Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prepping for the 30 M Club

A Men’s SeaQuest Raider wing BCD

SeaQuest Raider lift capability: The SeaQuest Raider BCD for twin tanks has a new 50 pound double bag, back inflation bladder. Some of my readers have wondered why I need that much lift. I like to be on the safe side so it’s because I think it could be needed if lifting a buddy with full twin tanks while wearing only swimsuits (no neoprene wetsuit buoyancy) during an emergency and for some reason some of the detachable weight pockets don’t drop. The buoyancy of a full Worthington HP 130 is a -11.7 lbs x 4 tanks = about 47 lbs or a bit less.

My circle and the 30 Meter Club: As I mentioned in my earlier post [on April 25, 2010] about the 30 Meter Club, Anya and I are already members as is Abi who joined on a dive in a German lake several years ago. I had been negotiating with Adolph for permission to use his training facility for 30 Meter Club qualifications so in anticipation I had been after my girlfriends to train for a 30 meter encounter to qualify and all seven of my inner circle and their partners had taken the training seriously. The girls and their 30 Meter Club stallions are: 1) Taryn & Chuck, 2) Cyndi & Chris, 3) Shelly & Jeff, 4) Marie-Claude & Pirate, 5) Diané & Peter, 6) Cara & Adolph, and 7) Gigi and Jon. The only couple I was surprised about was Diané who had to be talked into participating by Peter. Cara and Adolph is a scary combo but as a psychology doctorial candidate Cara thinks she ‘understands’ him and since she is Pirate’s niece she is probably safe enough.

All of them, both men and women, had previous experience bottom-boinking on the floor of the pit so it was only a matter of getting them used to diving the dual 130 tanks mounted on the SeaQuest Raider wing BCD. One peculiarity of a rear bladder wing like the Raider is that on the surface there is a tendency for it to push the wearer’s face under water. You can adjust the balance with tank position and weights, but there isn’t the constant face-up attitude of a vest-type BCD. And the dump and fill valves are positioned differently so becoming accustomed to diving a Raider in a training pool was very important before depending on it in a deep water penetrative encounter. They were using Ocean Reef Raptor FFMs and Nitrox II (36% oxygen) to minimize their nitrogen buildup.

Since scheduling that many couples was complicated working around their schedules and the ongoing training at Adolph’s facility I took them over one couple at a time when they had low enough nitrogen levels to be able to do the 20 minute boink at 30 meters. All but Shelly and Jeff have qualified and they are scheduled for tomorrow. I dress and am prepared to dive with them if needed, but as I mentioned they had all done bottom boinking in the pit often enough that it was basically just another but 35 feet deeper and they all have done fine. I won’t say it was anticlimactic, I know I was thrilled to have officially qualified for the 30MC, but fortunately everything was routine for the girls. Only Diané was menstrual and wore a Reflexions gas guard (the rest used strapless FemCaps because they weren’t bleeding) and leaked very little blood, but of course with Peter as a partner he was very gentle with her.

My Pool Assistant/Dresser: I haven’t mentioned my PAD before, but I do have one. How else do you think I get in and out of latex encasement suits and dive gear so quickly? Her name is Beth. She’s a 24 y/o brunette, and it took me a while to find her. She’s been working for me since just after Christmas. She’s a grad student in the Ph.D. Biology program at UNLV. As an undergrad she double majored in design and biology so her design background (where she researched fetishes) has been a big help in enabling her to understand and anticipate my rubber, leather and breathing mask needs. She isn’t much of a dancer, although she did take pointe for 2 years in her teens, so she can wear pool-pointes with confidence. However, she is a powerful swimmer and very experienced diver and had been using a ParaGard IUD, but I had her fitted with a GyneFix implant which she likes better because she doesn’t cramp nearly as much during an intense penetrative encounter. She wears a 22 mm FemCap and fortunately it is a marvelous fit (it doesn’t rotate while inserted) and is so comfortable she forgets it’s inserted. And, when menstrual she uses a 70 mm Reflexions flat spring diaphragm as a gas guard.

I’ve needed someone to keep my dive gear and fetishwear organized and in good condition for quite a while. I do my own pointe-shoe maintenance, but I’m letting her run with the latex and leather fetishwear especially the heavy rubber encasement suits and they look and smell great! Her thesis will explore ‘The female libido in a fetish world’ so she and Cara (Pirate’s niece, a Ph D student in Psychology at Harvard who is out here doing studies with trainees in our escort classes) hit it off immediately and are now great friends. Beth actually came to see me about a job as a way to get entry into the local fetish community and the industries that service their needs. She was so excited to get the job as my dresser and for me having an experienced female diver watching my back while diving Adolph’s well or my pit is a big plus and she gets to watch me have sex with my stable of stallions. She told me she is a voyeur as well as enjoying fetish sex herself so the job as my dresser and techie is a win-win. She has access to the male escort candidates who are always looking to increase their stamina so she can have as much sex as she wants.

Another plus for Beth is that she is ‘connected’. She’s a niece of one of the families in town so they have no problem with me taking her along to assist on my cleanup projects. It also gives her an opportunity to see the downside of the fetish community, which will help with her thesis. She has a strong stomach and a liberal philosophy about humans and our vices so I’m hoping she will take Taryn’s place (for cleanup) when Taryn goes to college this Fall.

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