Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A fortuitous accident

The combined contraceptive pill Mircette

The photo: The photo above is of the birth control pill Mircette: 0.15mg desogestrel, 20mcg ethinyl estradiol for 21 days, 2 inert tablets and 10mcg ethinyl estradiol for 5 days. Mircette was approved by the FDA in 1998. The progestin, desogestrel, is metabolized into etonogestrel; the progestin used in NuvaRing and Nexplanon. Desogestrel has been well accepted as a combined oral contraceptive.

Introducing Bea at Splash: In my continuing effort to broaden Bea’s sexual education I took her for orientation as a Towel-Girl at Splash, Adolph’s private underwater sex club. She has been good friends with Cyndi for the past year and so had heard a lot about what goes on there since Cyndi is a Red Door level T-G. Because the turnover in T-Gs is so great Bea can work part time there as her studies and other commitments permit. That should allow her to ease into the daily routine at Splash. In the summer, if she works out to her supervisor’s satisfaction and likes working as a T-G she can increase her hours or perhaps go full time.

Returning readers will recall that she is already participating in the training of escort candidates and some of that training will now involve dive-sex so some may wonder why I’m having her train at Splash. Of course my primary reason for placing her at Splash is because that’s where she has the greatest chance of getting a death rubber in her size that she can harvest herself. As I wrote in an earlier post:

“I was pleased that Adolph’s girls appeared in the inventory because they are less experienced, take the greatest risks and are far more likely to have serious accidents making them likely candidates for death rubber harvesting. Also making Adolph’s girls a rich hunting ground for a death rubber for Bea is that a surprising percentage of them have purchased 65mm Reflexions. I had fitted a lot of the girls and I knew that for many a 65mm was much too small to provide a proper fit when worn for flood insurance. Then it occurred me that they were wearing that size in order to offer a masochistic experience to clients wanting penis torture from ramming the rim. It’s also very uncomfortable for the woman to have a too small flat spring rim rammed by a client’s penis and in dive gear on the bottom of an encounter pool it can be claustrophobic, which may help explain the high turnover in Splash Towel-Girls.”

I had Cyndi introduce Bea to the T-Gs who actually wear a 65mm Reflexions and also to as many as possible who use one for penis torture since both groups form the donor community for her death rubber. I also suggested that if she has the opportunity Bea should participate in the recovery of a T-G’s body so she can see if she will freak out around the corpse of a friend when she needs to harvest the friends diaphragm for her own use. She has already participated in the rescue of an escort trainee who was masturbating with a forbidden toy, an inflatable dildo, at the bottom of an encounter pool and became nauseous and had an emergency ascent. She hadn’t released the gas from the dildo which burst inside her as she neared the surface. She panicked and hit the vent valve of her BCD and sank again when her weighted pool-pointes pulled her down. Emotionally Bea handled that situation quite well so I’m hoping she will hold together when she knows she needs the diaphragm her dead friend is wearing.

Dive drama: Bea has already experienced dive drama at Splash. She was with Cyndi watching an encounter when the T-G had a seizure while at the bottom of an encounter pool with a client. Her client got her to the surface and Bea and Cyndi helped get her out of the pool. The EMTs weren’t sure what caused her seizure though it could have been several things. A check of her dive computer showed that she had under reported her dive time so it could have been DCS (decompression sickness) or possibly hormonal contraceptives related since she had just switched to a new birth control pill, Mircette. It was her first cycle on the progestin desogestrel so that might have played a part. You hear far more about severe side effects occurring with NuvaRing theses days than Mircette, but both are etonogestrel once the body metabolizes desogestrel. Seizure-girl recovered, but her doctor said she couldn’t dive any more so she left Splash. She wasn’t in the donor pool as she wore a 75mm diaphragm so Bea’s chances haven’t decreased.

The good news for Bea in this incident is that she has established herself at Splash as clear headed in a crisis and effective as a first-responder positioning herself to make use of any chance to harvest a death rubber should the opportunity arise.

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