Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gas masks, rebreather bags, NuvaRing, pure oxygen

The NuvaRing contraceptive ring

A reader asked: "Can foreplay with water jets decrease NuvaRing effectiveness?" If the water temperature is cool and the jets are applied briefly it shouldn’t decrease the effectiveness of NuvaRing. But, hot water – above body temperature - will cause the hormones to be released from the ring at a faster rate than normal and the ring may not protect the wearer for the entire wearing interval.

However, there could be a more serious problem with water jets if they are any more powerful than is produced from a douche bag. That’s because water could be forced into the woman’s uterus and cause an infection that could scar her tubes leading to sterility. A woman using NuvaRing can remove it for an interval up to three hours with no decrease in her protection. If you want to play with water jets up the vagina my advice would be to be fitted for a diaphragm or FemCap to use as a gas guard. That way the ring can be removed and the gas guard inserted to protect the cervix by preventing anything being forced into the uterus by the water pressure during foreplay. If the ring is removed it’s important that the woman remember to reinsert her ring within the three hour interval to retain her hormonal protection.

The popularity of gas masks and rebreather bags: I’ve been repeatedly asked why a gas mask and rebreather bag combination is such a popular fetish with a partner or for solo use. It seems to me the reason is that while one can start breath play by using a laundry’s plastic clothes bag as a rebreather at no cost, except for the cost to the breath-play fetishist’s survivors for the funeral if s/he isn’t careful, then once the fetishist masters the plastic bag successful s/he will want to advance to breathplay equipment that appears more menacing (if a man) or protective (if a woman). An inexpensive step up is a gas mask easily and cheaply obtained from a local surplus store or on-line and used with a rebreather made from a child’s balloon, rubber glove or condom, or by spending a bit more an anesthesia rebreather bag purchased from a medical supply store.

As I’ve commented in earlier entries breathplay can be very dangerous either with a partner or alone. Breathplay while soloing in a bondage situation can be especially hazardous if the player hasn’t thought the whole scenario out in advance and left him or herself a way to open the valve on a sealed mask or rebreather, or s/he waits too long savoring the asphyxia high before trying to loosen the bonds enough to open the valve.

We have recently seen indications of masks ‘spider’ (head harness) tampering with the strap adjustment clips bent so that they can’t be loosened and the quick disconnect latches disabled so the wearer can’t get it off quickly. Not testing to see if escaping from a mask is possible before escape is needed can be a fatal mistake. Breaking the seal and getting out of a new polycarbonate gas mask that has been tampered with can be a slow process even before running out of air and when the wearer is breathless it’s to die for.

For fetishists who are divers and have their own SCUBA equipment using a full face mask (FFM) and a nearly empty air tank works extremely well for breathplay and is every bit as fatal if misused. A nearly empty tank is especially erotic giving the breathplay fetishist the audible hiss of the demand valve working as well as the increasing effort to suck gas as the tank empties and the pressure drops while s/he masturbates or a partner takes the player to orgasm. At orgasm the physical exertion and need for air becomes extreme and if things aren’t just right the breathplayer can easily panic and smother.

Degassing with pure oxygen: To speed up purging nitrogen from my body so I can spend more time underwater sucking gas from a SCUBA set I’ve started nitrogen degassing by breathing pure oxygen. There are several problems with breathing pure oxygen, oxygen toxicity and the very real risk of a flash fire because of the flammable nature of oxygen. I wear a small oxygen tank that feeds an Ocean Reef Neptune Space Raptor FFM (the black one) that has the standard upgrade for Nitrox and Trimix gasses. Breathing corrosive gasses the seals and metal parts have to be checked frequently so I use this Raptor strictly for flushing out nitrogen while I ride a stationary bike or exercise at the barre to keep my heart rate up. I don’t use any electronics in the mask to prevent the possibility of a spark igniting the oxygen. So far I’ve been able to cut my degassing interval by about a third.

In my 68 ft deep pool, ‘the Pit’ and at Adolph’s 200 ft deep discipline training facility, ‘the well’, at decompression stops above 50 feet during ascent I’ve started switching from Trimix to oxygen (from pre-positioned decompression tanks) to begin the process of purging nitrogen and have deactivated the thermocline (with its 65° water at the bottom of the pit) and increased the temperature throughout the entire depth to 95° so that the chilling effect of breathing Trimix is almost entirely offset even when wearing only a bikini. And a great thing about breathing Trimix is that the heat transfer properties of Trimix prevent overheating during energetic sex in 95° water. Adolph has turned his training facility heaters up too so that divers are comfy while in bikinis or slingshots. He didn’t want to do it at first but found that when chilled even he couldn’t keep an erection long enough to penetrate his partner no matter how horny he is so he finally gave in.

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