Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Birth control sabotage found during Easter vacation

The 5 day Emergency Contraceptive pill

The photo: the box for the U.S. version of the five day EC pill, ella (with a little e) The version available in Europe is ellaOne with the same formulation, 30 mgs of ulipristal acetate.

Easter week at St Lucy’s: As with all Catholic schools St Lucy’s was closed for the week and the students were on Easter vacation. However, an unused portion of the dorms, the ballet studios, and pool facilities were rented out during the week and a half for a short Spring Ballet Intensive for high school girls from all over the U.S. as the Sisters who run the school wring every bit of income they can from the physical plant.

Our clinic was responsible for SBI student’s health which began with a full panel STI exam and pelvic if the results of a current one for each haven’t been performed and sent ahead and a pregnancy test is taken the day the students check in. Twenty-five students signed up and all appeared. One from a school in the Deep South tested positive for hCG and a serum pregnancy test confirmed her pregnancy. She was on LARC hormonal contraceptives, the single rod implant Nexplanon which released etonogestrel. Getting pregnant while on Nexplanon is rare so we wondered how the implant failed.

Further tests found there were traces of a progesterone receptor antagonist, ulipristal acetate in her blood, the same medication used in the Emergency Contraceptive ella, which is known to make hormonal contraceptives less effective for the rest of menstrual the cycle after taking it. The student said she hadn’t taken ella, However, she was taking private lessons from a ballet studio where a temporary male ballet coach had her taking what he said was a dietary supplement to increase her stamina and that the two other girls who came from the same school had been taking it as well.  We tested her two friends from the same ballet school and found they too had ulipristal acetate in their systems. Those two students had the new Skyla levonorgestrel releasing IUD inserted and fortunately weren’t pregnant or their IUDs would have to have been removed if a pregnancy was to be carried to term or for a termination.

We think the students must have been dosed with ulipristal acetate on a regular basis for some weeks. The few studies of ulipristal acetate used by pregnant women suggest that over time the chemical is embryotoxic as a significant percentage ended in spontaneous abortions. The man responsible for the pregnancy, according to the girl was her boyfriend with whom she was routinely having monogamous, but unprotected sex. Fortunately we caught her pregnancy very early and were able to do a machine vacuum aspiration with no complications the second day she was here so she had a full nine days on an antibiotic to recover before returning home. Another thing in her favor is that her medical insurance is paid through her trust fund which doesn’t question the charges so her father, with whom she lives, may not ever know. Other than the pregnancy and termination the Spring Ballet Intensive went very well.

We reported the teacher to the school and ella was found in his locker. He admitted he was dosing selected students he had overheard telling friends about their sexual encounters. He said he felt himself to be ‘called’ to unmask the young women’s immorality in having sex before marriage. He was fired. All the other students were tested for ulipristal acetate and pregnancy and three others tested positive for ulipristal acetate, but none were pregnant.

Semen Sunday at the Boot Bar:  Saturday night was such a success that we repeated the program again on Sunday. The role of the courtesan on Sunday was taken by one of our more experienced dancers with some of the tightest pelvic muscles in my troupe as even on my back I’m a hard act to follow and the strength of my grip was common knowledge by the time my Saturday evening Boot Bar partner shot his wad as he kept bellowing “Oh my God, you’re tight!” over and over as he was thrusting in to my anterior fornix.

One problem on Sunday was that we had to limit the number of guests in the venue as we were overcapacity in the club on Saturday, which could make it difficult to evacuate the club in case of an emergency. If it continues to be a success we could enlarge the space by knocking out a wall. Another problem is that on Saturday there weren’t enough women in the audience. That made it good hunting for the girls, but after my performance when couples most were pairing up there were several fights between men who thought a girl was his at least for the rest of the evening. So we are spreading the word locally through Boot Bar flyers distributed through fetish shops that sell ballet boots that we are looking foe adult women who can walk reasonably well in ballet heels.  The first 25 bringing a Boot Bar flyer to the Boot Bar will get a $15 gift card for use anywhere in the casino/resort.

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