Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lab-exams, dead pointes, Dry SCUBA

Sex in dead pointes

Pointe sex in dead shoes: Its finals time at St Lucy’s. One of the lab-exams in my Advanced Sexual Techniques course is having penetrative sex en pointe in dead shoes. The students are allowed to use any maker’s shoes as long as they no longer provide the necessary support and I am the one to make that determination. Each student submits the shoes she plans to wear for the lab-exam and I decide whether they are dead enough. Students are allowed to use old Gaynor Minden shoes but because the boxes and shanks are of polymer which doesn’t soften and rarely breaks they aren’t allowed to use ribbons or elastics on the shoes worn for the lab final.

The shoes in the image accompanying this entry were submitted for use during finals and were not allowed until the student cut the stitching and pulled the ribbons off the left shoe, there were none on the right. Then I bagged them with her name for return to her at test time. In order to help hold the shoes on the foot stirrup tights or unitards are allowed and of course if they are worn they have crotch zippers. This exam is important to determine if the student can successfully reach orgasm while staying en pointe in shoes that don’t provide necessary support. Toe taping and padding is permitted so it’s really about the strength of a woman’s ankles and feet and whether she can stay over her platforms to prevent coming out of her shoes while taking her partner’s thrusts from behind.

Reaching orgasm can be wicked hard for a women while she’s distracted by concentrating on not falling off pointe so I have been having my students practice. It’s not that a girl will intentionally have pointe-sex in unsuitable shoes, but every one of us could find ourselves in that situation occasionally if we don’t have a suitable pair of pointes with us when we are made an offer we can’t refuse. The student’s partner for the lab-exam is an experienced escort who has taken the student to orgasm before so he knows what a particular students vaginal contractions feel like when she orgasms so there is no possibility of her faking an O for the exam.

Another Dry-SCUBA/breathplay tragedy: I was called to the home of one of the Family cousins, a small ranch in the hills west of town. Their 17 y/o daughter died accidentally while on her bed wearing dry-scuba gear having solo-sex. It wasn’t suicide, there was no note and she was excited about being accepted at Princeton for the Fall term. And there is no indication it was murder. She was well liked and had a supportive boyfriend and she wasn’t preggers which her mom said wouldn’t have bothered her as the family is quite liberal as far as sexuality goes. The house was locked and the alarm system was on so no one got in or out. Her mom let me watch the video from the security cams. The cams showed no activity except in the master and her bedrooms where they recorded her relocating and setting up her mom’s Dry-SCUBA gear. The teen wasn’t using the air tank as a ‘bed-tank’ – an air tank fastened to the bed frame with a tank clamp to prevent the tank from moving or being tipped over.

She had moved her mom’s Dry-SCUBA gear – a steel HP 130 tank and an Ocean Reef Space Predator FFM - from the master bedroom to her own bedroom on a small two-wheel tank cart. The air tank in the master bedroom had been fastened to the bed using a Velcro tank-clamp and there were several wide Velcro straps unused and hanging on the tank cart that the daughter could have used to secure the tank to her own bed, but she didn’t. The security video showed her positioning the full 50 pound tank by the bed on thick carpet which provided an unstable base, putting on the Predator FFM, turning on the air, closing the masks surface air valve and lying back on a pile of pillows to watch herself in the mirrored ceiling as she lubed a large silicone rubber dildo with K-Y jelly, spread her labia and inserted the dildo with the vibi egg against her G-spot and turning it on.

There was about ten minutes of her playing with herself caressing her clitoris and adjusting her hips as the vibi caressed her G-spot while we listened to the demand valve on her mask hiss as she sucked gas and her muffled moans and mewing as she neared climax before we could see the sheen of sweat on her hard flat belly and lovely breasts with their erect nipples. Then her back arched and her hips were thrusting as she reached orgasm, she gasped screamed and her hand moved from her clit to the air hose on her mask and hit the hose with enough force to tip the unstable air tank over. The 50 lb tank jerked the short hose and mask on its way to the floor and you could see her head turn at an odd angle as her neck was wrenched when she was pulled by her mask toward the edge of the bed and the tank hit the floor. After her head was twisted by her mask there was no sound of the demand valve working. It was obvious that the falling tank had jerked her head hard enough to break her neck.

The only thing I could do was to sympathize with her parents they didn’t need my clean-up skills. I think they wanted my opinion about if they could have done anything to have prevented the accident. I didn’t point out that if the tank had been fastened to the bed or if the air hose had been lengthened (as it normally is) for dry-scuba sex there would have been no accident, but I did complement her mom on securing the tank to her own bed with a tank clamp and mentioned that she might want to lengthen the air hose to give herself more room to maneuver during an encounter. The funeral will be closed casket as the mask clamped on her face left such a deep impression that the cosmetician at the funeral home couldn’t get her to look natural.

Tank stands for dry-scuba: To minimize the likelihood of this sort of accident those of us in my circle who enjoy dry-scuba sex or breathe oxygen on the surface to speed outgassing nitrogen all have tank stands – Velcro straps attached to a vertically mounted three foot tall concave tank cradle on a wide flat steel base on rollers that lock when the tank stand is in position. When properly attached to the stand it is impossible to tip the tank over and the base of the stand is low enough to roll under a bed. In addition we lengthen the air hose on the FFM used for dry-scuba to at least 12 feet to give the wearer room to move around on the bed.

Bottom litter: I think I’ve mentioned this before but I’m amazed that the bottom of Adolph’s 200 ft deep training facility is littered with contraceptive barriers: All-Flex, Omniflex and Reflexions, FemCap and there was even an Oves and several NuvaRings; Diva menstrual cups; straps, weights and clamps used to fasten women to the well walls and a Scubapro 2nd stage reg. I think it’s normal for Adolph to remove a trainee’s upper reproductive tract protection once he fastens her to the wall if for no other reason than to increase her anxiety even if he has no plans to sexually penetrate her, but he rarely misses an opportunity to plant his seed in a young female under his control, and he has no concern about the possibility of his trainees having an embolism from dive-sex.

He took me to the bottom yesterday to show me the new drain grills that are supposed to prevent a diver from being sucked directly into the drain with such force that it tears her apart. I’d had those installed when the pit (my 68 ft deep pool) was built several years ago and I’d been after Adolph to have them installed when he built his training facility. Cost wasn’t a concern. I just think he wanted to watch a woman sucked into a drain and that may have happened several days ago because Ellen, his new Pool Attendant, disappeared suddenly and the pump company were there to replace a set of pump blades that got nicked and bent enough to vibrate badly when turned on. Of course it’s all circumstantial and supposition on my part because I haven’t seen the filter traps where remnants of her bones, regulator and mask might be. Ellen may have gone home to see her mom for Mother’s Day, or not. It’s not really my concern and I don’t plan on asking any questions.


  1. Ellen, his new Pool Attendant, disappeared ....You will know the answer if he gets a new pool Attendant. Did the entire class pass the course?

  2. Oh yes jill to answer your question in the quiz blog. Yes I do like the color !

  3. Jill, you own your deep-pool ? Great !
    Does your pool have special devices built in ? like attachment points ... ?

  4. My pool, the pit, is 68 feet deep (three atmospheres) by 50 feet wide and 70 feet long. The surface supply unit can handle 6 divers in surface supplied diving equipment simultaneously. And it has a thermocline generator that will chill the water below 40 feet if I want to simulate deep dive conditions for drysuit training. I found the thermocline wasn’t as useful as I thought and I’m comfy in a bikini or DiveRubber with the water temp uniform over the depth of the pool so the thermocline chiller and pumps are usually turned off.

    I had flush mounted inserts put in the walls to mount equipment when the pool was built but have never used them. For restraints I use tethers that can be fixed (at 5 ft increments) to cables from surface buoys anchored to the pool floor. That arrangement was chosen so that during dive-sex we would be away from the walls since there is a good bit of frenzied movement in every direction when we are nearing and during orgasm. The tethers also work well for discipline training.


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