Saturday, May 1, 2010

Abi, Cervical encasement, Multi-tasking and Dry SCUBA

Abi, Las Vegas Bay Lake Mead

Abi: Returning readers will remember Abigail (Abi) the 24 y/o German with auburn hair who was hired to teach an underwater bondage course at Splash and ended up as the resident Domme in charge of the Towel-Girls. She has a very high student accident rate in her classes and had another near fatality during a training session at Lake Mead when a towel-girl trainee had a buoyancy device failure at the end of her class. The students were starting their ascent when the girl punctured the bladder of her BCD on a jagged piece of metal on the wreck she was swimming around and couldn’t get off the bottom. She panicked and couldn’t drop her weights. They were using single AL 80 tanks with buoyancy characteristics of Full = -1.4lbs and Empty = 3.4lbs and the TG was wearing a 5 mm neoprene suit so she should have popped to the surface if she had dropped her weight belt. Abi had let the class stay down way past their safety margin so the chick with the torn BCD was nearly out of gas and Gigi who was in the group had to unbuckle her weights for her and buddy her to the surface. Abi looks almost angelic with a lovely face and gorgeous figure [see the image accompanying this entry] even when it isn’t being shown off encased in tight rubber. But I’m beginning to wonder if she isn’t a sociopath because of the number of ‘accidents’ and the fact that she seems not to care. A typical comment is, “well, perhaps she (the victim) will listen when I tell her what to do and practice beforehand next time”. Adolph does expect her to deliver some injured TGs that he can ‘mentor’ for his own purposes and the way she conducts her training is a very efficient way of doing that by sorting out the girls who aren’t paying attention which makes them ideal for Adolph’s needs.

Cervical encasement: As a tightly focused advertising campaign (to escorts and rubber encasement fetish groups) Gepettos spin on cervical barriers as ‘Cervical Encasement Suits’ seemed a bit of a stretch to me, but there is enough truth to it to make it fascinating to men and women who are deeply into rubber encasement but wouldn’t have used a diaphragm or cervical cap for birth control. However, the campaign has been so successful in portraying cervical barriers as ‘encasing the most feminine part of a woman’s body’ that there has been a rush to get fitted for a diaphragm and a FemCap. It’s recommended a woman have both so her cervix can be safely encased even during her menses with a FemCap (fitted by a Gyn) as her primary cervical encasement device. So in addition to the surge in cervical barriers used for gas guards for dive-sex cervical barriers are now must-have parts of a rubber-chick’s encasement costume.

The publicity is a highly polished up-market version of the fetish interest in ‘vaginal rubber’ that I mentioned in my entry for January 25, 2010, ‘Upper repro tract protection for rubber-chicks’, and is keyed to the must-have mentality that so many of the young rubber-chicks and stallions have. The luster dimmed appreciably on $3.000 ‘must-have’ handbags and that sort of thing in 2008 when the economy went into free fall, but cervical barriers never lost their niche market for professional girls who offer dive-sex as a specialty and so had a real need for protection as well as rubber-chicks and their Doms in the fetish community who wanted the feel of thrusting into a stretchy rubber membrane and a certain amount of cervical thrust buffering. But it’s the ‘all-rubber-all-the-time’ aspect of cervical protection that has caught fire in the imaginations of the target audience and has driven sales for the last several months. As I mentioned cervical barriers, however popular are a niche market product so market saturation should be coming in the next few months unless Madison Avenue can come up with a new hook to increase the size of the market.

Multi-tasking: I’ve written before [see my entry for April 4, 2010] about breathing pure oxygen to accelerate purging nitrogen from my body so I can dive more frequently or for longer intervals. And that’s what I’ve been doing today while I do pointe maintenance; trimming off loose threads, checking ribbons and elastics to see of they need re-sewing and re-hardening the blocks of my traditionally made Freed Classics. While I’m doing pointe maintenance I often straddle one of my Sybian machines and put it on slow to masturbate, but today I inserted a pleasure plug (a Penetrator with a vibi egg against my g-spot) and am masturbating with the most delicious tiny orgasms. I love being able to multi-task that way.

Dry SCUBA: For penetrative sex – with a man - while on pure oxygen I set a single HP 130 beside the bed and wear a FFM while I’m being drilled. That way I get to hear the hiss of gas being sucked through the demand valve and smell the rubber of the mask while I watch the long thick shaft of a superbly equipped stallion moving in and out of me. Figuring my SAC at 2.0 cuft (which is high) x 5 minutes = 10 cuft divided into the tank capacity 130 cuft = 13x5 = 65 minutes of gas at 1 ATA if I was in orgasm the entire time. There is no man alive who can perform continuously for an hour or more so I have plenty of gas before I have to worry about sucking the tank dry. Because I’m breathing 100% oxygen there is a danger of fire but all consumer electronics are kept out of the room except the ones in waterproof (airtight) cases so no spark can set off a flash fire. This way I can continue my vaginal training with my duty stallion while I’m out-gassing. The only way dry SCUBA could be harmful is if the woman is tied to the bed or disabled in some other way so she can’t get the mask off if she runs out of air.

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