Thursday, September 22, 2016

The 2016 Autumnal Equinox

A lovely Fall day in the mountains

The 2016 Autumnal Equinox: The Autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere occurred on Thursday September 22nd this year at 2:21 PM GMT so we held the ceremony at dawn, 7:01 AM GMT.

My wards Bea, Seren and Bryony and Claire (the Dryads) arrived at Blackthorn Castle on Wednesday for the ritual celebration of this important celestial event and were paired with their male partners right away to allow the couples to become accustomed to one another sexually so there would be no surprises at dawn on the 22nd.  The four men were among the SAS volunteers who had been partnering with the government pelvic trainees under the guidance of Tanaquil and were asked to stay on for the equinox celebration. The four selected had the best sexual stamina and ability to stay focused which over the years I found - from my experience with partners at Location Z - was needed while performing on ancient Celtic altars in the open air under less than ideal weather conditions. Even though it was a week day Tim got leave from his classes to partner me on the primary altar.

Returning readers will recall that my wards con-celebrate these celestial occasions on subtending altars to the east, west, north and south of the primary altar at Celtic holy sites. These secondary altars at Blackthorn Castle – unearthed earlier this year - surrounding the primary altar adjacent to the ancient Blackthorn tree have been recently reconsecrated by a Druid priest.  Now human reproductive tract secretions are used in ritual fertility ceremonies. Instead of animal blood being spilled the transfer of seed from male to female in an act of ritual breeding occurs on stone altars where animal sacrifices once were offered to Venus/Aphrodite before Celtic mythology morphed her into the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon.  Seren (the Welsh name for star) Tim’s 18 y/o second cousin, a college mate of Bea at Cambridge drew the short straw and got the place of honor on the eastern altar closest to the sunrise.

The forecast was for cloudy but dry with the temperature in the low 50s (F).  And that is exactly the weather we had! I think it is the first time in the years that I have been celebrating celestial events in the open that there hasn’t been some form of precipitation. So the hooded shearling robes made for the occasion were quite comfy relative to what my wards and I experienced at Location Z in the Highlands of Scotland in 2014. And of course the girls and I all wore Gaynor Minden pointes with sueded tips for traction on the altar surfaces.

Since none of my wards are living with me now their cycles are no longer synchronous with mine. None were menstrual and only Bea was fertile. None of their partners wore protection, but of course the girls all have frameless GyneFix copper bead IUDs implanted so they were quite safe from pregnancy. Today, the 22nd I am CD6 and my period is winding down so I took Tim on the primary altar without using a diaphragm for flow control and it was marvelous! Both of us were unprotected which is unusual for me! It didn’t matter that we got blood all over the inside of our fleece robes since they were ritually burnt after the ceremony and before our celebratory breakfast. Everything went as planned and the weather cooperated (for once) so it was a lovely ceremony on the first day of Fall!

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