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Lesbians and breeding diaphragms

Pre-seed lubricates while protecting sperm from vaginal secretions

Lesbians and breeding diaphragms: A grad-student at UNLV referred a friend in the Air Force who is stationed at the Indian Springs site to me for assistance with a fertility problem. They are both in the same sorority and met at the Meat Market at Naughty Pleasures. Naughty’s is primarily Het, but some wonderful lesbian relationships have begun there as well and theirs is one of them and they want to get married.

So 'Barbara', the tall blonde air force officer, wants out of the service and has decided that becoming pregnant is the easiest and quickest way for her to return to civilian life. Barb could have picked up a man at one of the many bars in town, but wanted a man who is safe and with good genes in case the women want to keep the baby. So Barb wanted me to get her pregnant w/o having to have a man mount her or going to a sperm bank for semen.

Because Barbara’s and my pelvic sizes are similar what I’ve been doing for her last four cycles is having a lover take me while I’m wearing a ‘breeding diaphragm’, which returning readers will recall is one two sizes smaller than the proper size, under-thrust the rim and spew all his ejaculate in the dome which also has Pre-Seed in it to reduce the acidity of my vaginal fluids to protect the sperm. I did that at the end of Brian’s visit a few weeks ago with Barb waiting in an exam room so the semen was less than an hour out of Brian when I carefully removed the breeder while on my back and then with her on the exam table I inserted it making sure the rim went behind her cervix and that afterward she stayed quiet for 30 minutes with a pillow under her buns while her cervix was immersed in a pool of fresh semen.

I had been using one of the escort trainees to provide semen for Barb’s insemination, but the last time she was fertile my regular donor was unavailable so I used Brian’s ejaculate as he had never under-thrust a diaphragm before and that really turned him on. Today Barb called to say she is testing positive for hCG and is coming in for a serum pregnancy test to make certain she really is preggers. Miscarriages are fairly common during the first trimester so we’ll see, but it looks as though Brian may be a father again w/o him knowing it.

The vernal equinox: Spring begins with the vernal equinox at 7:02 A.M. (EDT) on March 20, 2013 in the Northern Hemisphere. A group of my ex-pat friends with Druid blood will celebrate quietly at a near by holy site in some ancient ruins at 7:00AM, PDT. It’s not Stonehenge, but it’s the best I can do in this area. Jack is flying in for the celebration and I’m taking him on an ancient stone altar as Druid friends watch as we consummate the arrival of Spring. Afterward, in recognition of being in the South Western U.S. we will have a western breakfast I’ll be CD13 tomorrow and very fertile (I should ovulate the next day) so I’ll be wearing an Oves cap which from the standpoint of what a man can feel is almost as though I’m wearing no protection at all.

Spring break in Vegas: UNLV Spring Break is March 25 – 30, but other schools are already on break. My UNLV sorority friends are going to Mexico, diving again this year so have been coming in for fit checks of their Reflexions diaphragms, used as gas-guards and for flood insurance and stocking up on FC2s for encounters with the local men.

Very few students under the legal age to drink and gamble come to Vegas on Spring break, but a lot of grad students from engineering schools do to try out their sure-thing system of beating the tables. If girls follow them we get requests for IUD insertions, usually ParaGard since we only let local women participate in the GyneFix clinical trial, an occasional diaphragm replacement and EC, usually ella because it is effective for 5 days after the encounter of concern. The need for an Rx for ella isn’t a problem as we have a GP on duty so there is no waiting.

Syringe plug dangers: I wrote about syringe plugs in my post for March 2, 2013 and they can be a huge turn on for women to use. I wrote:” Our boutique pharmacy at Naughty Pleasures partners with a local sperm bank to offer our women customers a thrilling ‘hot-loading’ experience using very high potency sperm. It can be high risk for some (if the client is unprotected) or a test of the effectiveness of her method of contraception while having the experience of draining a $350 USD 6ml load of high quality semen into her panties while watching a show or at the tables in our casino.”

What I didn’t mention is that if used incorrectly a syringe plug can be dangerous. The semen provided by out pharmacy is a 7ml specimen to ensure that the 6ml ejaculate chamber is completely filled so there is no air in the chamber when the head is screwed back on. It’s like making sure there is no air bubble in a hypodermic syringe before an injection. Since 1 ml = 1 cc when the spring is compressed an empty ejaculate chamber holds 6 CC of air. When I fit a woman for a syringe plug I make sure to cover the dangers of wearing it with the ejaculator spring cocked and the chamber empty or only partially filled with semen or a vaginal stimulant like a warming gel. Leaving the ejaculator spring compressed for long intervals can weaken it over time and wearing the plug with the spring compressed and the chamber empty or partially filled can result in having air forced into the vagina and almost certainly some of it into the uterus where it could get into the bloodstream and cause an embolism if the woman isn’t wearing a correctly sized and properly inserted cervical barrier (diaphragm or cap) of some sort to prevent fluid or air entering her cervix.

One of our casino’s showgirl’s daughter, Alexis, had been allowed to play with her mothers dildos. So one evening, when her mom rushed off leaving her diaphragm, syringe plug and K-Y Intense on the bathroom vanity after getting a call to come in to dance the late show for an injured member of the troupe, she tried inserting it. Her mom’s diaphragm was too large for Alexis, but she was on the birth control pill Yaz and she said it wasn’t as though she was using semen so she thought she was safe using no barrier protection. She told me later that the ejaculation chamber was only partially filled with Intense when she screwed the cap back on and worked for several minutes to get the insertion right with the locking ridge behind her pubic bone so contractions during orgasms wouldn’t expel it. Surprisingly it turned out that the plug was a fairly good fit for her.

Back in her bedroom Alexis changed into a thong back leotard and barelegged slipped into toe-pads then stuffed her toes into a pair of well worn but serviceable black Freed Classics, wrapped her ankles with the black satin ribbons, knotted the ends and tucked them under the ribbons in the hollow behind her inside ankle bones. She did a 20 minute warm-up at the barre and mirror covering one wall of her room. The barre and mirror were a 15th birthday gift from her mom on getting accepted to SAB summer session two years ago. The barre brackets were special order reproductions of 1880s brackets in intimate training sallies of the Garner Opera house in Paris. They have iron scrollwork with rounded protrusions to enable girls to masturbate while en pointe at the barre. A girl who routinely masturbates using a barre bracket has a shiny spot called ‘bracket burn’, on the fabric of her costume covering her pubic bone and Alex leotards show bracket burn.

Alexis told me she gave herself a clitoral orgasm on one of the brackets enjoying as best she could a shuddering, gasping, moaning climax while focusing on keeping from falling off pointe since her boyfriend was asking for ballet-sex and she was trying to get in shape to give it to him. As she orgasmed her contractions triggered the syringe which spewed intense and air into her unprotected cervix. At least she wasn’t fertile so perhaps that minimized the amount of air forced into her uterus. After enjoying the afterglow on her toes for a few minutes she withdrew the plug, cleaned it, partially refilled it and put it back in her Mom’s bathroom exactly as she found it. She told me she was pleased with her performance. She thought her ankles wobbled only a bit during her orgasm and she managed to keep her weight over the blocks and not on her heels.

The next day she awoke with chest pain and difficulty breathing. Her mom took her to the ER where it was found that she had a gas embolism in a lung. They put her in a hyperbaric chamber on 100% oxygen to desolve the bubble and took her off hormonal contraceptives. She told her mother what she had done and her mom feels responsible for the accident and came to me for support. We all know how fortunate Alexis was and she will make a full recovery. Her mom wanted my advice about what to do in the future. I suggested that since she and Alexis already have a wonderful relationship in the sharing of dildos when she gets a new toy she might want to show Alexis how to use it correctly rather than letting her experiment with it on her own.

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