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The red sea: sex during menstruation

Menstruation and a matching cashmere pashmina

Menstrual Synchrony: I’m CD3 and flowing heavily with a latex Reflexions inserted for flow control. My wards, Bea, Willow and the Swan Twins, Odette and Odile have been sweating enough with me during ballet classes we take together that their cycles have become synchronized with mine. Willow, was the last to sync in the past month as she was the latest addition to my brood of budding ballerinas. Returning readers will recall that they all have copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted for contraception so they can enjoy sex and the hormonal swings of their natural cycles w/o having to worry about becoming pregnant.

Having our cycles in sync has its advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages are that we all can get a bit short and crabby when menstrual and we have to watch that there is enough iron in our diets as women with copper IUDs can bleed more heavily than those who don’t. The advantages are that when we are all fertile together the energy, creativeness and our libidos peak and my girls are up for almost anything. For me a big advantage is that I can teach them together about menstrual sex (both ballet and dive-sex) while we are menstrual and not as each one became menstrual if her cycle wasn’t synched with mine.

Rim movement and leakage: Flexing of the rim of All-Flex and coil spring rims (Omniflex and Semina) and movement of the Reflexions flat spring due to a partner’s thrusts into the dome and our contractions during orgasm will cause a slight leakage of flow as the rim moves over the vaginal rugae, even for a diaphragm that has very strong suction in the dome. So a partner after withdrawal will be coated by a thin sheen of blood. I always like to suck that off his still erect penis and taste my flow and smell its scent which most menstrual sex lovers enjoy as well, I mean the scent and being immediately sucked off after ballet-sex.

FemCap during menstruation: Wearing FemCap while menstrual during surface-sex is not practical since the dome is so small that it will quickly fill with flow and dislodge. Wearing FemCap during dive-sex has a depth limitation of 20 to 30 feet due to the squeeze of water pressure on the dome. In addition wearing FemCap during menstrual dive-sex is questionable even at shallow depths since even though menstrual discharge is not flowing while in the water immediately after emerging a gush can dislodge the cap and spill a significant quantity of flow all over the wearer’s suit, legs and surroundings. You might be able to get away with wearing it on a very light day, but my advice is not to use FemCap at all while menstrual.

Menstrual ballet-sex: Ballet-sex as discussed here is defined as being penetrated from behind while sur les pointes a la seconde while bent over holding on to the barre. For menstrual ballet-sex where a diaphragm is used for flow control any rim style can be used. However, knowledgeable women prefer wearing Reflexions because it is nearly impossible to under-thrust the rim and during menstrual sex you really don’t want the dome contents to spill due to the rim being under-thrust. If you don’t mind the mess and wear old shoes that you don’t mind being stained then it’s usually quite safe for an STI free couple to go w/o contraception of any kind. The only caution is for women with very short cycles (there are a few) who become fertile before their periods are over. For those women a diaphragm and a good spermicide are always needed.

Pointe shoes for menstrual ballet-sex may differ in size from pointes worn for ballet-sex at other times during a woman’s cycle. The amount of foot swelling while menstrual can depend on her menstrual day and how long she has been on her feet which will determine if she needs to wear a larger size or remove some of the padding from the size she usually wears. If I’m wearing Gaynors I can usually just not wear toe pads and be comfortable enough. If I’m wearing Freed Classics I have to go up a half size and in Bloch Alpha I have to go up between a half and a full size and retain the padding in pointes made of traditional materials.

Menstrual dive-sex: Dive-sex as discussed here is defined as sex underwater using SCUBA equipment. However, the same cautions apply even if the couple is only in water up to their waists.  Dive-sex while menstrual is no different than when in other cycle phases as far as precautions that need to be taken in that a latex Reflexions flat spring should be worn for flood insurance. If one of the couple is allergic to latex then a Cooper Surgical silicon wide seal Milex arcing spring diaphragm should be used. That’s because with its two elbow hinges the Milex arcing spring is the next most difficult diaphragm to under-thrust. You should take a cramp relieving medication. 800 mg of ibuprofen usually does the trick for me when I have cramps which fortunately is seldom. Of course the best cramp relief is an orgasm so we all look forward to the first orgasms of the day when the red sea is flowing.

When menstrual and using a diaphragm for flow control a woman should always empty it and reinsert before entering the water for dive-sex and if wearing a style other than a Reflexions flat spring she should switch (unless there is an allergy to latex addressed above) to the Reflexions because it is the safest to use for flood control during underwater sex.  And underwater sex while menstrual can be the most dangerous from a pelvic health standpoint since the uterine lining is sloughing off and blood is flowing freely. That means if from a partner’s thrusting water or an air bubble is forced into the uterus while menstrual there is a greater chance for an infection or an air bubble getting into the bloodstream to cause clots in the lungs, heart or brain.

Water pressure will almost always stop menstrual flow while swimming or diving. However, after coming out of the water there can be a gush that if it’s on a heavy day and she’s been in the water a long time could overload the dome and spill.

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