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Afterglow; a partner with an encounter souvenir

The Photo: I’m indebted to my great friend and frequent reader Paul D for sharing this pic. I know women aren’t supposed to be as visually stimulated as men, but this photo is the sort of image that fuels our fantasies. A susceptible women, and we are all susceptible to a greater or lesser extent, can easily mind-fuck herself into believing he is Mr. Right, w/o knowing a thing about him other than that he has a great face superb body. His gloriously muscled arms, the flat belly, the strong jaw line, the lovely nose, half-closed eyes, beautiful full lips, the relaxed and sated look and last, but by no means least the Freed Studios hung around his neck that add a touch of mystery. Where the Freeds given in appreciation for his sexual conquest of their wearer, or where they taken as his due?

In my fantasy he is a white knight having mounted her and ridden to victory spewing seed deep inside coating her ripe cervix with millions of highly motile sperm. Or perhaps not if he was wearing a condom or she was on the pill, had an hormonal IUD inserted or was wearing a protective latex barrier in the form of a diaphragm or a silicone FemCap.

I could dream of those gorgeous lips parting and his tongue flicking in and out of my mouth searching for mine, his hand behind my head holding our mouths pressed tightly together as he finds and sucks my tongue. He shifts focus kissing my breasts, sucking milk from my rouged nipples then he moves lower to my flat belly and finally reaching my completely waxed groin licks and sucks my lower lips while fondling the shaft of my erect and swollen clit which is hard and throbbing causing me to orgasm as he sucks out my natural arousal juices. He says I taste of rubber which can only be the dome of my latex flat spring diaphragm. In my fantasy I think he rather likes the taste just as I do when my diaphragm is pulled out and stuffed in my mouth as a gag while I’m penetrated after being shoved up against a wall.

A problem in paradise: As much as I love his body, there is a problem with the man in the photo being my fantasy lover. The problem is the pointe shoes slung casually around his neck. How did he get them? I hope the man was given the Freeds by his partner. Readers who know me well know that I wouldn’t let a man untie the ribbons and remove my pointe shoes regardless of how good a lover he is and I don’t give away pointes as souvenirs of assignations. I’m reserving the privilege of removing my pointes for the man I marry; if there will ever be such a man. Having a man remove my pointe shoes will be the ultimate act of submission for me and I’m not about to let that happen except with my husband and it will be after we are married. But fantasizing about a casual lover wanting to remove my pointes and impregnate me in spite of the protection I’m using is a huge turn-on for me and I’m convinced it’s the same for all my male lovers.

Hitachi Magic Wands at the Sling Bar: A reader asked if the use of a Hitachi Wand is permitted in the Sling Bar. The short answer is yes. A customer can bring her own or a wand can be rented from the bartenders who are all women and familiar with how well they work on the clitoris. There are electrical outlets at each sling position and disposable ‘condoms’ for the wand heads if the wand is to be shared. The buzz of the powerful HMW vibrator isn’t distracting at all. It fits in with the background noise comprised of low conversations, the clink of ice in glasses, harness creaks, the soft thud of pelvises hitting, gasps, groans, moans, squeals and muffled screams as couples orgasm.

Bea trains at the Sling Bar: Having been fitted for a glamour harness and with her new ID I took her to get her current negative STI panel into the casino database and do a walk-through of the Sling Bar setup (while it was closed between five and seven AM) to show her how women customers move from the fitting and dressing rooms into Naughty’s and down the red carpeted catwalk to show off their bodies and chose a partner for the Sling Bar. Then we went into the bar and I showed her how to fasten her harness to the cable with its cable cape and she got the feel of how sensitive the winch control is. And while we were there I had her wrap her legs around my waist and gave her a clitoral orgasm with my own Hitachi. I had it on low and it was the first time she had had a HMW used on her and her orgasm was so strong I thought she was going to faint. When she lowered herself so she could unclip from the cable she was too rubber legged to stand by herself at first, but recovered enough to walk unassisted in a few minutes. It wasn’t our first girl-girl sex but it was certainly the most intense!


  1. I don't know if Paul D or you could adequately answer this, but I think the picture is of Mikhail Barishnikov. At least it could be a close facsimile.

    1. Hi Eric, the dancer is not Mikhail Baryshnikov. MB has a much differently shaped face.

  2. Jill:

    Very hot thinking of you risking pregnancy. Do you actually ever go totally bareback and unprotected? If so what CD is it, how often and when was it last done?

    Most important, how do you feel, react when you get inseminated knowing a baby may very well result?

    As you know I am into breeding sex so I find pregnancy risk fucking to be the ultimate in sexuality. All else is just mutual masturbation.

    I know how it feels from the man's perspective, but from the woman's? I hope you can go into details on a few preg risk fucks, that is if you have ever gotten hot enough to enjoy the ultimate in human sexuality.

    Lusting to take you totally bare and unprotected,

    Master Paul

  3. Well, Master Paul, I am certain that Jill will respond with a rather colourful set of descriptions but thought you may be interested in another woman’s perspective as well. If you have seen some earlier posts you are aware that I have been an active bisexual woman since I was in my teens. I am now menopausal. Although I prefer women as lovers, all my sexual fantasy and erotic dreams are with men, specifically men I really wanted to fuck but for whatever reason we never quite got to it.
    An additional bit of perspective has to do with fertility. Women having completely unprotected sex whilst fertile have only one chance in four of developing a healthy pregnancy. More than one-half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, most often with the woman herself unaware of having become pregnant. Every sexually active woman has “taken the risk” at one time or another. We just plain want to get laid and damn the consequences, leaving some pregnant and some relieved. Perhaps I have taken that calculated risk a few dozen times completely irrespective of the day of the month.
    In my forty years of sexual activity, there have been three “transcendent” orgasms. Those were orgasms that had long residual effect, from hours to days, going well beyond the physical manifestation of a regular woman’s orgasm. All were with men and all were unprotected. OK, one was during my period but the other two were random with one on the fifteenth day of a twenty-eight cycle. One of the men was my fiancé, who died before we were married, and the other two were certainly marriage-worthy and I still hold a fondness for each of them. For me, this special fondness was an important issue. (cont'd)

    1. I'm so envious! I've never had a transcendent orgasm that lasted several days! Though Shortly after a really great one I can think back and relive my G-spot being caressed and him thrusting into my anterior fornix and I become instantly aroused and rubber-legged regardless of where I am or what I'm doing. I've learned not to think about that sort of thing when I'm rehearsing or performing. Sigh!

  4. Two of them had gone down on me and the third did a great rim job, in each case leaving me breathing “fuck me, fuck me” until they were hilt deep in me. Their ejaculations were “visible” to me; I could “see” the ejaculate showering my cervix and it was a very welcome sight as some entered directly through the os into my uterus. As the man went to relieve himself after his ejaculation, I pulled the covers over me, pulled my knees as high as possible and could watch the semen liquefy and release the little swimmers into me. It was heavenly; I begged one of those sperm to find the egg; I wanted to become pregnant. The afterglow can in no way approach what I was experiencing and this was clearly an extension, not a resolution, of an earth shaking orgasm with occasional spasms echoing for an hour or more. All the while, I was begging the sperm to do their jobs.
    Two of the men had to leave, or got tired of waiting for me to come back to earth, and I remained in the “pregnancy position” until my knees and hips just gave out. When I did lower them and went to the loo there was a cascade of semen and vaginal juices. I did not want to lose a drop but that was impossible. Even a slight lowering of my knees allowed trickling down across my ass-hole. My fiancé returned to the bed and I asked to be held tightly and my nipples sucked. My right nipple is wired directly to my clitoris and there were more and very gentle orgasms. I am usually a one orgasm girl but I must have had fifteen or more at few minute intervals. All the while, I was begging silently for each sperm to find the egg. My fiancé and I had long before decided to not have children but at that moment, there was nothing I wanted more than to be pregnant.

  5. As I sat on the loo the next morning, there were three very different reactions. As always, there was the thrill of knowing I had sperm and semen draining into my knickers. The first powerful scent of sex as I threw the covers back was exhilarating. With one, in the light of day, I hoped that I was not pregnant and it was a long two weeks plus until my period arrived. With one, I thought maybe I was awakening to my first day of pregnancy and enjoyed knowing for the next few days that there were sperm still swimming through my innards. With my fiancé, with whom the feelings were by far the strongest, I was absolutely giddy knowing that his semen was now in my bloodstream and his sperm were everywhere in and on my female parts. I was secretly hoping that I was pregnant right up until the first red spots appeared. We fucked the rest of my cycle unprotected, although he was unaware of this. I cried when my period arrived in full swing but hid it from him only talking to my best friend about what I had experienced and admitting by the end of my period that I was happy not to be pregnant. For a year after his death, I regretted not having tried harder, even against his wishes, to become pregnant. At the end of the year plus a few month, I had my tubes cut.
    The one time I believe I was pregnant was at university after the chief dyke on campus kicked me out of her bed. I went into a two year denial of my lesbian desires and did my best to fuck every man on campus. Almost made it. Every act was with a diaphragm and vagina full of Koromex jelly and a condom on him. Nonetheless, one month I was three weeks late and then had the nastiest period in the history of womankind. I had many explanations then but, in retrospect, I had to have been pregnant and miscarried in the fifth or sixth week.
    I am afraid that the death of my fiancé dulled my emotions a bit and I never expected to repeat the transcendent orgasms. I have had plenty of good ones, more with women than with men, but nothing that has had the lingering effects that those three had. They were all around the age of thirty. I was old enough to know what I was doing and willing to live with whatever consequences. The nearly three weeks with my fiancé every single day, no protection and no worry provided me with sexual satisfaction that most women do not experience in a life time.

    1. What an amazing post! Thanks for sharing. I'm so sorry your fiancé died, but he left you with such wonderful memories of your time with him!

  6. Jill...

    As I read your posting, I suddenly had a song pop into my head: it was "Holding Out For A Hero" (sung by Bonnie Tyler, written by the brilliant Jim Steinman). Not sure why...but it seemed to fit. Maybe it was you referring to a "white knight".

  7. Brenda:

    Thank you for a very nice and very hot posting. What you says resonates with what a lot of My cyber breeding sluts say (I am waiting for one to come on line to find out if her breeding party took or not). We all feel that pregnancy risk sex is the only real sex there is, and it can be so damn hot!

    I understand what you said about wanting to get inseminated even though neither of you wanted a kid. That is one thing I learned when I did volunteer work for Planned Parenthood - that there are a lot of reasons for becoming pregnant that have nothing to do with raising a kid. I am writing up a posting on that for FetLife and will leave a message here with a URL when I post it.

    My one regret is that I was never able to have procreational sex with the woman I love and married (she died of heart failure at age 58) due to her first husband bringing home a few extra gifts that blocked her tubes. I would have loved to see her belly expand with a baby even though at the time I did not want a kid either (that is what adoption is for - I was adopted and am very thankful that My birth mother was unselfish enough to give Me the best head start in life that was possible - also her puritan pervert parents would have gone ballistic so it was the best for her as well).

    I wish to thank you for your posting and I hope Jill will add to it when she has time available.

    Wishing the both of you the happiest of fuckings,

    Master Paul


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