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The Sling Bar: sex in a ‘glamour harness’

A Gamma harness used as a bar sling at Naughty Pleasures

The photo: A female rigger’s safety harness. The manufacturer’s literature says: “The Gamma™ Harness designed to fit the specific safety needs of a woman, the Gamma™ is accessorized with ComfortFit™ shoulder padding, and the cross-fit style eliminates the possibility of improper adjustments. The Gamma™ combines comfort and performance for a harness that works as hard as you do. Improper positioning of the "D" ring or wearing a traditional parachute-style harness can have devastating effects for a woman's body in the event of a fall. With a back-only D-ring, the Gamma™ helps ensure that she is properly clipped in. The cross-fit style harness is not only more comfortable to wear it can help minimize damage to the reproductive organs from falls.”

Not that a woman in a bar sling at Naughty’s is likely to fall very far, physically I mean. Morally is an entirely different matter. If she’s new to the experience she might fall a considerable distance and with the right man enjoy the encounter immensely while buckled into a bar sling at Naughty’s.

Women and the Sling Bar at Naughty’s: In order to attract men young, unaccompanied, attractive women get priority at the velvet rope and discounted drinks. And they are used to stock the Meat Market, Naughty’s singles bar. A few of the more adventuresome ask to be fitted with a bar-sling – a premium service and an unmistakable sign that they are available – and be allowed into the intimate Sling Bar where, rather than sit on a bar stool they can easily have sex at the bar while sitting in the harness. We originally tried various parachute harness designs, but decided to use Gamma harnesses because they are designed for women and with grommet buckles are easily adjusted and can’t accidentally be unfastened during an intense physical encounter.

Another of the casino’s female shareowners has a harness fetish and thought of the idea for an intimate place where like minded women could select a mate and have more or less safe casual sex while hanging suspended in a sexy harness. The board thought it was a good idea since no one else in town is offering that kink so we are trying it in a small way to see if it is profitable. There is harness rental, cover charges for men, the sale of alcohol and bar food so it’s not as though it will ever be a huge profit center, but you never know. We thought about calling it the Harness Bar but that sounded too much like a tack shop so we decided to call it the Sling Bar.

A woman asking for a bar sling must have a recent negative full STI panel on file before she is fitted. Properly screened she is shown to a fitting room and buckled into a Gamma harness her size and shown how to sit in it for the greatest comfort while penetrated. They are also told that the harness has an RFID chip in it. A woman can go anywhere in the club while wearing it but if she has forgotten and left her purse, cell phone etc in her car she will have to take it off or send a valet (a service we offer free to bar sling wearers) for it. For use in the Sling Bar a Gamma Harness is modified to line the inside of the straps, the side that is against the wearer’s body, with tough but soft nylon satin fabric for comfort. Of course the harnesses are fully sanitized after each wearing.

She is also given a disposable mesh bag for her shoes while she is hanging in her sling. Condoms of various sizes are in bowls on the bar so couples can protect themselves from each other’s fluids, or not. The women’s need to be very sexually adventuresome and STI screened limits the number of applicant, but increases their quality significantly, especially their beauty. Why the more adventuresome are more classically beautiful is a mystery.

Mr. Right Now: I have my own Gamma harness that Jack, Viscount Sandbach, calls my ‘glamour harness.’ I keep it in a small gym bag with a selection of appropriate Sling Bar clothing. I buckle myself into it when I’m lonely and want a new man. Not Mr. Right, just Mr. Right Now! Too, I’ve found Jack is into girls in harnesses (not that a Glamour harness is all that restrictive) so he really likes to take me to and in the Sling Bar! I love the way men’s minds work and having Jack stand in the midst of the pool of males for sling-girls to choose from keeps him on edge and aroused. He’s never quite certain I will choose him and that gives me a chance to playfully mind-fuck him by pretending to initially choose someone else! I’ve found doing that makes him far more ardent after he suspends me securely in the bar! Of course the Meat Market also has a substantial selection area charge for men and like the women the guys need a current negative full STI panel on file before they are allowed in the catwalk viewing and selection area.

Running the gauntlet: Leaving the fitting boutique wearing her harness a woman has three options: 1) going back into the main lobby, 2) going into the Meat Market selection area to choose a partner or 3) going directly into the very intimate Sling Bar located behind the Meat Market. Unaccompanied harness wearer’s almost always chose to go down the catwalk through the Meat Market to check the selection of men on offer. Knowledgeable cocksmen knowing this nurse a drink and watch the door from the sling boutique. No more intently watched twenty feet of catwalk exists in Vegas than that strip through the Meat Market between the sling boutique and the Sling Bar. Repeat Gamma harness wearers call being on display while walking those twenty feet to make their selections ‘running the gauntlet’ as men smile, preen and flex their muscles as a harness wearer struts past the candidates vying for her favors. The cloud of testosterone laden musk hangs so heavily over the catwalk that some girls who frequently walk that red carpet swear it causes them to need to wax more often. Others find the overwhelming scent of male lust frightening while still others are highly aroused by being wanton and on display. I love being the object of lust on the part of multiple males so I find the experience liberating.

An adrenaline high: When I walk down the catwalk to choose a man who looks virile, interesting and perhaps a little dangerous it’s a comfort to know the only condition I need to worry about is pregnancy. My adrenaline is flowing and there is no better feeling in the world! The scent of male musk, all those sex hungry men undressing me with their eyes, salivating and fantasizing about harness-fucking my brains out and hoping I’ll chose them. It’s a huge turn-on and a very different feeling than performing because when I’m performing the lights are on me and I usually can’t see my audience though I can feel the Chi rising from them. Walking down the catwalk between the sling boutique and the Sling Bar being assessed by a group of virile men having about ten feet of erect penis between them is far more personal and I have to admit the thought causes me to get wet and swing my hips a bit more than usual. Since in the Sling Bar I won’t be on my toes I usually wear stiletto sandals that are easy to get out of rather than pointes, but I do have a pair of GMs in my gym bag in case I need them. .

Sling-girl clothes: Clothes that can be worn comfortably with bar slings are bikinis, tunics, thongs, front closure sports bras and bare legs so it is fairly easy to identify women as they enter the club who will be stopping by the sling boutique to be fitted for a glamour harness. Shoes for a sling-girl can depend on where she is in her cycle, if she is commando and if she plans on condoms being used. A sling-girl shouldn’t wear fabric covered shoes unless she doesn’t mind them being ruined. There are purse hooks at each location where a sling girl can hang her mesh shoe bag to prevent splattering her shoes with coitial discharge. However, after putting her shoes back on she still may have to walk through lover’s fluids to leave the bar so platform soles are a good idea. Typically a sling-girl will wear a thong so after she Kegels out any discharge the remainder can drain into the liner in her thong. Many returning sling-girls go topless and rouge their nipples because in the harness the cross straps display the wearer’s breasts beautifully and a partner has immediate access to her nipples for sucking.

What a sling-girl shouldn’t wear is latex because the latex caught between the weight of her body and the harness will almost certainly tear. However, if she is wearing heavy rubber that has a relief zipper and can stand the shear forces that can work well for some women who can stand the heat generated by sex in heavy rubber. We have had to revive sling-girls wearing heavy rubber who fainted from poor hydration during a penetrative encounter.

Height adjustment and Cable capes: There are fifteen positions for slings in the Sling Bar and reservations are required. To prevent thrust-drop if the man is taller than the woman bar slings are clipped on to individual cables attached to small winches mounted on heavy steel bracing above the ceiling. A small cordless control box for each position is used to vary the height of the sling wearer above the floor. With that flexibility even the smallest woman can adjust her height so her partner can thrust directly into her vagina w/o having to worry about thrusts so off center that she is being lifted on his shaft on each thrust then dropped back into the harness as he withdraws. Of course thrust-drop (in a bar sling its called sling-drop) is an option if she enjoys that sort of encounter, but even with satin lined straps too much of it can cause sling burns on the inner thighs and buttocks.

A cable cape is attached to the cable at each position. A cable cape is a section of lightly padded brightly colored canvas about two feet wide and three feet high that is held taunt on a soft frame to block the bartender’s view of the couple when the harness wearer has her back to the bar. It also provides support for the woman’s back so she can lean back comfortably. It’s called a cable cape because when the woman’s harness is connected to the winch cable it looks as though she is wearing a cape that is blowing behind her in the wind. The colors of the cable capes are also used to identify the positions at the bar for the customers.

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