Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pelvic training “Finishing School”

A 1.0- inch set of 606 surgical steel Ben Wa balls

 Photo: A set of 1.0-inch diameter 606 surgical stainless steel balls used for pompoir training.

 Kitting out my new students: As in the past when kitting out my wards (though for this group it occurred over a weekend when the shops were usually closed) the class, six lovely hard bodied multi-ethnic athletic women in their early twenties, had been to Gepetto’s bootery to be fitted with £3,500 ballet-boots with unitized titanium toe-box and shanks and easily replaceable titanium heels. There will be no lace-splitter heels for these girls. His adjoining latex fetishwear shop made each student three chlorinated latex catsuits with self-lubricating relief zippers and flat welded seams that won’t tear when under strain. They also went to the Barony’s reproductive health clinic for fitting of the one-size-fits-most Caya contoured diaphragm and a half dozen custom made flat spring latex diaphragms to use for ‘flood insurance’ during underwater penile-vaginal sex to prevent the hydraulics of a partner’s thrusts from forcing water into the wearer’s uterus. Returning readers will recall that other desirable features of flat spring latex diaphragms are the thin latex membrane of the dome transmits heat far better than a silicone barrier, the flat spring rim is nearly impossible for even a skilled man to under-thrust and silicone lube can be used with latex w/o it destroying the device as it will when used with silicone barriers. A FemCap might seem to serve the same purpose, but fills the wearer’s fornices so she can’t take a large man w/o hurting him and below 25 feet water pressure will squeeze the cervix as the dome collapses making FemCap an unsatisfactory choice.

Pointe-shoes: The students all came to me with at least six pairs of hard shanked Gaynor pointes with suede leather tips which are the most supportive, comfortable and longest lasting shoes for ballet-sex. The inner platform pads as well as toe taping and toe pads minimize the possibility of injury from thrust-drop where a tall man can lift his partner off her platforms when he thrusts into her and at withdrawal drops her back on the platforms when being taken from behind while sur les pointes a la seconde. Wearing hard shanked Gaynors with their inner platform padding and optional leather tips gives a girl much greater poise and confidence when in a ballet-sex encounter a well hung man.

Pelvic skills: I usually began my students vaginal barrel toning with 1.0-inch solid borosilicate glass Ben Wa balls. I have them begin by learning how to quickly and confidently insert and remove a 1.0 inch set of solid Pyrex glass balls weighing 0.65 oz. each. It’s always interesting to see if when they jump, cough or sneeze they expel one or both balls. Then lying on her back after a bit of pushing and sucking up with her muscles she will be able to pull them up and push them down her vagina. Once she can do that I have them work on being able to pull the balls deeper while standing and gravity helps to push them back down against her pubic bone again.

Pompoir training: However, the young women selected for my current training class have been training – at a different facility - as professional or semi-professional sex workers so they have come to my pelvic “Finishing School” with well-developed vaginal muscle tone and the ability to manipulate a 1.0-inch solid glass ball set. The best training device I’ve found for isolating and strengthening of the vaginal muscle groups to enable a woman to perform Pompoir - milking a man effectively and then grip him so tightly that his penis can’t go flaccid during his refractory interval (known as The Mare’s Trick) is a pair of 1.0-inch surgical steel balls.  So that’s what I had them begin their training with. Some of them came to me thinking that they were at the top of their game are having a bit of trouble adjusting to the additional effort required.

Each ball weighs 2.307 oz.) for a total of 4.614 oz. of steel, more than a quarter of a pound and each has to become proficient in moving the balls up and down her vaginal barrel while performing household tasks. To successfully complete the course each will have to hold them in place during pointe class doing jumps and développés while en pointe and then successfully give a man pompoir immediately after her pointe class. The trainees are wearing correctly fitted Gaynor Minden hard shanked pointes with sueded leather tips. It’s not clear to me whether the students, though highly motivated, will be able to develop their pompoir skills in the three-week length of the course as it can typically take several months even with concerted effort.

Some readers familiar with Pompoir training may recall that Pompoir is said to have been one of the sexual skills that Wallis Simpson used on King Edward VIII that made him so in thrall to her that he abdicated the English throne in order to marry her.

Tanaquil and Pompoir training: Tanaquil, who returning reader will recall is a retired POB ballerina, Courtesan, Procuress and who now runs the training and technical side of Taryn’s the Porn Empire from Blackthorn Castle will be overseeing the day-to-day training of the female agents. That will allow me devote my time right now to helping treat the mental problems of a young man who has a very promising future as a ballet dancer.

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