Monday, May 24, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz 05-24-2010

Who is the maker of these shoes?

Ok, I think you may find this quiz is a bit more difficult than the last one.


  1. According to my calculations, with the double-stiched, single-piece smooth soles and the feathers, along with the XX in the arch area, I would contend that those are Mirella Academie pointes. Also, I can see an A at the end of the heel of the shoe on the left. Mirella Academie is my final answer!

  2. I am with Eric on this one

  3. Hi Eric! Good for you! Awesome research! They are Mirella pointes. The style is Mirella Advanced Pointe Shoe - MS101A, but that's more information than I asked for. Again, congratulations!

  4. LOL! Yes Leigha you and Eric are right! That's great!!! Your comment appeared while I was replying to Eric or I would have included you in my initial response.

  5. I was going for extra credit on that one.


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