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Readers questions & the butcher shop

The Mirena levonorgestrel releasing IUD

Recent questions from readers:

Mirena IUD: “Taking out a Mirena drops estrogen or progestin?” A Mirena continuously releases a tiny bit of the progestin levonorgestrel. So removing it will decrease the average level of progestin in a woman’s body. I hope the reader asking this question was a man. A woman should have known the answer. Well, perhaps she was a very young woman who had abstinence-only sex-ed classes.

An IUD that has perforated the uterus

The problem with an IUD that has a frame, the T-shaped plastic structure to which the vertical copper coil or progestin releasing polymer is attached, such as a ParaGard (that uses copper) or Mirena is that it can dislodge or perforate the uterus and migrate into the wearer’s abdominal cavity - as in the image above - where it is ineffective as birth control.

Pregnant Escorts: “Escort fucks her client bareback to get pregnant” I’m not entirely sure what the reader is asking here. Most of our escorts have GyneFix IUDs implanted so to a client she would appear to be unprotected as do the girls on hormonal contraceptives. We do that to provide the most natural experience possible. Though of course we will use any standard contraceptive method a client would like. If the reader is a man he could be concerned about the complications from a paternity suit or perhaps he is secretly fantasizing about impregnating a favorite escort. In reality, up-market working girls want to stay as far away as possible from becoming preggers by a client. Pregnancy means expense and time off w/o pay to take care of the problem.

However, we do have a premium ‘baby-dancing’ service where the escort is fertile and totally unprotected with the object that the man pushes his shaft deep into her vagina slippery with fertile cervical fluid and buried as deep as he can get pumps semen into his escort’s ripe cervix soft, open and waiting to accept his sperm. The client has to commit to financing the abortion or the cost of carrying the baby to term and the adoption process if he actually manages to impregnate her. That service is extremely expensive and as far as I know no man has been successful in getting his baby-dancing escort preggers.

Prince Albert Piercing: “Can my Prince Albert piercing block my sperm preventing me getting my wife pregnant.” That’s the sort of question a stallion should ask his urologist. However, our clinic’s experience with men who wear PAPs during unprotected sex is that they are virile and potent if the piercing has been done correctly so that the man is able to urinate a strong stream. There may be some leakage around the piercing site below the frenulum, but if the man has strong ejaculations that place his semen deep in his partner’s vagina he should be capable of easily impregnating an unprotected partner. There is a question about damage to sperm if the PAP is of copper. No one knows for certain but it’s thought that if copper is used copper ions might react like they do from a copper IUD in the uterus and harm the wearer’s sperm.

Dive-Gel intimate lubricant: “Does Dive-Gel help with anxiety?” Dive-gel is an intimate lubricant that is difficult to wash away with water so is ideal for use as a lubricant during penetrative sex underwater. It will not reduce anxiety unless the person is anxious about being properly lubed for sexual intercourse underwater.

Qlaira missed pills: I keep getting questions about missed pills while on the birth control pill Qlaira. These questions are usually from women in Europe because Qlaira isn’t available in the U.S. yet. The instructions for taking missed pills while on Qlaira are complicated so the best thing for a woman to do is to consult the patient information leaflet that comes with each pill-pack. An on-line copy is available here. The only thing that is straightforward is if you miss one of the two white (inactive) pills just throw it away. Also, if you need to use back-up the interval is nine continuous days.

Sex at 30 meters: A good friend and frequent reader asked: “What kind of difference have you felt between doing what you do at the bottom of the Pit and going at 100 feet/30 meters?”

It's not that much different except for the amount and type of gas needed and the length of decompression. The interesting thing is the comments of my friends who are all freaked by the fact that they are at the mid point of the well and there is another 100 feet of water below them if something goes wrong. Of course that’s why we all carry lift bags as back-up. If there is an equipment failure or the diver is sick the idea is to get to the surface and if something goes wrong with the weight dump and the buoyancy device a lift bag can get you to the surface, but there isn't much control and it's tricky - and often impossible - to stop for deco ascending on a lift bag.

The butcher shop; Lean teen: Beth went with me on her first cleanup w/o Taryn. The victim was an 18 y/o aspiring dancer and from what was left seemed to have had a lean hard body. They found her in the studio of a ballet school run by a rubber Domme where she trained in the evenings. She was new in town and interested in rubber encasement and was slaughtered in her latex catsuit. To me it looked as though she was butchered by someone newly into Gynophagia. Nearly all the time Gynophagia is only an extreme fantasy fetish. But on rare occasions there have been reports of women actually being roasted and eaten. Anya says Deiter was deep into Gynophagia and ate parts of several Bosnian ballet dancers in his fortress castle in Germany. Deiter was a nasty piece of work and I’m thinking that Adolph may have some of the same tendencies.

The reason I say her butcher may have been newly into Gynophagia is that the cuts where he severed her thighs from the hips sockets were jagged as were the cuts that severed the lower parts of her legs just above the knees. The killer appears to have used a scalpel to slit her rubber suit and for cutting through flesh and muscle and a cleaver to hack through the bone. Blood was splattered everywhere. Or perhaps he was just new at dissecting a living woman and excited because he didn’t open an artery and let her bleed out before he started cutting out the parts he wanted. We found her strapless FemCap in her mouth blocking her airway. The bruise on her neck indicated her killer cut off the blood to her brain by pressing on her carotid and then when she fainted stuffed her FemCap down her throat. Anya said that Dieter told her a deboned woman’s thigh roasted with crushed rosemary tastes just like pork loin from a suckling pig. From looking at her ribs and breasts there won’t be much fat on her thighs so I’m not sure she will cook up well if the thighs are to be basted in their own juices. I thought for sure he would have gutted her to take her liver and kidneys to boil for stock but the organs in her abdomen were untouched, she was just missing her thighs. I really hope this guy is passing through and doesn’t make a habit of hunting in Vegas.

I was pleased that Beth did so well. Of course the victim was fresh so there was just the scent of blood so no deterioration and the accompanying stench had started. She pitched right in and helped load the upper body and lower legs, the feet sill in Bloch pointe shoes, into the bodybag. The shoes were Beth’s size and style and since she has started pointe again I said she could have them as a souvenir since they were stock and didn’t have the victim’s name on them. They were Beth’s first ‘trophy’ which she intends to wear to class.

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