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Death rubber, Chi and Trimix

OTS Guardian FFM with ambient breathing valve and comm. unit

Bea’s dive training: Bea’s academic work has her on the dean’s list so she shouldn’t have any problem with finals in a few weeks. Now that summer is approaching I had our divemaster qualify her for recreational diving with Trimix so she can dive to the bottom of Adolph’s deep water training facility with me. I wouldn’t let her near Adolph alone because she is just his type, but he has the only heated deep water pool, it’s a bit more than 200 ft deep, where we can go to the bottom in bikinis or nude and she should be safe with me. She sometimes wears contacts to change her eye color so I had her fitted with a ‘splatter mask’ to add to her Slit Kit. Returning readers may remember that a splatter mask is a pair of very large gas permeable soft contact lenses of the latest silicone formulation worn to minimize the effects of having semen splattered in the eyes during a sexual encounter. A splatter mask is also useful for keeping sweat out of the eyes while SCUBA diving.

Electronic medical records and death rubber: I mentioned in an earlier post that its difficult finding new latex death rubber cervical barriers as my old ones wear out. Returning readers will recall that a ‘death rubber’ is a cervical barrier (diaphragm or cervical cap) that was being worn when the woman died while having sex. Almost all are diaphragms as the only cap now generally available is FemCap which can be worn comfortably while swimming, but is subject to squeeze when worn while diving to any appreciable depth. Almost all escorts using cervical barriers wear latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms even though they must be avoided by women with latex allergy, don’t last as long as silicone and for some women can contribute to UTIs. Reflexions is so popular because of latex superior heat transfer properties, the softer stretchier dome and the fact that it is very difficult for even the most skilled man to intentionally under-thrust the rim. But for dive-sex Reflexions is a must because it’s the only diaphragm that can be effectively worn as flood insurance below ten meters since its flat spring rim will not distort due to water pressure. My size is an 80mm, but Bea takes the smallest size, a 65mm so as death rubber they can be extremely difficult to find.

Fortunately most reproductive health clinics and pharmacies in this area have converted their paper medical records to electronic ones on-line. There is no way I would have been able to track the fitting and sale of diaphragms by myself so I hired a data mining company to collect and format the information in a form I can use to see which practitioners are performing fittings, who is being fitted with what and where they are buying their diaphragms and caps. Not surprisingly our clinic fits and sells a significant percentage and I recognize the names of all of our trainees and our casino’s (Pirate’s) stable of elite escorts who are all fitted with Reflexions there. I also recognized the names of the girls who flow through Adolph’s training facility and use Reflection for flood insurance most of whom end up working as Towel-Girls at Splash, his underwater sex club, where the turnover of girls is quite high.

I was pleased that Adolph’s girls appeared in the inventory because they are less experienced, take the greatest risks and are far more likely to have serious accidents making them likely candidates for death rubber harvesting. Also making Adolph’s girls a rich hunting ground for a death rubber for Bea is that a surprising percentage of them have purchased 65mm Reflexions. I had fitted a lot of the girls and I knew that for many a 65mm was much too small to provide a proper fit when worn for flood insurance. Then it occurred me that they were wearing that size in order to offer a masochistic experience to clients wanting penis torture from ramming the rim. It’s also very uncomfortable for the woman to have a too small flat spring rim rammed by a client’s penis and in dive gear on the bottom of an encounter pool it can be claustrophobic, which may help explain the high turnover in Splash Towel Girls.

Chi and Me: In traditional Chinese culture, qì (also chi or ch'i) is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Qi is frequently translated as "life energy", "life force", or "energy flow". Qi is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. The literal translation of "qi" is "breath", "air", or "gas".

I use the anglicized form ‘Chi' to stand for the portion of a woman’s life force that remains with her diaphragm if she dies during intercourse while wearing it. One summer in Montreal years ago, working as a latex model when the ballet Co. I was with was on hiatus, I discovered wearing other women’s diaphragms (don’t ask, it’s complicated) was a huge turn-on. When I accidentally wore the keepsake Ortho All-Flex of a roommate’s dead sister killed during her rape I was fascinated to find a portion of her life force was still in the diaphragm. With more experience I found that seemed to occur only when the previous owner died during sex. Not only that but that element of the dead woman’s Chi combines with my own while I wear her diaphragm giving me greater confidence and assertiveness as well as practical knowledge from the former owner’s life experiences. If I wear a particular death rubber frequently enough, after about ten or twelve times, I become able to mentally experience more details from the former owner’s life as I become more comfortable with her Chi. It’s to the point now that I can recall the previous owner’s sexual encounters had with lovers while wearing the diaphragm I have inserted. So far I have avoided recalling the encounter during which she died thinking I might not survive the experience.

Bea and Chi: By equipping Bea with death rubber diaphragms of her own I’m going to try to moderate her attitude about men from sexual aggression to sexual assertiveness using the previous owner’s Chi. Chi moderation has worked very well for me to curb some extremely dangerous behaviors so I’m hoping it will work for Bea because since she participated in the private coaching sessions with Brian she has become a much greater risk taker than is good for someone of her age and experience.


  1. You mentioned that Bea "has become a much greater risk taker than is good for someone of her age and experience." I'm curious, what risks has she been taking? What aggressive acts need moderation?

    Enjoying your postings as always,

    Master Paul

    1. Hi again Master Paul!

      >I'm curious, what risks has she been taking? What aggressive acts need moderation?

      I'm glad you asked as I'm writing a bit about that very thing.

  2. Would it be inappropriate for me to offer to give Bea a sound spanking? =)

    1. Ohhh! So you're into corporal punishment then? In their training costumes, thong back leotards, our ballet girls are perfectly dressed for spanking. I don’t think Bea is that sort of masochist, but I’m not certain. Should I ask?

  3. Sure...though I worry that might make things worse.

    1. Thanks for your concern. I did ask and she said spanking really isn't her kink, but to thank you for asking. She is stoked that someone on the Internet is following her training.

  4. Its interesting. Tell Bea to please not to do anything stupid!

    (And if she does...give her a sound spanking.) =)

  5. I have some catching up to do. But, Bea is certainly becoming the center of your life. You have picked a critical time to become her surrogate mother - fifteen, beautiful, talented, favored by that ass-hole Brian, eager to please, and sexually confident. Good luck!

    Fact: ALL contraceptive systems known are much more effective for thirty-something woman than for teenagers. The chemical or pharmacological effectiveness does not vary but the teen cavalier attitudes towards their regular and defined dosing makes a large difference. Pills not taken are not very effective; diaphragms on the bedside table do little to prevent pregnancy; condoms in the purse because "he just wants to feel a little bit more" invite problems.

    Given the training that Bea will be going through, a similar cavalier approach is life and health threatening. Many of us remember when we could solve any relationship problem with our pussies - at fifteen, you controlled a school priest with that. Doing this at depth with consideration of safety secondary, can spell disaster.

    There is also "normal" sexual development and response to be considered. It is a woman's prerogative to lay back, spread and simply get fucked. And it can be blissful. Bea cannot be "on" all the time or she will become a sexual automaton with no personal enjoyment except the vicarious experience of her male partner's response. Every woman I know experiences this vicarious joy, I love to watch my partners face as he unloads into me, but healthy women take some for themselves. In your training, this will be a very difficult balance for Bea. But, then, you have trained others.

    I enjoyed the clip a few weeks back regarding the Bolshoi being a play pen for major male donors or important personages. Not much different from the local dance lounge! The only real difference is in one setting, huge amounts of patronage flow to the company whilst in the other, smaller amounts flow directly to the dancers as a fee for service. Which is really more fair?

    Dancers are dancers. Only the level of talent and training differ and healthy, athletic young women have a way ahead fixed firmly between their legs. Do we not all, each and every woman, use that from time to time? It may be by withholding; it may be by sharing; it may be by teasing with possibilities. It is part of a woman's set of tools. Few are as honest as you in identifying that the effective use of our vagina is behind a valid, if not entirely endorsed, training program.

    I would not let Bea out of my sight for an instant for the next few years!

    1. Everything you say here is true in spades with Bea! I recognize the challenge I face with her. However, she has become fascinated with my wearing death rubber Reflexions and so it’s become a priority to find her one which I’m hoping will help moderate her tendency toward sexual recklessness as wearing one has done for me. Wearing death rubber has made me more grounded and far less willing to take risks with my sexual health while making me a far more knowledgeable lover. Wearing my first death rubber was like getting my first pair of pointe shoes. It was a rite of passage in my sexual evolution even though I was quite experienced when it occurred.

      Bea is so much like I was at her age in her sexual drive and how she thinks about men. She is already talking about a continuous wearing regimen when she gets her death rubber which means she should have at least two as soon as possible. I can only go by how having a death rubber inserted affects me. The confidence and expanded sexual knowledge it gives me I find addictive so I’m counting on her being as fascinated with wearing and being protected by one as I am. I understand it’s not as effective as an IUD, but if she becomes as OC about wearing hers as I am about wearing mine - and I think that’s likely - that will be a huge step in moderating her tendency toward sexual recklessness.


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