Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz 05-19-2010

Who is the maker of this dancer’s shoes?
This pic shows a very distinctive maker’s logo


  1. Sansha. I totally recognize that logo.

    I tried to see on one of the new pictures Yvette sent me early this morning (said she couldn't sleep well at about quarter-to-3 PDT) what shoes she wears, and I think she told me a while back, but I forgot.

  2. Yay Eric! You are right, she's wearing Sansha shoes! Mmmm... you forgot what shoes your cyber-ballerina wears... when you find out again let me know, ok?

  3. Sansha's not a bad shoe, I used to use them before swaping to my current GM/Bloch combo

    I swap between Bloch or GM depending how I feel at the time and which shoes are the dryest at the time.

    If anybody wants soem Sansha's drop me a lie as I think i have a 2 pink and one black pair in the back of my cupboard in various stages of life, all have been used by me.

    I kept them as not being dead might be good for back up or emergency use but now admit that will never happen as there is at least 3 pairs of new spare Blochs as well as the 3 pairs I have in use.

  4. ha ha ha I need to check my spelling better
    lie = line

  5. "When you find out again let me know, ok?"

    I plan to. I'll ask her when I see her next, hopefully still tonight before I hit the sack.

  6. Well, Yvette came on last night, and she said she wears Sansha and Bloch pointes.


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