Sunday, March 2, 2014

The ultimate fetish pointe-shoe

The ultimate fetish pointe-shoe: the Bloch Alpha (S0104) ¾ outsole pointe.

The Photo: The Bloch Alpha (S0104) ¾ outsole pointe. They show off a woman’s high arches wonderfully and guys seem to like the heels totally sheathed in satin. These are my menstrual shoes a bit larger that the ones I wear during the rest of my cycle.  The Alpha S0104 should only be worn by experienced dancers, but that hasn’t stopped wannabes buying them from their LDS after I recently began wearing mine to the clubs in town. If that continues the sports Orthropods should be busy with ankle and foot injuries. I thought I’d post this shot as men always seem to appreciate seeing me with my legs in the air.

The Bloch Alpha as a fetish pointe-shoe: Not only are pointe-shoes more physically and technically difficult to wear than ballet-boots, but the Bloch Alpha is (in my opinion) the most difficult pointe-shoe to train, perform and play in. Since I’ve been wearing Alphas to the foot-fetish venues at Naughty Pleasures there has been a spike in interest in Bloch Alpha pointes by other women far less qualified to wear them than me.

Alpha pointes for ballet-sex: Wearing Bloch Alpha pointes for ballet-sex [defined as: being penetrated from behind while bent over holding on to a barre, chair or table with the feet sur les pointes a la seconde] should not be attempted by inexperienced women. Alpha pointes are for women very experienced in pointework at the professional level and then only by ones with very strong feet. A friend suggested I try Alphas for ballet-sex. I was skeptical, but I’m glad I agreed to try them as I love wearing Alphas when being taken by a lusty man!

Returning readers know how much I like hard shanked Gaynors for ballet-sex since they allow me to not have to concentrate on staying over the blocks and let me enjoy my orgasms. And with platform pads Gaynors provide the best protection against injury from thrust-drop with a much taller partner. With Alpha’s very light full insoles - a 2.5MM red board just above the outsole cut while a full-length top layer of leather board is placed to protect the arch tendons and muscles - no appreciable weight can be put on the heels for any length of time though the insole will flex during thrust-drop. But putting weight on the heels (called ‘sitting in the shoes’) can crush the light insoles which provide no support.  However, Alpha pointes look and feel amazingly erotic!  Alpha runs 2 ½ sizes smaller than my street shoe size and the widths are narrower than in Freeds. The 4 ½, my regular size, are just a tiny bit snug on me with toe pads which I like in a pointe-shoe made of conventional materials because they will stretch slightly with wear. The 5 ½ size I wear when I’m on my period.

The eroticism of wearing Alpha pointes and knowing how they show off my high arches motivates me to both stay over the blocks and be able to relax enough to enjoy my orgasms something I’d found difficult to do before in shoes made of conventional materials. And, satin under the heels gives them an inverted heel ratio that stretches the Achilles tendons when flat, which is always a good thing. They are a bit different and harder to balance in when used to wearing full soled more heavily shanked pointes because of the lack of full supportive shanks, which I think is good in a training shoe. And the width is narrower, but the broad box is excellent for the Giselle/peasant foot with three toes of the same length which I have and I love the sueded insole liner.

Risks and rewards: There are risks for dancers like me with high arches when wearing Alpha with a ¾ outsole and basically no shanks as we typically have weak arches and need hard shanked shoes. However, I have very strong feet and more than thirty years on my toes so I feel quite safe while wearing them for ballet-sex even when with a partner where there is significant thrust-drop. That’s because as tight as the shoes are my toes are numb by the time I warm up and he gets his rhythm going. I just need to be sure my nails are cut close so I don’t bruise a nail when I’m dropped on my platforms. As a masochist I like the feeling of being dropped on my toes and as a narcissist I love how well the shoes show off my high arches, satin sheathed heels and make my feet and legs look gorgeous! 



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