Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bea’s social education begins

A C-string invisible thong panty
The photo: The C-string panty eliminates panty lines in tight skirts and slacks and covers the head of a Penetrator plug when the wearer is performing on stage in pasties and C-string with her plug inserted.

Bea becomes my protégé: Now that I’ve taken a personal interest in her I’ve arranged for her to stay with me for training over the summer holiday as her mom is now in an acute care facility. As my protégé she will be taught all I know about seduction then be presented into society to make the most of her considerable talents. I’ll love watching her cutting a swathe through the men in society breaking hearts and mind-fucking contenders left and right as her favors are competed for. She definitely has a seriously kinky side so one of the first things is to find her a 65mm Reflexions death rubber as I’ve found the Chi of the former owner can be a huge confidence boost when I’m feeling tentative.

Bea, her Reflexions and ‘cervical grip’: Returning readers will remember that I recently wrote about fitting Bea with her first latex diaphragm, a 65mm flat spring Reflexions. The advantages of wearing a flat spring latex diaphragm are better heat transfer characteristics and it’s nearly impossible to under-thrust. Under-thrust protection is very important since she is too small for an IUD and she will be continuing her training encounters with escort candidates and possibly Brian. Also with Reflexions, on the sensual side there is the marvelous feeling that I’ll call ‘cervical grip’ when wearing it with the dome under significant vacuum while diving or pumped down in a hyperbaric chamber under positive pressure.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to take her to Adolph’s multi-bed hyperbaric chamber to see if the seal of her Reflexions was good enough that the dome would hold a strong vacuum to sustain her cervical grip until she broke the seal. Though she has deep soft vaginal rugae and it seemed to me that the rim should seal well enough to develop and retain a strong vacuum you can’t tell for sure until the individual actually puts her diaphragm under vacuum.

It wasn’t the best time for either of us since we were both on our periods. I was CD1 and flowing lightly and she was CD5 and over her heavy days for the month. But I had a patient from The Lorelei, who I was going to try and fit for a high-vac dome so time in the chamber was available and we took it. We emptied our diaphragms then reinserted making sure that they were positioned correctly and were comfortable. Then I had the chamber operator take us down slowly to 100 feet as we adjusted to the pressure and the air was squeezed out of the domes and the latex membranes were stretched over our cervixes and into our anterior fornices. Bea loved the feeling. She said it was as though her uterus was being gently pushed higher inside her, which indeed it was, slightly. It’s somewhat the same feeling a woman gets when she wears a pessary for a minor uterine prolapse, minus the pain and other side effects associated with the prolapse.

Bea kitted out for underwater sex: Now that I have more control over her training I had her kitted out for dive-sex. Fortunately she is already PADI open water qualified which saves us a world of time as we can get straight to diving with male escorts. That will be a help to the men, having Bea in their rotation as there aren’t that many St Lucy’s girls who are interested in sex underwater even in a properly equipped and well heated pool. I’ll admit a girl does have to be adventuresome and have a raging libido to enjoy dive-sex so Bea should fit right in.

I had our divemaster fit her with an Oceans Technology Systems Guardian full face mask (OTS Guardian FFM) with an ambient breathing valve (abv) that saves air when on the surface and a comm. Link so she can talk to her dive partner while under water. But the really practical thing about FFMs for dive-sex is that during orgasm you don’t have to worry about losing your reg if you open your mouth to scream which, at least for women, lets us forget about equipment and just enjoy sucking gas and our partner’s thrust technique.

Pool pointes, silicone toe-shoes with replaceable satin ribbons, come in standard U.S. women’s shoe sizes so there was no problem in having her fitted at Gepetto’s fetish shoe amd; boot boutique. The pointes came with a full set of lead platform weights from one to twenty pounds in two pound increments. Returning readers will remember the weights can be screwed onto the platforms of the buoyancy neutral shoes to hold the wearer in the vertical position under water or with the heavier weights on the bottom like a divers lead weighted boots.

Brian and the Mumps: I haven’t heard from Brian for almost a month. Callisto called today to say that he had had a very bad case of Mumps and wondered where he had gotten it since no one in his classes at the university have had it recently. I’m fairly certain that I know where he contracted it, from one of his St Lucy’s Muses though none of them presented any symptoms of the virus. A significant percentage of cases are asymptomatic and St Lucy’s did have a few presenting cases about that time even though we had all been inoculated with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. Callisto said that his testicles had become swolen and very painful and that he seems to be taking a very long time to recover. Side effects are rare but can be very serious in adults. I have no way t prove it but he spent so much time privately coaching Bea that I think he probably got it from her even though she presented no symptoms and seemed in top physical condition during their repeated sexual encounters. Callisto said he has revised his schedule to cancel all travel for the rest of the academic year, which is a relief since I hadn’t decided exactly how I was going to prevent Brian privately coaching Bea as he said he intended to do and still keep him happy.


  1. Looks like Bea's all kitted out. Her slit-kit all up to date too?

    Thanks for the early birthday wishes on your last post reply to mine. Today, I got a couple of cards from Dad and Scot and had lunch with my editor, Anelia, and her husband, then went to see a hockey game (junior level). To paraphrase Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, "I'm a man! I'm 40!"

  2. Happy Birthday Eric! I'm glad you had a nice time! Are you still considering a cock ring?

    Yes, I'm updating Bea's slit kit to the standard escort contents including a splatter mask. Finding her a 65mm Reflexions death rubber may be a bit tricky, but not impossible.

  3. Hmm...I wonder if my wife would wear a C string...



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