Sunday, September 18, 2016

“Plumbing supplies” nipple and vaginal leakage

A thin silicone nipple pad for lactating women
The Photo: A Lily Padz brand is a gas permeable silicone nursing pad worn to stop leaking nipples in breast feeding women.

Breast protection: I’ve found that Lily Padz not only stop my nipples from leaking and staining my blouse, dress or gown when I become aroused while I’m out socially, but also offer protection for my nipples from a man’s roving hands. And for me I can wear a set for six to eight weeks before they need replacing. I have several sets to change to while the others need washing or are drying and I also have a set that I wear while swimming and diving for nipple protection. I love how well Lily Padz adhere to my breasts and they are easy to apply. I just invert the pad and press the center against and flatten my nipple then smooth any wrinkles and press the edges of the pad down to seal it in place. I wear the small size and love how comfortable they are with a marvelously secure fit. For those interested a good article about how to apply and remove Lily Padz can be read at the link HERE

A Lily Padz nipple shield on a breast

Vaginal discharge: Since I am cycling naturally depending where I am in my menstrual cycle I use different types of devices to manage the various types of vaginal discharge; fertile cervical mucus (FCM), menstrual flow, arousal lubricant and liquefied semen. I like to plan ahead when possible so I’m always protected should an opportunity arise to have penetrative sex with an unprotected man.

Returning readers know I prefer using a latex flat spring rim diaphragm or a silicone Oves cervical cap. A properly fitted and correctly inserted latex flat spring diaphragm is almost impossible for even the most skilled swordsman or mischievous lover to under-thrust, they can be safely used with silicone lubes and the heat transfer properties are far better than silicone diaphragms. However, there are drawbacks to using latex cervical barriers. Some people are allergic to latex and latex can be easily destroyed by oils of any kind including vaginal meds so only water base spermicides should be used with them. The life of even a properly cared for latex diaphragm is usually much shorter, typically a year with ‘normal’ use of several times a week, than a silicone one which should last several years. Now of course latex diaphragms are no longer commercially available, but they can be custom made for patients of specialist Gynecologists, which is how up-market Escorts who cater to latex fetishists get theirs.

A tiny transparent silicone Oves cervical cap, unlike FemCap that seals against the vaginal walls, can be screwed down tight on my cervix. It was designed to be a single use device worn continuously for up to three days, but I have worn mine routinely for five days continuously without problems, usually when I’m luteal.  Of course I can’t wear Oves when menstrual as the flow will float it off my cervix. Sadly, Oves has been discontinued for years. Fortunately, when there started to be shortages I stocked up and with care I can wear a single cap for several entire cycles so should I have enough to last me to menopause if I don’t get pregnant and the size of my cervix changes. A nice thing about wearing an Oves is being able to safely have an unprotected and uncut man take me from behind while I’m fertile and en pointe a la seconde (ballet-sex) with all the muscles below my waist clenched. That way when I’m at the peak of my desire he can rub his frenulum against my G-spot to give me extremely intense orgasms.

Another is that I could wear Oves with an older version of the Sports Plug to protect my labia and clitoris from being groped while out clubbing with no need to remain aroused if my partner is a turn-off because the anterior rim of a correctly sized diaphragm could interfere with earlier versions of the locking ridge that fits in the post-pubic vault behind the pubic symphysis if the wearer isn’t aroused. However, when Jeff at Labia Labs debuted version 3 of the Sports Plug it had been redesigned not only to armor the head against an electric plug puller but also the locking ridge was changed to allow it to be comfortably and safely worn with a diaphragm. I find wearing a Sports Plug very arousing and so I usually stay wet with my vagina tented and my cervix elevated.

FCM and menstrual flow can be controlled by cervical barriers but natural arousal lubricant and liquefied semen from an unprotected man can only be partially Kegeled out. So inserting a tampon or allowing the residual coitial discharge after Kegeling to be absorbed by the thick cotton gusset in a quality pair of leggings or tights are the two ways I usually control it. A nice thing about wearing a tampon is that I can give it to my lover as a souvenir after our encounter.

The Autumnal Equinox: The Autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere will occur on Thursday September 22nd this year. My wards will come to Blackthorn Castle and we will celebrate it at the Celtic holy site under the Blackthorn tree. Bea, Seren and Bryony and Claire (the Dryads) will be con-celebrants on the subtending altars – unearthed earlier this year - surrounding the primary altar adjacent to the ancient Blackthorn tree where sacrifices were once offered to Venus/Aphrodite before Celtic mythology morphed her into the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon. 

Returning readers will recall that the name Rhiannon is derived from the Celtic Goddess Rigantona (the Great or Devine Queen). My Celtic mythology expert says I should understand that Rhiannon was the embodiment (in Welsh legend as set down in the Mabinogion and other medieval texts) of the Celtic Goddess Rigantona, which explains why my Goddess, Aphrodite, is as comfortable as she is with me actually channeling Rigantona, which occurs primarily when I’m in Wales.

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