Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reality chick

A pair of Jenna’s old Bloch Alpha shoes damp from ballet-sex

The Photo: A pair of Brad’s dead wife Jenna’s pointes I wear during his continuing sexual fantasy where he is convinced he’s having sex with his wife. He is delusional, believing that by me wearing her pointe shoes I become Jenna in the flesh and must wear one of her 70mm Milex Omniflex silicone diaphragms, which is two sizes too small for me, to protect her cervix.

An Alpha male: In the real world when Jenna died with their infant son in an auto accident eighteen months ago she was newly pregnant. Brad doesn’t know as the body was too badly burned for an autopsy and I haven’t told him as I think it would add to his grief. I only learned of her pregnancy from her Chi in her shoes from which I can tell a great deal about the former owner.

Brad is insistent that since I look enough like her - I could be Jenna’s identical twin - I wear her Bloch Alpha pointes as she was a ballet dancer and he thinks me wearing them helps in the transubstantiation process. He is at least partially correct because I use the traces of her Chi to help me be more authentic in my role as Jenna. When I’m dressed in her things we do look amazingly similar and with her scent and her mannerisms from videos I am a very convincing Jenna and Brad doesn’t need convincing. I think of myself as an actress in a role, a ‘Reality Chick’, helping a grieving husband find release to ease him through an emotional tragedy.  

He has this fascination with ballet-sex with me in her Alpha pointes, partially I think because he got so little of it. Perhaps that was because Alpha pointes are an advanced dancers shoe and almost impossible to relax in when en pointe so being taken on her toes in them was probably not fun for her. While I’m new to the Alpha shoe I think I’m adjusting well to ballet-sex in it. It’s not nearly as comfy and supportive as hard shanked Gaynor Minden shoes, but in Alpha’s favor is that the 4 ½ xxx is such a good fit that my toes go numb when I’m en pointe so with toe pads thrust-drop hasn’t been the problem I thought it might be though my platforms are lifted several inches off the floor during the last few thrusts before he comes. The Alpha style also appeals to the masochist in me not to mention the narcissist as they make my feet and legs look beautiful. Too, there is risk involved as they can be a dangerous shoe for high arched dancers to wear and that danger appeals to my sense of adventure.

After being taken several times while sur les pointes a la seconde while bent over holding on to the barre I Kegel his load into a puffs tissue and he carries me to bed. I sit on the bed and take off my sweat soaked Alphas and put them in a Ziploc bag so they retain the moisture and scent then give them to him to smell and fondle the next day. Then he sucks and tongues the toe-cheese from between my toes and I snuggle into his arms. It’s almost as if he’s been drugged how quickly he falls into a deep sleep. When he’s asleep I get up, shower and leave for the evening. When we meet the next day I spray the pair I gave Brad to fondle with a good anti-fungal spray and put them on the rack with the other shoes to dry.

Alphas in clubs: For a woman who can pull it off clubbing in Alpha pointes has advantages. Wearing Alphas in a fetish club establishes ones bona fides as an accomplished fetishist if you can walk around easily and confidently en pointe in them and stay on your toes the full time you are standing. Clean satin heels after a nights clubbing is a major indicator of the strength of the woman’s feet if she is in Alpha pointes.  Mincing around in them establishes the wearer as a pretender so almost no one tries as the discomfort is too great for experienced dancers and amateurs are rightly concerned about injury.  In vanilla clubs wearing pointes at all is extremely rare and then only by a professional dancer with strong feet. When Brad takes me dancing at a vanilla club when we take to the floor everyone else stops and watches us. I tease him that we should charge for entertaining. Satin trimmed off the platforms and darned platform edges ensure good traction on the slipperiest floors.

Toe-chicks: While I’m on the subject of Alphas for ballet-sex my wards in their after school jobs as assistant trainers working with male escort candidates are known as the toe-chicks because they are the only trainers who wear pointe shoes. Other trainers wear five inch stripper heels for ballet-sex which is a good approximation, but not the real thing because the pelvic muscles only develop maximum grip when the entire foot and leg is extended so they don’t give a male candidate the full-ballet-sex experience. As a consequence my girls are in demand as trainers.

I’ve mentioned before putting both Bea and Willow in Bloch Alphas. Willow can wear them marvelously well, but isn’t as fascinated with them as Bea and still performs in bespoke Freed Classics. Bea doesn’t want to take her Alpha pointes off and now takes class in them as well as wearing them when she is helping train escorts! Her combination of exuberance, energy and love of a challenge have her far more comfortable in Alphas than Willow and she is a favorite with the escort candidates she works with. The swan twins aren’t ready for Alphas and probably never will be. They are still in Freeds for ballet class and hard shanked Gaynors when working with their assigned escort trainees. They love the sex, but aren’t interested in the work required to be able to wear Alphas confidently and not hurt themselves.

Brad and Reflexions: I’m trying to move Brad away from Jenna’s 70mm Omniflex diaphragms because he is damaging his frenulum by under-thrusting them in missionary.  In my persona as Jenna I’m substituting a correctly fitting (for me) 80mm latex reflections while pointing out how much softer, stretcher and more natural the dome feels since it transfers body heat so much better than the silicone of an Omniflex. So far he does like the feeling, but I think his acceptance had a lot to do with the fact that ‘Jenna’ suggested it. I’m relieved I got him to accept Jenna wearing an 80mm Reflexions because I’ll need it for effective flood insurance when I teach him about dive-sex. My period will be starting tomorrow, Saturday. I have a Reflexions inserted now as I’m already spotting and I can’t wear Oves for flood protection while I’m menstrual.

Winter still: We had a taste of early Spring here this past Wednesday 4/2 when the temps were in the mid 60s and there was snow again in the Spring Mts. So it was still good weather to wear latex catsuits to the clubs and private parties. Not so next week as the forecast is for the high 70s and low 80s, really sticky latex catsuit weather.

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