rubber sheath. It’s not clear that a RapeX would do a girl any good if she is facing a knowledgeable attacker like the Cunt Hunter because if the man checks her vagina for any reason before penetration – and it is a very good idea for a guy to check – he will find the RapeX and it is easy to withdraw the RapeX device with the fingers w/o becoming impaled on it. And, so far none of the dead escorts had sex with their killer, at least not shortly before they were killed.

A souvenir: The cunt hunter’s signature is the taking of the victim’s right shoe, presumably as a trophy with her left shoe stuffed in her mouth. He leaves no semen inside his victims but he may masturbate during the kill or afterward, though no semen has been identified as his. A lot of semen has been found and has been traced back to earlier clients who all have alibis that rule them out as the killer. That’s another reason we need this guy found, it spooks clients to find they need an alibi after spending that much money for sex. Though so far the clients have all been supportive saying what a shame the deaths were and all regretted the loss of that level of talent to the profession. I understand all were regular clients and have signed up for dates with their next fave escort and it appears there hasn’t been a noticeable dip in revenue among the rest of the highly skilled girls, at least not yet. However, there is a pattern with the killer. He seems to be into killing escorts who wear pointes of one sort or another.

My psychiatrist says that the pointe shoe as trophy fixation may indicate a guy who wanted to be a ballet dancer and has gone from a love of dancers to a pathological hatred of them. Or, someone with a morbid way of adding to his collection of pointes, needing to remove them from the corpse of a fresh kill. Though if that were the case I would think he would want the pair not just one, but then maybe he has a space problem at home. Or, perhaps he was abused by a woman, his mom or a nanny or an older sister, wearing pointe shoes when he was little. Or, perhaps he has been rebuffed in his sexual advances to ballet girls and he is taking revenge on any women in pointes by over-reacting now. Whatever has driven his infatuation with pointe shoes as trophies he is causing us a considerable problem.

The first trophy: So far he has taken a pool-pointe from a gorgeous and very experienced 35 y/o ballet dancer/diver whose specialty was pool-sex. She was found at the bottom of the pool in a casino’s vacant pool bungalows (fortunately not at my casino) suffocated with her air turned off and her jaws forced open and the toe-box of her left pool-pointe shoved between her jaws. He must have immobilized her until she suffocated with her regulator still in her mouth because there was no water in her lungs.

The second trophy: The second victim was a 25 y/o ballet/showgirl from another casino who was making three times her casino salary as an escort after hours and had intended to stop dancing - which she was doing as a form of publicizing her body and flexibility - because her career as an escort was so much more lucrative. She was found with her wrists bound to the barre (by the ribbons of a pair of her Gaynor Minden pointes) in a ballet studio where she trained in the very early morning after her shows. There was a bruise on her neck where her attacker had pressed on her carotid artery until she died from lack of oxygen to her brain. She has apparently been wearing Freed Classics (size 4 X) as her toes were taped and there was still padding in the left shoe the block of which had been forced between her jaws and the ribbons left hanging down onto her bare breasts where her top had been torn away. The Right Freed was missing.

The third trophy: The third victim was found in her own home. She had recently moved into a lovely three bedroom house which she bought as a foreclosure at a great price in a lovely neighborhood that hadn’t been hurt by the residential real estate collapse. She was a lovely 28 y/o hardbody who was making a name for herself as a knife-pointe fighter and spent most of her time training in KP-pointe boots at Gepettos. Since KP-pointe fighting is very expensive and she didn’t have a permanent sponsor she was making a very good living as an escort and spent most of it on KP-boots, armor and related equipment. I had met her professionally as a KP fighter-trainer and liked her a lot. She was a quick study and fun to go trolling for men with. She wore Bloch Alpha pointe shoes around the house and most places when she went out to keep her toes hardened to pointework, she was a lot like me that way, and so I feel her loss more personally than the other two who I didn’t know except that we were sisters in the male services profession. And she was apparently wearing a pair of her Bloch Alpha pointes when she died as her toes were taped. The Right shoe was missing and the left one shoved between her jaws. As with the second victim there was a neck bruise where her carotid artery had been pressed closed until she was dead. There were seven pairs of very expensive KP-fighting boots in her closets and none were touched so he must not be into the ultimate in ballet-boots.

None of the three victims was aroused enough to have left natural lube in their vaginas and only the first victim was wearing a gas guard which was to be expected since she was a dive-sex specialist and probably expected to be penetrated by her killer. The organization is really shaking the bushes to find this guy (everyone assumes it’s a guy because of the pointe shoe fetish thing) so we may have some leads soon. If we get anything solid an out of town contractor will probably get the job.


  1. Not knowing the scene in Las Vegas, I might have to agree with a few of your theories on who the "cunt hunter" might be. Though I do have a possible wrinkle that might take the case in a different direction: What if the "cunt hunter" was a woman? She could be a Sapho (sp?) Sister who is a bit on the heavy side (heavier than a ballet dancer would be) and been upset that she couldn't become a ballerina due to her "weight issue."

    So, while the bosses are focussing on finding a man, this woman is getting her revenge on the dance world by killing different ballet-based escorts.

    However, that might be a bit of a stretch on the case. If it were a woman, she would have had some good strength to cut off the corrotids of the victims. Most of the evidence does point to a man, but the fact the right pointe shoes are taken from the scene of the crime and the left is stuffed in their mouths could point in the other direction, too.

  2. We are considering that it could be a woman, but the Psychologists think there is only a 5% chance that could be the case. Women aren’t generally aggressive especially against someone who hasn’t been personally perceived as doing them harm. And she would have to be very strong to have incapacitated the girl who was the KP-fighter. It could be that the target was one of the three and the other two were offed to confuse the issue and it could be that the trophy collecting of their right pointe shoes is a red herring as well.

    The Vegas Lesbian community is being screened, but most are well known and well liked and there are no new Dommes in town who would be candidates. Adolph thinks it’s someone from LA who comes over the mountains to hunt. Yes we have checked out Adolph. It is something I think he is quite capable of doing, but he would almost certainly have left semen in the victims and there was no semen, and he wouldn’t pick talented women, he worships them, which is one reason he and I get along so well. Besides, he was in the East and in Europe when two of the murders occurred.


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