Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thrust-drop and platform pads

Toe-box interiors of Gaynor Minden pointes showing the platform pads

Ballet-sex: Returning readers know that ballet-sex - as I define it - is a woman being penetrated while en pointe when her pelvic muscles are clenched from being balanced on the tips of her toes giving her a much tighter vaginal grip. It can be done face-to-face with her backed against a wall or some other vertical immovable object, or she can be entered from the rear while bent over with her trunk horizontal with the floor in which position she can take a longer man. In both positions she should be sur les pointes a la seconde so her partner can stand comfortably between her legs and ideally with their pelvises at the same level so he is thrusting straight in.

Pointe-shoes and ballet-sex: While I perform in special order Freed Classics hand made to my measurements by the Crown maker, Freeds are performance shoes made of traditional materials paper, canvas, paste and leather and won’t hold up well when used for ballet-sex because of the need to stay continuously en pointe for the duration of penetration typically twenty to forty minutes. Fifteen minutes into the encounter the woman’s sweat will have soaked through her toe-pads and by twenty-five begun melting the paste causing the blocks to deform and no longer support and protect her toes. Even jet gluing the blocks won’t prevent the blocks from melting for very long.

Another problem with wearing pointes made from traditionally materials for ballet-sex is that the shanks will often shatter. That’s because the woman tires of holding herself balanced over the blocks and puts her weight on her heels ‘sitting in her shoes’ which causes the shanks to break. Or, if his pelvis is slightly higher than hers her partner’s thrusts can lift her off the floor and when he withdraws she’s dropped back on the platforms, which is called thrust-drop, driving her toes into the inner platform of the toe-box and possibly crushing the shanks as her feet flex to take her drop weight. Special ordered 3/16ths leather shanks, which if 3/4tered will flex and not break, can be worn to prevent breaking Freed shanks and several other makers now offer polymer shanks, but even with polymer shanks paper, hessian (burlap) and paste blocks still melt from the moisture and there is no thrust-drop protection for toes.

Gaynor Minden’s toe-box and shank: With the unitized polymer toe-box and shank wearing Gaynor pointes for ballet-sex eliminates problems with melting toe-boxes and shattered shanks and provides internal toe-box padding for the long intervals balanced on our toes. If the woman is wearing hard shanked shoes Gaynors also allow her to rest by putting her weight on her heels which is particularly important when stretching calf muscles. The wearer being able to put her weight on her heels w/o destroying the shanks makes it so much easier alternating feet, balancing on the toes of one foot briefly to flex her other foot to minimize the likelihood of calf cramps during an encounter.

Thrust-drop and Platform pads: Thrust-drop, which happens all too frequently, usually occurs when the male partner is much taller than the woman and she isn’t standing on an equalization platform of some sort and unless the couple is in an encounter salle there is usually nothing for her to stand on to equalize the height of her pelvis to his when she is en pointe. Wearing toe-pads in traditional shoes to protect against thrust-drop is not nearly as comfortable or effective and will often result in badly bruise nails and sometimes broken toes.

Thick soft internal toe-box platform pads are standard in all GM pointes and are wonderful for prolonged intervals on the tips of the toes. Even though my toes go numb when I’ve be en pointe continuously for more than a few minutes (which I think is common for dancers wearing properly fitting pointes) for those of us into ballet-sex the platform pads help minimize the discomfort and damage of being repeatedly thrust-dropped while en-pointe. I buy my Gaynors sized so I can wear toe pads in them. That way when my feet swell when I’m menstrual I can wear Gaynors with just the standard inner padding when I play and still be comfortable.

Calves: Hard shanked Gaynors are as good as it gets as far as comfort and support are concerned during ballet-sex. That leaves physical training of the legs, strengthening the ankles and especially the calves to develop the stamina to endure the long intervals en pointe while penetrated. Nutritionally it’s a matter of a balanced diet and staying well hydrated to replace the electrolytes lost through sweat. Physically it’s a matter of intense training with male partners and a suction base dildo mounted on a studio mirror. Working at least an 30 minutes a day while penetrated en pointe five times a week to strengthen and increase the endurance of calves should keep an escorts calves in good shape.


  1. Of course, you mention the bent over position while en pointe in second position, and you've said the face-to-face can be done with the woman backed against something stable, but how about other positions? Have anyone been penetrated while a little more upright from behind, maybe having one arm around the man? How about in an attitude or arabesque or with one leg on the man's shoulders while the other en pointe? I just like to think a bit more creatively.

    1. Hi Eric,

      >Have anyone been penetrated while a little more upright from behind, maybe having one arm around the man?

      Sure, that has and is being done, but any upright element prevents gravity pulling the uterus/cervix deeper into the body so it is not as comfortable for the woman if she is taking a longer man. Of course if she wants – or he’s paying for - her cervix to be thrust into then she can adjust the amount of elevation to their satisfaction.

      >How about in an attitude or arabesque or with one leg on the man's shoulders while the other en pointe?

      Not really. The working leg almost always gets in the way. However, the main reason is that the woman is en pointe on only one leg and a commercial encounter usually lasts from 20 to 40 minutes; an interval which is an impossibility standing en pointe continuously on one leg regardless of how well trained the calves are. And switching legs would be a major disruption and the moment lost.

      There may be an occasional instance of a man known to be a premature ejaculator who only lasts for 2 or 3 minutes before shooting his load who could perhaps be taken while balanced on one foot while holding on to a barre, but no elite escort regardless of how good she is would offer single pointe ballet-sex as a service.

      He could purchase a timed positions package with a very flexible escort where they try out the client’s ideas which he finds great to fantasize about that may or may not result in him getting off inside her.

    2. Well, I was was trying to get at is doing a variety of positions, rather than just one or two for as long as you can go.

    3. She could do an échappé en pointe – then move her feet further apart (about 24 inches) squat and lean forward holding on to or lying across a long bench to allow rear entry. That kills the quads as well as the calves so the position can only be held briefly.

      The glory of the traditional ballet-sex position is that when the legs are straight and the feet pointed the pelvic muscles clench so the woman’s pelvic grip is about as strong as it can get. Then her orgasmic contractions on top of that and she is putting everything she’s got into her grip.


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