Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shelly, Jeff and the 30 Meter Club

Adolph’s pool-assistant before descent with Shelly and Jeff

Shelly, Jeff and the 30 M Club: Shelly and Jeff the last of my circle to qualify were inducted into the 30 Meter Club yesterday evening. Their encounter went well, but there was a bit of drama beforehand when Adolph insisted the pool assistant on duty (Ellen) dive with regular gas (21% oxygen) as part of her training. She is new to the job, a Brit-chick, and wanted to dive Nitrox II like Shelly and Jeff. Adolph said a dive to 100 feet on regular air would give her a chance to see how narced she would get. A safety diver fighting nitrogen narcosis is not a situation you want if anything goes wrong but that is Adolph for you, anything to add danger to a dive. Fortunately I was dressed – in one of my signature Gottex canary yellow thong bikinis - and prepared with my own SCUBA set so there was never any danger to Shelly or Jeff. Ellen got a bit silly but she knew that was going to happen, which is why she balked at breathing regular gas, but she needs the job for the benefits and the doors that working for Adolph may open for her so she did the dive and came through it ok. You can see from the candid photo [above] she is pissed and at that point hadn’t gotten her emotions fully under control. I’m not sure she will last as a pool assistant with Adolph because he will almost certainly push her hot button as much as he can.

Jeff really isn’t into extreme sex all that much – not that I think a 30 M encounter is that extreme, but he does - so he had taken a Cialis - and Shelly slipped a cock-ring onto the base of his shaft and he performed flawlessly and Shelly had a wonderful time! I ended up as safety diver for all three and Ellen got really buzzed and was ‘talking’ to the D-rings and restraint straps on the walls but she didn’t do anything foolish or potentially fatal like throw away her mask or pull out her reg and try to breathe water and she stayed with us the entire 20 minutes which I thought was a plus.

Dive rubber, the pros & cons: I’m showing Beth (my dresser and PA) how I use a really high quality .5 mm thick latex encasement suit as a diveskin. Gepetto makes them to measure from a formulation - developed by Jeff’s labs - that will stretch like a condom and is highly resistant to tears and punctures. The only seams are welds at the zipper and while a bit thicker it fits as well or better than a body condom with the zipper hidden in the wearer’s buttock or breast cleavage. Even when lubed up it takes a bit of effort to get into Gepetto’s dive rubber correctly so breasts and labia are supported or cradled not pinched but the look and feel once it’s on is awesome and the silicone impregnated crotch zipper opens and closes easily so it’s a treat to wear. Beth was so fascinated by my dive rubber that I bought her one and she wore it for the first time today and was delighted with it. The downside of wearing dive rubber is that it is hot to wear and increases the rate of a diver’s dehydration if the water temperature isn’t cool or you aren't breathing Trimix. The Helium in Trimix increases heat transfer considerably, so the couple won’t over heat nearly as fast for a given water temp or level of exertion.

As part of her research Beth wanted to know what it is about rubber that makes me want to be sheathed in a latex membrane. She was especially keen to compare my thoughts about a dive rubber experience with her own after wearing her DR for the first time. I think it is partly the feeling of having every part of me being compressed simultaneously by the rubber, partly the fantasy of being protected by the rubber as though it provides meaningful protection from anything other than semen. And, of course, how gorgeous I look encased in latex, smooth, shiny and showing off the curves of my body all displayed in high definition! Then there is the pungent scent of the latex which I’ve come to appreciate especially when mixed with my perspiration, natural lubricant and a partner’s semen. I think my female pheromones are enhanced by being mixed with the scent of rubber.

A Girl-Girl encounter: I’m CD22 today and am nearing my secondary libidinal peak. As I helped Beth into her DR in my dressing room it was obvious she was aroused. I don’t usually come on to another woman. If it’s to be girl on girl I let them come to me, but her erect nipples were so obvious through the stretchy black rubber encasing her breasts that I initiated the encounter. I pushed her against the mirrored wall of my dressing room and slipped my hand between her legs as I spread my feet into a la seconde and piquéd sur les pointes. Beth is taller than me and I went en pointe so she could easily reach my zipper while standing flat in her latex booties. We opened one another’s crotch zippers almost simultaneously and when she gasped as I fingered her clit I shoved my tongue down her throat and she sucked on it hungrily.

My fingers found her labia engorged, parted and slippery wet with her natural lube as I pushed my index and middle fingers into her vagina feeling for her G-spot. It was quite prominent, a raised deeply textured area on the anterior wall beneath her bladder and I began to caress it with my index finger. She must have been very needy or had a wicked case of the hots for me because suddenly she was quivering, mewing, sweating and gasping for air. And, as she slipped over the edge into orgasm she found her voice screamed and came ejaculating all over my hand and thigh. Who knew she was a squirter! Finger fucking her I got myself off in a series of exquisite mini-orgasms that left me floating in the delicious haze of afterglow and I held her in orgasm while she begged me to never stop. In orgasm she was rubber legged, her arms wrapped around me mashing my breasts in a bear hug as she clung desperately to me for support. The tight rubber of our suits creaked and groaned as they slid across each other when she sagged against me and the scent of latex and sweat hung like mist in the air around us. It was our first and an incredibly intense encounter for us both.

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