Thursday, May 27, 2010

No satisfactory fellatio lip-gloss

Puckering up for makeup to apply more lip-gloss before a fellatio scene

Erotic dive girls and cosmetics: One of Taryn’s adult media companies is with us again videoing in the pit and I took Angie along to watch. She’s a good swimmer and qualified SCUBA diver with several hundred dives in the Med and Red Sea as well as German and French lakes. When we showed up in shorts and sports tops the producer asked if we wanted to be extras in a pool scene and Angie liked the idea so we changed into bikinis and splashed around on the surface with the actresses in a pool scene before they were encased in rubber for the main event. The men (who are from the current escort class and are union members) when they appeared wore hoods so they couldn’t be recognized. Angie said she thought the hoods gave the guys an evil look which is what the director was striving for the plot being girl divers surprised by a group of rubber fetish studs out to get their jollies by terrorizing chicks.

We got to talking to some of the actresses later about the skincare products they use and one of best is Jeff’s formulation of Dive-Gel which while silicone based won’t harm silicone barriers or toys which is a huge plus. It’s an industrial product and Jeff wants to keep sales manageable – for quality purposes - selling only to female sex-workers. It was unanimous among the dive-porn actresses we chatted with that there isn’t a good waterproof lip-gloss and they complained that videoing has to stop frequently to have lip-gloss reapplied by a makeup tech before close-ups because it gets all over the regulator mouthpieces and their partners shafts. When a girl is doing an underwater fellatio scene stopping the action to reapply lip-gloss breaks the mood and it takes much longer to get her partner to cum in her mouth. He doesn’t lose his erection - he’s taking a performance enhancer - she just needs to tease his little head longer with her tongue. It’s tricky enough giving head underwater as it requires taking a breath, removing the reg or twin-hose mouthpiece and fondling a rock hard penis with your tongue w/o swallowing water and doing that repeatedly until he spews. So the lip-gloss distraction is near the top of the most hated bits.

Having my Kate and Edith too: Angie is every straight man’s fantasy. She has C-cup breasts, long shapely legs, a wide pelvis, a beautiful smile, high cheek bones, brown eyes, waist length shiny brown hair and a tight deep vagina. She is also Bi which I found out while we were in the training pool where I was going over the basics of dive-sex prep with her. I mentioned I was going to have to take a break to pump my breasts and she asked how I came to be lactating. As I was telling her one thing lead to another and she said she would like to milk me. I was so pleased! We increased the inflation of our BC vests to get higher out of the water and I unbuckled mine so she could get to my nipples with her mouth while I hung in it with my arms while sitting in the snugged-up crotch strap. I spread my legs and she wrapped her legs around my thighs where I could insert two fingers in her vagina as she milked me. She sucked first my left and then my right nipple causing me to arch my back and moan in delight. Before I began lactating – a result of breast over-stimulation when I was a latex model one summer a few years ago – I had no idea how erotic breast feeding could be for a lactating woman. Now I understand why some women continue to breast feed their babies until the infants are two or three years old. It is a huge rush to feel the milk being sucked through my nipples, almost as good as sex in its way, and being milked gets me very aroused so I need penetrative sex afterward.

So there we were floating on the surface of the 20 ft deep training pool with her emptying my breasts and me caressing her G-spot with my fingers. I eased her along letting her drain me of milk before I finished fondling her to orgasm. Just before I took her to climax she nipped at my nipples with her teeth and as I tipped her over the edge she threw her head back and spewed a mouthful of milk in the air splattering us both as she screamed. After nearly two minutes in orgasm she was shuddering as her vaginal muscles spasmed contracting powerfully on my fingers. I could see she was about to faint so I stopped and she clung to me gasping for breath as she moaned and kissed me while basking in the afterglow. Our encounter was so intense I hope she hasn’t bonded with me as I don’t want to take her away from Taryn. I’ve watched then together for the last several says and there is a proper employee-employer relationship, but they do get along well together and since Taryn is Bi I think she and Angie should understand each other. Shortly after I left Angie Jacques was meeting me for dinner at the club. I explained how very needy I was and why so we stopped by the VIP lounge just long enough for him to take me from behind and satisfy both our cravings before we went down to dinner.

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