Wednesday, September 21, 2016

An offer I couldn’t refuse

A Peritron 9300 which tests the vaginal grip

The Photo: A hand-held clinical biofeedback perineometer used for assessing the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. It’s useful in determining if students have the muscle strength needed to manipulate Ben Wa balls and isolating muscle groups for Pompoir training.

Due diligence: I’d been hearing that my background and skills (both ballet and pelvic) were being inquired about which is not all that unusual given the penchant of the tabloid press for hot-sheets scandals. However, this time it seems that I was being vetted as a trainer for a girlfriend of a man who is in the top strata of British society.  I’ve had three calls from previous lovers in my circle: Lord A****, father of Bryony one of the Dryads and uncle of Claire the other Dryad; Lord D****, father of my current boyfriend, Timothy (Tiny Tim), when he can be with me; and The Duke of M****, Jack’s father all of whom told me that they had recommended me as a ballet and pelvic skills coach for a young woman who may be marrying into the top level of British society. I knew I was under serious consideration when the private secretary of the prospective client asked that I undergo a physical exam at the prospective client’s expense.

At first I thought I’d tell him to fuck-off! But I quickly reconsidered as I thought if I was accepted it would give me an opportunity to meet some members at the top of British society who have until now found my background a bit too spicy for their taste, at least in public. So I agreed. When the most prestigious Gynecological practice in London called to set up an appointment for a pelvic exam and full panel STI test as part of the client’s due diligence we agreed on a date and time. So, a few days ago I went to that exalted Gyn practice for an after-hours appointment. It was routine. On the table, feet in the stirrups, had my ovaries palpated, a warmed speculum inserted, a cervical swab for a pap and blood drawn for the STI panel.

I knew I was correct in thinking that the client was very interested in the strength of my vaginal grip when the female Gyn produced a Peritron – a hand-held clinical biofeedback perineometer used for assessing the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. She lubed the probe and had me insert it about three-quarters of the way into my vagina. She then calibrated the device before asking me to do a series of squeezes on the probe and noted the readings. Then she asked me to try to suck the probe deeper and then try to expel it which I did while she tried to hold it stationary inside me. She smiled and said I had the strongest set of pelvic muscles she had ever seen and she was probably right since the practice she works for doesn’t specialize in sex workers. I’m very proud of my pelvic grip, but there are a lot of other courtesans and teachers who have grips just as strong as mine.  Because of the importance of the client the results of my pelvic and STI tests were expedited.

I was found to be in excellent pelvic health and free of any STIs as I knew I would be. I could have given them my most recent pelvic and full panel STI from my Gyn at Blackthorn clinic, but that wouldn’t have been in accordance with their need to use independently acquired information. Given the Gyn tests run I knew that the male client intended to invite me out for a “test drive” to appraise my ballet training and sample my pelvic skills that I would be asked to teach his girlfriend.

I was reluctant to ask, but since I was being examined by a Gyn for a possible job for a new client I decided it would show a lack of due diligence on my part if I didn’t insist on seeing the results of a current full panel STI for him. I was relieved when the Gyn handed me a copy of the results from his tests run the previous week and said it would have counted against me if I hadn’t asked about his sexual health since he intended to be unprotected when he was intimate with me. I was very pleased that I was correct about his intentions and she was honest with me about what was expected. But of course that would be the only way he would know for certain if the pelvic skills I can teach his possible fiancée are what he wants her to learn. Inserting two fingers in my vagina and asking me to squeeze I could hurt his fingers which would demonstrate the strength of my grip, but he really wouldn’t learn much. He needed to experience Pompoir and The Mare’s Trick to see what I can teach her if she is an apt student.  

The Client: I’ll call him Ronald (Ron) is sandy haired, well-built and in his early thirties. He is a second son, so he won’t inherit the title unless something happens to his brother, and has a military background graduating from Eaton and Sandhurst as second sons often do. He has been sowing his wild oats with a succession of young women and his family would like to see him settle down so I’ve been told that his parents are delighted that he is seriously involved with my proposed student since in the past he hasn’t cared enough about any of them being in any sort of Phys. fitness program not to mention ballet and pelvic training and I’m told this girl is interested in both.

I met him at his place in London this past weekend. I was told to pack an overnight case and a swimsuit and of course I took along a fully stocked slit-kit and my Medela bustier twin breast pump. He sent a car with smoked windows for me which protected my anonymity when we passed through the gates of his London residence as there are always tourists there.

To be continued…

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