Monday, March 4, 2013

Pointe shoe quiz February 3, 2013

What maker’s shoes is this dancer wearing?

This should be an easy one.


  1. Jill, you must be frustrated. I would assume, as you have stated, that the majority of your readers are male and you have certainly been giving them red meat to chew on with your last several posts. Nada in response.

    Your description of the "semen gun" did get me to thinking: it is a good test for a diaphragm. The effectiveness of diaphragms is only slightly better than using vaginal spermicide alone and many women, therefore, just go the spermicide route. Consider the scenario with the man's urethra lined up perfectly with the cervical os at the instant of the first, most powerful burst at ejaculation. It would not matter how much Non-9, or whatever, was in there. The burst would inject semen, with its load of sperm, directly into the uterus. Diaphragms are not called a barrier method for nothing! That membrane over the cervix is what makes the diaphragm a bit more effective than chemicals alone.

    Already, I have taken a dislike to Brian. He is not Adolph but the same underlying values, or lack thereof, are present. A man at his level of the the profession has immense power over ANY ballerina. She will do anything to be noticed and will convince herself that she loves him and, more importantly, he loves her. No matter that he has a nearly endless string of broken hearts, broken promises and, perhaps, broken children strewn over a few continents. With that, his choosing a fifteen year old over time with a seasoned pro who has done more dancing, and fucking, than the girl can imagine is simply self-gratification, abuse and a desire to convince himself that he is still fifteen. He may act that age but his body must be showing signs of age.

    Your assumption to a bad end between the two of you is prescient. There can be no other ending. Screw him, I do not care, and you will be able to handle it just fine as you have with other men. That leaves Bea and, by association, several other young women at risk. You are going to have your hands full when this whole thing blows up. Your "motherly" skills shall be sorely tried.

    Good luck

    1. Brenda:

      I think you must know Jill's usual readers well, although I must beg to differ a little. Sometimes I just read but not respond to the posts because I don't have much time to do so. My work has me on duty at almost all hours of the day, from the normal office hours to covering a meeting or sporting event in the evening. If you're like Jill and a dancer, you probably know all about late nights and sometimes early mornings.

      On Brenda's rant, I think you should maybe screw his brains out a few times, make him think you're putty in his hands and then just simply make like a chastity belt for him with the likes of Bea: deny him access!

    2. And to answer your question, the stage grime on the soles makes me think those are Gaynors.

    3. Hi Brenda! My readers liked my post about contraceptive sabotage. The There have already been 38 page views and it hasn’t been up 24 hours yet. Is it the misogyny of my male readers or my women readers reading about what they need to be careful of. We both know which it is!

      I always feel so safe when wearing an Oves, or with Brian a Reflexions, when I’m fertile and am at my most vulnerable. Now I’m CD3 and bleeding heavily and with my 28/29 day cycles there is no danger of pregnancy, but we both love menstrual sex and he wants to ram the dome when it’s full! OMG! It just gushes out of me and all over us. For that he takes me in the shower where I wear pool-pointes (silicone toe-shoes) that I designed and wear with weighted platforms during dive-sex.

      Brian is far more easily manipulated than Adolph and Brian is a more skilled and considerate lover and he is easier on the eye, but he’s no keeper when I begin to need monogamy.

      He is definitely a sorcerer on the order of Von Rothbart with his world filled with Odette’s!

      In my experience a great many men don’t want to face their mortality and attempt to remain youthful at great cost to the women in their lives. His sexual stamina is amazing. I had him take me wearing textured condoms, twice. I told him it was to see what a new type felt like. However, one went into my collection of lover’s ejaculate that I’ve kept since I was in my early 20s. The other went to my clinic for analysis. He is still producing a lot of high quality sperm. His potency may be diminishing, but he is still shooting very hot loads.

      I’m not sure how I’m going to handle Bea and her classmates if something goes wrong.

  2. Eric,

    You and I would get on quite well I do believe. You think like a (pick one: woman, bitch, hardass). Not a dancer; my sports were sailing and cycling though I am in the twilight of those careers. It was finding dive information that caused me to find Jill - not exactly what I was looking for but great fun. I have spent much of my professional life hanging around emergency rooms and those five hour operation usually arrive just as before shift ends.

  3. Jill,

    Your right it is a easy one Ganyor Mindens
    Beautiful dancer !
    Paul D.

  4. Hi Eric and Paul D! Yes you are correct the dancer is wearing Gaynors! Thanks for participating!


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