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Gasmask-sex underwater

A towel-Girl in vintage dive gasmask at Splash

Extreme gas mask sex underwater: I occasionally get questions about using a gasmask for underwater sex. The new Mestel (Ocean Reef) series of full face masks use the same ballistic polycarbonate shell as their gasmasks so using a Mestel mask with the openings suitably fitted with hoses or blocked should be safe enough. But usually what the questioner is asking about is if it’s ok to us a 20+ y/o surplus rubber gasmask for diving and that can be extremely dangerous, but perhaps that’s part of the fetish. The image above is of a Towel-Girl at Splash cooling off in a brine bed between clients. The corrugated rubber air hose has been disconnected from her vintage rubber gasmask that has been modified for underwater sex while she rests out of the pool.

The vintage mask she is wearing has had the lens seals replaced with silicone ones and the face seals replaced with silicone double seals that develop suction to hold the mask on the face even if the head harness fails. The double seal can take the strain if the mask loses air pressure and the cheeks of the mask collapse into the void as the water pressure increases. Losing air pressure is a common problem with surplus gasmasks which usually results in flooded masks as old seals and cheek shields crack or an old latex hose tears or is punctured. And, there is really no effective way to purge a rubber gasmask once it floods. That’s why underwater gasmask sex should be in water that is not more than 4.5 feet deep so the woman can be helped to her feet and her head will be out of the water if her mask fails. Most Towel-Girls at Splash don’t like to have vintage rubber underwater gasmask sex because of the heavy scent of old rubber while wearing the mask and likelihood of the mask flooding during a strenuous encounter. The higher risk is why a Towel-Girl wearing vintage rubber breathing equipment for dive-sex is more expensive encounter for clients.

Women and rebreather bags: There is a lot of reader interest in women using rebreather bags which must be a favorite male fantasy because in the fetish subculture out here (at least in Vegas) there aren’t that many women into rebreathers on their own, it’s usually at the insistence of their male partners. So pleasing a male rebreather fetishist has recently become a driver of new women in the fetish. Or they are Femmes with a Domme who is into rubber rebreathers, but there are very few of those. I think a women wearing a rebreather is such a turn-on because a bondage-chick is at the mercy of her partner if s/he has a rebreather on her mask. Once the valve is closed the dominant partner controls the subs life and in my experience guys into rubber encasement and gasmask fetishes are also control freaks who need to dominate the woman they are with to the extent that they have the power of life or death over her. A rebreather can kill. It’s cheap, quick and very effective and an accident is extremely hard to disprove if the victim is in rubber that he or she can get into while alone.

If s/he has to be helped into his or her encasement suit and aux equipment and is found dead while still encased an accident could be questioned. A young woman was found in an attic of a repossessed house here last summer on a 105° F day encased in three layers of rubber. She had been there for more than a week and the decomposition gasses had ballooned the encasement rubber but her mask was sealed against the latex hood and it didn’t leak there, the most common location for a leak in high-end encasement fetishwear. The valve on her rebreather was closed and the trapped gas had ballooned the rebreather bag to twice its normal size. The zippers held and the suit didn’t leak until the EMTs started to move her into a body bag and accidentally punctured the rubber. The fluid and stench from her decomposition poured down the attic stairs and they haven’t been able to get the smell out of the house yet. While she could have gotten into her three rubber suits by herself, with some difficulty, the way she was positioned when found suggested she was dumped in the attic after her death, which could have been accidental, but moving a hiding a body and not reporting a death are crimes.

The local Rubber-Doms have their chicks in latex encasement suits, hoods, gloves and booties and then a well fitting current model rubber gasmask sealed over the girls face. The guys particularly like teen girls who have little experience wearing latex encasement suits so have no idea how uncomfortable they are to be encased in for long intervals especially if there is no A/C or a pool or brine bed to cool off in. While wearing a rubber encasement suit it’s important to stay well hydrated and nourished because wearing encasement rubber is very dehydrating and the tightness of the suit can cause the wearer to faint if not well nourished.

Rebreather bag safety: I teach basic rebreather bag safety in my contemporary sexual health class and advanced rebreather techniques in my Advanced Sexual Techniques Class at St Lucy’s. I really didn’t want to teach rebreathers but recently there has become such a high likelihood that a teen girl may be seduced into having a rebreather screwed into the filter canister port of her mask that teaching rebreather safety is the right thing to do. Even after the warnings the girls can sometimes be mind-fucked into wearing a rebreather by a guy telling her he will buy her a high-end encasement suit from one of the top makers. It’s an old trick but it will often work on the very young rubber-chicks even after they have been warned.


  1. Wow! That's crazy about the girl in the attic. I couldn't imagine. I did a photo shoot once with a woman who wore a solid red latex catsuit with gas mask attached and the single zipper that ran from the back of the neck area to the front. We did the shoot in the bathtub and filled it with warm water. Her lens fogged up so I couldn't see her eyes but she kept doing poses. She actually started to slow down and she then started pointing to the back of the zipper. I put the camera down and unzipped the catsuit enough for her to pull the mask portion off and she was gasping for air. I guess with the warm water and total enclosure she was about to pass out. Not being able to see her eyes I had no idea until she started pointing etc. Crazy how you can lose sight of safety.

  2. It's a good thing you were there. If you hadn’t opened the zipper so she could get her mask off she may have been too weak to get out of the tub by herself and if she passed out her head might have slipped under the water!

    1. Yeah totally. Would not have been good lol. I got good pics though :) It's the only type of "fetish" shoot that I've done though. I do photography as a side hobby and mainly just work with models doing head shots or fashion or just crazy weird ideas. Aside from that I work on a lot of ballet projects. I've always had a thing for latex on women and masked women so I decided to try a shoot and it was fun. Would love to do it again but hard to come across people who own that sort of stuff and want to be photographed. I had ended up buying that catsuit on eBay and then she used it and then I ended up selling it after the shoot. I really enjoy reading your blogs. I actually use to live in Las Vegas. I lived in Summerlin for 2 years.

    2. It is hard to find women rubberists with a decent latex wardrobe unless they are Subs in a D/s relationship. It’s nice that you were able to get the photos you did. I’m glad you like my blog. I just write about the things that I do or that interest me. I wonder some times who is reading it. I hope you were out here before 2008 when the bottom dropped out of the commercial and residential real estate markets. Now unemployment is very high and there is a glut of foreclosed homes on the market. I think Summerlin was pretty nice area a few years ago.

  3. Jill. I find your blogs fascinating and you do seem to have very detailed knowledge of female anatomy. I should know, I teach anatomy! t is also hard to find women who are into the underwater scuba sex genre. I have had scuba sex and the women did not take any precautions. No lube was used and things went just fine however I can see that your methods are more proactive. My women found scuba sex to be enjoyable not so much from the vaginal sensations but more from the sensual side of just being in the underwater environment and the sounds of our breathing gear andi bubbles and weightlessness and the forbiding of the act in an alien environment. But perhaps with your preps they might have had more satisfying vaginal sensation since their natural juuces wich was washed away in our encounters would be replaced with dive gel making it more pleasurable for them!

    1. Hi Dan, welcome to my world!

      I’m glad your underwater partners were unhurt and enjoyed the experience it can be painful if a partner isn’t gentle and properly responsive to the situation. Using vaginal flood insurance is a very good idea if a woman avails herself of frequent opportunities to have sex in that sort of hostile environment.

      I agree that a lot of the thrill can be sucking gas watching a lover through our bubble streams and listening to the hiss of regs and creak of gear as we move in time with his thrusts. A good silicone gel can help make our pleasure last much longer. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  4. Jill. I find your blogs to be quite fascinating by the way.

    1. Ohhh... thanks! You mentioned that before. Not that I mind being told again.


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