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Gas mask party and a reader's query

A German gas mask made by Drager

The Photo: The photo [above] shows a German Drager, the kind of gas mask typically used here by parking valet services at fetish parties as it has a wide field of view. Because of the heat and the effort to suck air through a working filter canister the filter is usually removed from the canister for parking attendants and security personnel.

A U.S. joint forces MCU2AP-2 gas mask with the comm. Link cord

Bea and gas masks: I had Bea fitted with a relatively late model gas mask so we could crash one of a rival casino’s off-site fetish parties. It’s the same type I currently wear a MCU2AP-2 [shown above] with a tinted lens and comm. unit so we could talk with each other when we split up as we mingled. The canister can be worn on the right or left which is more convenient than a front mounted canister for having missionary sex. In a fetish context empty filter canisters are usually used to complete the look while making it easier to breathe during the intense effort of orgasmic sex. At night and in bright sun it’s almost impossible to see through the tinted lens from the outside to see who is wearing it. I took the invitations from two elite escorts, from the other casinos stable and left them duct taped together in their apartment closet after gassing them with chloroform from a small squirt bottle as they tried on their MCU2AP gas masks w/o the filters screwed on.

I’d been working on my plan for weeks, ever since the party had been advertised to the casino’s list of kinky high rollers. I seduced then copied the girls the apartment key from one of their boyfriends who kept it in a Laddie Caddy he always carries. I took it briefly when he was distracted trying to get in my panties. I told him I needed to check my protection if he didn’t want to use a condom and in the ladies I pressed the key into a wax pad and made an impression. The guy thought his shit didn’t stink and he did have amazing control. I’d watched him work in Naughty’s before; teasing his conquests as they hung in bar slings until they begged him to give them an orgasm. He has a great body, lovely grey eyes, was a good talker and had great stamina, but finally I tired of the game and ripple gripped him just when he thought he had me gasping and pleading for more. It was a covert ripple-grip with me tightening gradually and moving my hips very slightly when he was trying to remain perfectly still and think of his alimony payments (or whatever) to keep from coming in me. He thought he was having a bad night and apologized for filling me with semen when he said he had intended to withdraw. I could feel him swell inside me and his breath go shallow and ragged and his grip on my shoulders tightened before he shot his wad so he knew exactly what he was doing and withdrawal was never in the cards! We parted friends w/o ever exchanging names, him with a big smile on his face and me with the impression of his GF’s apartment key and draining his seed into my thong.

Due diligence: I wasn’t about to expose Bea to a major male sex god w/o taking some precautions. Fortunately birthday boy’s medical records were available to my data mining company. His most recent paternity test occurred only a week or so earlier and showed that he was not only the father, but was free of all known STIs which was a huge relief. If he had been positive I wouldn’t have even mentioned that he would be in town much less arranged a meeting. If necessary there are ways to handle an unintended pregnancy but some STIs are incurable and possibly fatal so it’s a really good idea to know the sexual health of a partner before being intimate with him even if condoms are being used because some infections can be spread w/o genital contact.

The entrance: Bea and I both wore twin-pull back-zip latex catsuits, matching hoods and gloves. The lower pull can be used as a relief zipper providing full access for bodily functions and sex. And of course our gas masks. I would have worn pointes, but that would have given me away as so few other women there had the training or inclination to wear them. So we both wore Louboutin gladiator sandals with 4 inch heels. Expensive but they fit right in. I was so proud of Bea in her heels. She walks in them so gracefully and confidently as though she has been wearing heels for years. I drove a Ford Taurus borrowed from Adolph that had Arizona plates borrowed from a junker in a scrap yard and when we showed our invitations to the gate guard she lowered the hydraulic bollard barrier and I drove on to the estate.

The party: The event was to celebrate the birthday of an A-list rocker who owns a piece of the casino and is into latex, gas masks and fucking very young women, not necessarily in that order. He has left a string of pregnant teens in his wake for years most of them aborting the fruit of his loins except for the one or two who have resorted to suicide. Bea gets wet every time she hears his songs and has most of them on the playlist on her iPod. She so wanted to experience having one of the modern kings of rock fuck her brains out and had fantasized about leaving an assignation with his seed draining into her thong so this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to introduce her clandestinely to A-list sex.

Not that she didn’t plan to give him a good time with her very strong vaginal muscles, but her goal was to have what she calls a ‘cream orgasm’, that is take him bareback with her using only her Reflexions and the silicone based lube DiveGel+ that contains a 4% O9 spermicide for protection. Bea and I are (for now) still in menstrual synchrony and that day we were both CD12 and fertile so it was a risk for her to be mounted bareback by a man with a string of unplanned pregnancies to his credit, but she could use ella (the EC tablet) afterward if it looked as though her diaphragm might have leaked so she was really looking forward to having him spew semen all over the outside of her Reflexions as he thrust into her cervix.

The meeting: Actually, things went really well from Bea’s perspective. There were a lot of women our size with gorgeous bodies wearing latex so she didn’t look or act out of place with her well toned body in a room full of showgirls and escorts and a few high roller women groupies who look uncomfortable in latex. I though Bea was lovely with her toned arms, legs and flat belly sheathed in the polished yellow latex of her suit. None of the women took off their masks, all drinking through their masks drinking straw feature or not hydrating, at least that I saw. I had found out that Bea’s birthday-boy target is particularly fond of the color yellow which why I had her wear that color and it drew the rocker’s attention almost immediately. So after he chatted briefly with a group of women he seemed to know he made his way through the guests to Bea’s side. I was with Bea as he approached and I whispered to her over the comm. link to be demure, let him take the imitative and just to follow his lead.

He looked really sexy with lovely hard thighs a slim waist and broad shoulders shown off in shiny black latex and his Mestel SGE 150 gas mask. He smelled of rubber, latex polish and that marvelous male musk that makes a woman’s pelvis tingle. The lens of his mask was clear and we could see him smile as he said “Welcome little darling” with a plumy Berkshire accent as he twisted the erect nipple of her left breast. Over our comm. link I could hear her gasp and moan softly and begin to wobble in her 4-inch heels while his other hand fondled her groin searching for the pull of her relief zipper. I stepped back, whispering that she should let him continue to lead as he opened the zipper and inserted two fingers. She whispered “Oh God he has his fingers in me feeling the rim of my D.” I just smiled. Everything was going as planned.

I thought he might push her down over the back of one of the couches and take her in front of the rest of his guests, but he withdrew his fingers, rubbed them across his thumb and smiled as he found she was draining copious amounts of her arousal juices. Fortunately her Reflexions was correctly positioned so all her stretchy egg-white fertile cervical mucus was being collected in the dome. He leaned down and touched his mask lens to hers and said “Lets get away from the crowd, there’s a room in the back”, she nodded and he led her away. I was so proud of her! She’d gotten her nerves under control so that her ankles didn’t wobble, her breathing was steady and I loved the way she accentuated the swing of her rubber sheathed hips as she moved toward their penetrative encounter.

She told me afterward that once in the room he opened her zipper further giving him full access and commented that he loved hairless pussies as she had been waxed four days earlier in preparation for offering herself to him. She said that he asked her to open his relief zipper and help him out of his athletic cup so she knelt and eased his penis and balls out of his cup holding his reproductive future gently in her hands. Caressing him she found he was uncut and loved watching as his glans appeared as he lengthened and his foreskin rolled back letting his thick erection glisten from the pre-ejaculate he was already producing. She said she could smell the musky scent of semen, latex and a scented condom lube through the empty filter canister so she knew she wouldn’t be his first of the day. She said she really wanted to suck him off but didn’t want to take her mask off so she could be identified later.

Penetration:  After he was erect it went quickly. She was pleased to find that he wasn’t as long as she had feared, but he was wonderfully thick which she loves. She thought he would mount her while lying on the bed. Instead he reached behind her put his hands under her firm high buttocks and lifted her off the floor. She spread her legs and guided him to her entrance then wrapped her legs around his waist. With her arms around his neck he moved them across the room and placed her so her back was against the wall and pushed at the same time she tightened her legs around his waist. With a single powerful thrust he penetrated her as far as he could go and their pelvises hit with a solid and rather painful thud. I could hear what was happening over Bea’s comm. link. They gasped simultaneously, she from him compressing her clit when their pelvises slammed together and he as he as he murmured “Oh My God you are so tight! How did you get to be this tight?” And she murmured back, “I’m a ballet dancer; you should feel my grip when I’m taken on my toes.” His hands under her rubber sheathed bum supporting her weight he rapidly drilled her with powerful strokes. It was all lust and no gentleness on his part, but she was so turned on having his thick unsheathed piston pumping inside her that she came twice before he got off splattering a few milliliters of molten pearl against the protective latex membrane of her diaphragm. Their encounter had lasted less then five minutes after he entered her.

Afterglow: Still hard inside her he held her against the wall and leaned against her while they enjoyed the afterglow from their physical exertions as their breathing returned to normal and sweat drained into their suits and masks. Bea was pleased that the splatter mask lenses she was wearing prevented the sweat from burning her eyes as it was the first time she had worn them for protection during a sexual encounter. She said she thought about ripple gripping him as she felt him going soft inside her, but decided not to because she didn’t want him to think she was that experienced. He lowered her gently to the floor and they rearranged their respective parts, zipped up their suits and he walked her back into the main room with the rest of his guests.

Bea knew the drill, we were to leave immediately she had gotten what she came for so we said our goodbyes to the rocker and headed for the door. He was surprised that we were leaving so early, but Bea told him we couldn’t stay longer because “We need to make the three AM bed-check at the convent.” We walked out of the house at 2:15 AM and were out the gate five minutes later. No one checks guests leaving a party.

An enquiring reader asks: You mentioned that Bea "has become a much greater risk taker than is good for someone of her age and experience." I'm curious, what risks has she been taking? What aggressive acts need moderation?

Given the effort required to obtain a death rubber for a girl of her age and the risks involved in having her harvest and learn to use it I thought that rather than answer this query in a comment, I would reply in a post where more people can form an opinion of Bea and how she approaches challenges.

She has shown up for training with escort candidates w/o having her diaphragm inserted. She did have her slit kit with her, but in training we have a strict protocol that any time a student is around a man she trains with she should have her diaphragm correctly placed with fresh spermicide in the dome. Returning readers will recall Bea is not on hormones and right now her uterus is too small to comfortably wear even a GyneFix IUD. So a diaphragm is her sole method of contraception since condoms are not worn for training in order for the girls to become confident that the contraception they are using will protect them. Granted this is a bit riskier for Bea in the near but a St Lucy’s girl in her circumstances and with her libido is expected to suck it up and be obsessive about her diaphragm wearing routine would stand her in good stead.

Worse, she has appeared for dive-sex classes w/o her diaphragm inserted for contraception and flood insurance. She wasn’t able to get into the pool area as the dressing room door to the pool wouldn’t open because the scanner detected the RFID chip in her diaphragm wasn’t behind her pelvic bone. Given that she has no other form of contraception at the moment, that she was approaching her fertile interval and she wouldn’t have been protected from having water forced into her uterus by the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusts if her vagina flooded, that was very reckless behavior.

I think wearing her very own death rubber that she harvested herself the former owner’s Chi will cause her to become more grounded and responsible. That has been the effect wearing a series of death rubbers has had on me regardless of how sexually irresponsible the previous owner had been. I can’t stress enough the additional confidence and greater perspective having any of my death rubbers inserted gives me so I’m certain that Bea’s perspective will benefit from her wearing one. It will be an amazing learning experience for her melding sex and life lessons from women much older and experienced than her.



  1. I know there are important elements of this for Bea's social development but I got the giggles after reading it. I can just imagine the rap sheet that would have resulted had you been intercepted at any point during this!

    More important stuff later.

  2. The entire world of gasmask sex is incredibly erotic for me. I can envision you overpowering the other escorts in their masks, their struggles, their loss of consciousness. Attending a party populated by latex and gasmask-wearing people must be an unmatchable experience. And having sex while your face is encased in the tight rubber breathing device has to be experienced to be believed or understood--I have found it to be unparallelled.

    Thanks for sharing, Jill! This episode goes nicely hand in hand with your previous discussion of gasmask/entonox play.


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