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Hot-loading, a tutorial

A silicone (post 2008) All-Flex arcing spring diaphragm

This post: A reader asked me about syringe plugs and hot-loading masturbation. It’s a topic I mentioned earlier only in passing so I thought I’d give readers insight into another of the niche fetish markets that my casino serves that appeals primarily to young wealthy women fetishists who like to test the effectiveness of their contraception with high quality semen.

Hot-loading, how it works: With Hot-loading a syringe plug, a vaginal plug with a spring loaded ejaculation chamber, is used to propel potent semen against the user’s cervix. It could be a Penetrator that is held in place by a locking ridge behind the pubic bone, or a silicone G-spot dildo. The ejaculation chamber can be filled with a warming gel like K-Y Intense or - as we are discussing here - potent semen. The spring is compressed, the chamber filled and the plug or dildo is inserted. The wearer masturbates usually with her fingers or a small vibi to orgasm. At orgasm the rings of vaginal muscles spasm and the contractions squeeze the plug/dildo tripping the trigger emptying the ejaculation chamber under considerable force against her cervix.

Hot-loading at Naughty Pleasures: Our boutique pharmacy at Naughty Pleasures partners with a local sperm bank to offer our women customers a thrilling ‘hot-loading’ experience using very high potency sperm. It can be high risk for some (if the client is unprotected) or a test of the effectiveness of her method of contraception while having the experience of draining a $350 USD 6ml load of high quality semen into her panties while watching a show or at the tables in our casino. For male readers going ‘WTF!,’ or women readers going ‘Ewww!’ A hot-loader usually wears a shield in her panties or wears tights with an absorbent crotch gusset so she doesn’t soak through her skirt or slacks while sitting. If she is plugged and it is developing proper suction she shouldn’t leak, but it’s always best to have a back-up plan. Of course using a syringes dildo will leave the full load draining out quickly so even if she Kegels, which would minimize much of the sensation of semen-filled panties, a light-days pad is needed to absorb most of the discharge. As I mentioned, this is a niche fetish and an acquired taste.

The risks: While it can be a lot of fun for adventuresome women hot-loading has its risks for those of reproductive age. You’d be surprised at the number of women who don’t take their birth control pills correctly. They forget pills, or forget to start a new pack, or forget to change a patch, or to insert a new ring, or for women with any hormonal method, including implants or IUDs, taking a medication that reduces the effectiveness of her contraceptive hormones. So there have been quite a few unintended pregnancies for young women who have enough money to have hot-loaded three or more times during visits to Naughty’s. A few women using a LARC hormonal method (a Mirena or Implanon/Nexplanon) who claim to have gotten preggers while hot-loading try to blame the Club, but anyone who intentionally introduces high quality semen into her vagina can’t realistically blame the Casino for her contraceptive failure. We are aware of no instances of women with copper IUDs (ParaGard or GyneFix) who claim to have conceived from a Hot-loading experience.

A Hot-loading friend: We have a gorgeous twenty-something blond lesbian who comes in solo when her partner is traveling. She uses a syringe Penetrator plug and wears a silicone All-Flex diaphragm for contraception when she’s fertile and fucks herself with a high-test load while she watches the ballet and chorus girls in the lounge entertainment. She says it’s the safest way she’s found to experience what it’s like to have a man - and the attendant risk of pregnancy, which is her form of gambling – w/o having to put up with one. She says the certainty that she won’t get a STI from the experience is priceless.

I fitted her with both the Penetrator (hers is custom made) and All-Flex myself replacing an old Milex Omniflex coil spring that was too small as she has a diaphragm fetish. Unfortunately she has a latex allergy so she can’t wear Reflexions which provides much better under-thrust protection. However, using a Penetrator syringe plug she should be safe enough using an All-Flex since the plug doesn’t shift once properly inserted. Had she been using a dildo mounted syringe where she could accidentally under-thrust the rim of the All-Flex if she thrusts it at too great an angle into her vaginal wall I would have fitted her with a Milex arcing spring. That’s because the rim of the Milex Arcing has elbow-hinges and only folds at two spots so is somewhat less likely to be under-thrust than an All-Flex.

In the case of this customer because she is wearing a Penetrator her clitoris is under the head of her plug so she presses a small powerful vibi against the head of the plug and gets both clitoral and G-spot stimulation simultaneously. I’ve done that myself while watching one of our male acts perform and the dual stimulation is awesome! My lesbian friend says if her diaphragm leaks and she tests positive for hCG she will terminate it and wants me to do the vacuum aspiration. I hope it doesn’t come to that as she is a delightful person and a free spending repeat customer and a pregnancy might turn her off hot-loading.

Brian’s Muses – an update: The Semina girls, Anne, Bea and Jean had serum tests for hCG today and all are negative just as we expected. So far so good! Brian was very impressed with Bea and how well she accepted his thrusting root as he could batter her cervix even while wearing the cock ring. I’d be envious of Bea if Brian didn’t seem so into me!

The Aria incident Pt II: For my readers who were wondering... On Thursday Feb 28 an “LAPD-FBI task force arrested a fugitive from Las Vegas wanted by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department," Los Angeles police spokesman Lieutenant Andy Neiman said. The suspect was identified as 26-year-old Ammar Harris, who has been the subject of a multi-state manhunt since the incident early on February 21. So at least the shooter is off the street and the three women in the Range Rover with him at the time were found unharmed. News reports say Harris was “involved in the sex trade”. That sort of publicity is giving sex workers here a bad name. We are doing everything possible to play down the incident and have increased the visibility of our armed security to demonstrate to casino guests our concern for their safety.


  1. Jill:

    Thank you for the detailed comments here on hot loading as well as the one you posted today.

    You stated: " So there have been quite a few unintended pregnancies for young women who have enough money to have hot-loaded three or more times during visits to Naughty’s."

    I was wondering about the "three or more times". What is so special about that?

    Also as you know of this happening, I am wondering if you can describe some of the reactions of the women when they find out they are pregnant from a piece of plastic. Being a male I am always curious as to how the other half react to pregnancy risk games and the ultimate result of such. How hot is it for them when they feel it spurt? How do they feel about the "two week sweats" and then when the test turns positive?

    Lustfully yours,

    Master Paul

    1. Hi again Master Paul,

      >I was wondering about the "three or more times". What is so special about that?

      It’s an indicator of the level of risk a client is willing to take. And, the more often the risk is incurred the more likely there will be a pregnancy.

      >I am wondering if you can describe some of the reactions of the women when they find out they are pregnant from a piece of plastic.

      Well, the syringe plug is just the delivery system. As far as individual reaction it depends on the woman’s circumstances, both social and financial. We try to avoid selling hot-loads to women who have been drinking so they can’t say later that they didn’t realize what they were doing, but if they get drunk afterward that’s fine. Usually there is no moral component for a client who is willing to masturbate to orgasm knowing she’s inseminating herself with highly motile sperm.

      Most of the pregnancies occur to very young women who aren’t as careful about using their hormonal birth control as they should be. Then it’s a shock when they test positive. But of course we offer termination services through our clinic. It’s a life lesson in risk taking for a woman who just wanted to wet her panties with live sperm while watching our male review. Then there are the pregnancies we don’t hear about because the woman doesn’t know if it was her hot-load or her boyfriend whose sperm caught the brass ring.

  2. I’ve gotten expressions of interest in me posting more details about the design and use of syringe plugs. However, the design(s) are proprietary and the patents are pending so I’m not free to provide details except about their general use to minimize the likelihood of counterfeiters reverse engineering the device.


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