Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014!

Wishing my readers the happiest of Easters!

The photo: Spring, is a season of renewal of life cycles for flora and fauna in the Northern Hemisphere. May the coupling of our fecund furry friends foreshadow the passion of you and your partner(s) in the physical delights of the human reproduction process. May we all be guided by an amended quotation from an old, white, dead, male, republican: “Moderation in the protection of contraception is no virtue; extremism in the defense of worry free sex is no vice”.

Semen Saturday at the Boot Bar, an update: I’m pleased to say that things went about as we had planned. The men chosen to cum in my boot laces had a bit of traffic congestion initially, but after the first several finished and were replaced they settled into a fairly routine replacement as the others finished and zipped up. I let the man who penetrated me (unprotected) set the pace and hoped that he wouldn’t be a premature ejaculator (he wasn’t) as a lot of the audiences enjoyment seemed to come from watching the men standing around my legs jacking off and betting if their spend would splatter in my laces or splatter on the vinyl shafts.

The first encounter went so well and the guests were so numerous that we had a second encounter an hour later. That was enough time for the next set of winning names of the second thirteen men could be drawn and gave me enough time to Kegel out my inseminator’ load, add more DiveGel+ with a prefilled disposable applicator, clean up and change into a fresh pair of dry boots for my second performance. It was a fun evening for me.

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