Sunday, April 20, 2014

'Semen Saturday' at the Boot Bar

Ballet-boots are such amazing bondage footwear.

Ballet boots, Submissive or Domme footwear: Are ballet boots Sub or Domme? As anyone who trolls the internet knows almost all photos of people wearing BBs are of women and many of those are of us in bondage situations. And not surprisingly in my view as man are far more visual, aggressive, and misogynistic than most women would like to believe. There are a few of us who can be Dominant and perform adequately and some few of us superbly in ballet boots, but in the general population not many and those have had a lot of ballet training. So on balance in the fetish world that I inhabit ballet boots are primarily submissive footwear.

An Easter special at the Boot Bar: To celebrate the resilience of the female reproductive tract we are featuring ‘Semen Saturday’ at our mini-club Boot Bar to take advantage of the male interest in dominating females in ballet boots. 

Returning readers will remember that The Boot Bar is located in my Casino’s fetish club, Naughty Pleasures and we’ll be trialing Semen Saturday to bring in the type men who enjoy penetrative sex with women who are wearing ballet boots. We expect it to be an icebreaker featuring one of the Boot Barn female staff in a latex catsuit, corset, full hood, gloves and Vinyl ballet boots who will take one (or perhaps several) men while in missionary with her legs spread and knees flexed as other men stand around her while she is being taken high and hard masturbating to spew semen into the laces of her boots.  The boot girl staff member is wearing vinyl boots and spider filament laces so the male customer’s ejaculate can be easily wiped off later or dried with a hair dryer and the flakes brushed out of the laces.

The male guests will put part of their entrance ticket stub into a glass bowl if they want to have a chance to be the penetrator or an ejaculator. The entertainer with whom he will have sex will draw the winning number. Then there will be at least twelve men chosen – by drawing additional ticket stubs from the bowl - to ejaculate on the performer’s boots; two groups of three men to a side so if they can focus and jerk-off successfully by the end of her performance she should have twelve men’s sperm splattered on her boots and in her laces and one man’s load as deep inside her as he can place it.

The staff boot girl will perform on her back and take her partner unprotected (unless he wants to wear a condom) and have her laces soaked in semen, perhaps two or three times a night, depending on the crowd. The success of two small trials suggests that women guests are fascinated to see how the performer handles her situation and the men in the audience are fascinated by the female entertainer getting laid and by the women watching them masturbate. It certainly brings out the male exhibitionists and the women guests get to see the men’s equipment so they can let the one(s) she likes know later that she is interested. The performance is shown on three very large flat panel screens hung on a wall directly behind the performing couple from three different angles videoed in HD.

Guests are protected by the usual STI and credit card screening for both men and women guests. Women in ballet boots are admitted free while there is a cover charge for men and on Semen Saturday the charge will increase since there will be X-rated live entertainment.

Anya and my Wards: Anya is accompanying my girls; Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile to the opening night of Semen Saturday, which is tonight, and I will be the boot girl taking the lucky man’s shaft.- as they have never seen me perform, not that anyone will be able to recognize me encased in latex and boots.  If everything goes well I may take another one or two men depending on how well attended the club is. With any luck Number one will be thick and long as I’m CD8 and fertile so my cervix is high, soft and open. I’m wearing my latex Reflexions so I can stimulate him if he can reach my anterior fornix or ripple grip him if he has performance anxiety. My Director may give the lucky man a performance enhancer if he isn’t on meds that it would interfere with and he seems nervous which can limit the man’s anxiety. Wish me luck!



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