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Devices and desires

Leaking nipples, a common side effect of lactation

The Photo: Leaking nipples that can be controlled by using a pad that presses down on the nipple to halt leakage. The kind that work well for me are clear Lily Padz that have adhesive backs that stay in place even while swimming. Before someone asks, no this is not a Pic of my breast, it’s too large to be mine.

The saga continues: Returning readers will recall in my post of September 21st, entitled “An offer I couldn’t refuse” I wrote about going to a prospective client (Ron’s) home on a ‘job interview’. In person Ron is very charming and did not display his wild side which the tabloids are so fond of publicizing though when we got into the details he was quite the randy gentleman as we were one-on-one and there was a limited amount of alcohol since that can affect sexual performance. During my sit-down interview we talked about me. He already knew my background as a dancer, courtesan and pelvic skills teacher and we seemed to be of the same mind about sex, BDSM and the D/s subculture about which he was interested, but not as an active participant, yet.  

Contraceptive devices: He asked what I used for contraception and mentioned he preferred bareback sex and his dislike of condoms which seems almost universal in men, except perhaps for rubber fetishists. He believes birth control is “the woman’s responsibility” and I agree since it will be me who gets pregnant if a partner’s condom tears or comes off. However, for a man who isn’t sure of the effectiveness of his partner’s birth control a condom is a good idea – that could save him the cost of a paternity suit or an abortion - and of course for a new partner with an unknown sexual history it’s ‘no glove, no love’. But I digress…

He was amazed that I use cervical barriers for contraception when I told him about my preference for latex flat spring diaphragms and the silicone Oves cervical cap. And when I showed him the spare latex FS from my slit-kit it seemed to add a bit of spice for him seeing and fondling a device with which a woman can protect herself against his sperm. He became quite obviously aroused when later I showed him how I removed and inserted the one I was wearing.  So a cervical barrier device works wonderfully as foreplay for him. I pointed out that even if his girlfriend has a frameless, copper bead GyneFix IUD implanted (which she does) she can still wear a diaphragm as a bit of ‘stagecraft’ if that is a turn-on for him and he liked that idea.

Training devices: He asked what tools I use in my pelvic training course and I mentioned Ben Wa balls, dildos and pointe shoes, preferably Gaynor Minden if the student can be properly fitted in them. We had a long talk about pointe shoes. He had dated dancers, but had never been interested in their professional shoes until recently when he analyzed his fascination with ballet dancers and realized that en pointe the wearer radiates an aura of femininity, grace, poise and power which he finds extremely erotic. Sophie, his most recent girlfriend and my prospective student, let him watch her prepare new pairs of Freed pointes for her ballet classes and he was fascinated and amazed with how so mundane an item as a pair of her pointes can stoke his libido.  He is very smitten by her and just lights up when talking about her so I think he is very much in love.

The prospective student: In her mid-twenties Sophia (Sophie) comes from a wealthy merchant family in the midlands. Educated in schools in Switzerland and at Cambridge, she is an avid SCUBA diver with a strong background in ballet which she has taken continuously since she was five y/o. She has appeared in a number of University ballet productions and takes her ballet training seriously taking class three times a week or more frequently when time permits.  She is currently working for a high profile charity organization to ‘give back’ as so many of the great and good do these days. Ron was prepared and before I asked showed me a current copy of Sophie’s medical records. She has had her Gardasil shots and other vaccinations and isn’t allergic to latex (nor is Ron) which is important in regard to the diaphragm I want her to use as a sex toy during foreplay. And lastly, I was very pleased to know that she had a regular, 6 bead, frameless copper IUD inserted about six months ago and has adjusted to it well so she can enjoy the swing of her hormones as she continues to cycle naturally. I don’t know much more about her yet so I’m looking forward to meeting her.

Desires and the Red Sea: At first I thought the timing for my interview wasn’t ideal since Saturday (9/17) I was CD1 and bleeding and Sunday, CD2, was - as it usually is – the first of my heavy days so I couldn’t wear an Oves because the flow would float it off my cervix. However, I have very regular cycles and have never ovulated when I’ve been menstrual so I only needed a diaphragm for flow control.  When he found I was menstrual he had such a lovely smile and just to be sure asked if I minded menstrual sex as he said; “I seldom get the opportunity to swim in the red sea”. He led me to his bedroom then into the master bathroom and as we stripped watched me remove empty, wash my latex flat spring diaphragm which got him aroused and was fascinated when he asked if I could feel it when it was in place and I told him I couldn’t.  He asked if it was safe for me to leave it out during shower-sex and I said it was and left it on the rim of one of the twin washbasins since I’ve never ovulated while menstrual. Then he led me into the huge multi-head shower and adjusted the water to a comfortable warm temperature.

After we wet down he put his hands under my buttocks and lifted me. I wrapped my legs around his waist as held me with my back against the wall while I tried to relax as I parted my labia and guided him as he inserted himself. It is such a thrill every time I take a new man! New DNA and a new set of bacteria are transferred between partners at an initial pairing and here I was about to have a very socially exalted man’s highly motile semen squirted into me. He smiled when he saw that I have nude pubes and mentioned that Sophie had recently had all her pubic hair removed and both he and she loved the nude look that showed the clean lines of her mons pubis and vulva.

He was gentle and thoughtful filling me slowly and it was amazing having unprotected sex with such an important man who has needs like all the other partners who I’ve had. His thick pubic bush caressed the shaft of my clit to get me off and my contractions pulled him along with me into mutual ecstasy. Then we soaped up and washed then dried each other off.  He watched as I reinserted my diaphragm which I was using as hygienic flow control that day. It’s other safety use as returning readers will recall is as ‘flood insurance’ to prevent the hydraulics of a lover’s thrusts from forcing pool water into my uterus during underwater sex which I suspected I would need that evening, and I did!

We took a relaxing swim in his pool where he took me face to face while I held on to the surround gutter as he held my hips and thrust into me. It was quick but wonderfully erotic.  Then having worked up an appetite we had a lovely dinner of rack of spring lamb that his chef had prepared and I told him that the flocks on my estate in Powys produce some of the best lamb in the UK.  Over dinner we had a delightful conversation. I was interested in knowing how he felt about being a second son and he said it suited him fine as he can get away with being a bit wild while his older brother has to be conventional since he is so often in the public eye. He was interested in the arc of my career and was fascinated at how I ended up as a Baroness with one of the oldest, largest and wealthiest estates in the UK. My life hasn’t been exactly a Cinderella story, but I have been extraordinarily fortunate and I realize it!

Scents: At bedtime he picked me up and carried me to his bed.  I mentioned that I needed to be milked and had my breast pump with me and asked if he liked the taste of breast milk and would like to milk me or if I should use the breast pump.  He had never had an adult nursing relationship (ANR) and eagerly agreed to breast feed so I told him how to peel my Lily Padz nipple shields off and suck my nipples to let my milk down. He was gentle being careful not to bite me as he sucked and emptied both breasts in about twenty minutes before we had menstrual sex again.  He had thick maroon bath towels to protect the pillow he slipped under my hips and the sheets from any menstrual flow. I let him remove my diaphragm this time for unprotected menstrual sex and to allow me to give him Pompoir with less effort. He took the partially filled diaphragm heavy with the scent of latex and my flow and licked the dome clean of the bloody discharge.

It was at that point in our encounter that I first gave him Pompoir telling him to hold on and not move while I milked his penis so he could see what Sophie should be able to do for him if she proves to be a good student. As he approached orgasm during Pompoir his grip on my shoulders tightened, he swelled inside me then shuddered, gasped, moaned and called me Sophie as he came filling me with jets of thick, hot, creamy semen! I’d seen that reaction before and knew that his calling me by her name when in my arms he had lost all sense of where he was.  I think I will tame him with a psychological penis leash, slowly and gently as too bold a move would raise a lot of questions from the circle in which he moves so it’s best to influence him from a distance.

Afterward, as I lay in his arms with our bloody coital discharge draining out of me he commented on the bouquet of scents from our lovemaking; my estrogenic perspiration, the metallic scent of my menstrual flow and sweet musk of my nipple leakage that soaked his chest hair as he lay on top of me during Pompoir.  I went to sleep with my face buried in his armpit where I could breathe deeply of his testosterone laced musk.   

To be continued... 

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