Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hal and Gynophobia

Boxcover from the video game Gynophobia

The Photo: The Boxcover from a copy of the video game Gynophobia and before someone asks, no I haven’t played it. I don’t need to as I’m dealing with it in real life.

Gynophobia: Noun, a morbid fear of women. It is a type of social phobia; any phobia (other than agoraphobia) associated with situations in which you are subject to criticism by others (as fear of eating in public or public speaking etc.)

Returning readers may recall that in my post for Tuesday, March 31, 2015 entitled “The psychology of a pointe-shoe fetish” I mentioned working with a therapist in helping young male dancers get over their fear of handling a female partner during rehearsals and performances. Since Marvin has moved to Cambridge as a Don his replacement at Blackthorn Clinic and my present therapist is a young and brilliant female psychiatrist, who I will call ‘Elaine’ for the purposes of this blog. She specializes in women’s fetishes and paranormal possession and Marvin thought she would bring new insights to my case and better help me cope with the responsibilities of being Aphrodite’s high priestess and she has.

As with Marvin and almost all the therapists in my past we quickly became sexually intimate. That’s considered a breach of medical ethics, but in my case I think my therapist and I get to know one another so much better when we are sexually intimate! I’m actually quite good at seduction and she has become one of my lovers as she is very fond of breast milk. We have the most amazing ANR! But I digress…

Elaine also specializes in Gynophobia, the male fear of females which can affect both homo and hetro men. Apparently some young male dancers have psychological problems handling the bodies of their female partners. In “The Dread of Woman” (1932), Karen Horney traced the male dread of woman to the boy's fear that his genitalia are inadequate in relation to his mother. When Elaine occasionally has a patient with Gynophobia referred to her from his school or company she has begun to ask, me to help in allaying his fears because, she says, talk therapy hasn’t worked well and I have such a lovely gentle way with young heterosexual men. I suppose that was meant as a complement, but I don’t want to become thought of as a Cougar. However, it is true that I do enjoy sex with much younger men.

I’m amazed that he has gotten as far as he has in his career with him constantly being among and handling attractive young women, but it seems he and his coaches believe he has reached a point where he can no longer cope effectively so is seeking professional treatment.  Anyway, I am treating Harold or Hal as he is called (not his real name) a marvelously strong and gorgeous nineteen-year-old who I am supposed to help become confident around women and introduce him to the delights the female body can offer a man w/o terrifying him. I could easily be his mother, even though I don’t look it as my beauty regimen has kept me looking as though I’m in my early thirties, which I find is a turn-on for me – in a sort of incestuous way - given the looks we get from some who don’t know us. The schedule called for me seeing him for a 90-minute therapy session five times a week for two weeks and then once or twice a week for a while depending on how (or if) he seems to be progressing. Hal is now mid-way of his second week with me and is progressing well but not at the pace I had hoped so he will be with me for at least another five session week.  

Elaine wanted to immerse him in ‘gentle but dominant femininity’ straight away so during the first intense three weeks he is living with me. At first it tested his stamina at which came a shock to him and use muscles he didn’t know he had but his sexual stamina has increased and he has gained skill and confidence. His ballet-sex therapy sessions are being held in the newly refurbished ballet studio and my bedroom at my home, Blackthorn House, in Eaton Square, Belgravia, London. We are dancing the Pas de Deux from La Bayadere and Swan Lake and other classics which are in his company’s repertory. Seeing how easily and confidently he learned to lift me was his first big test which he passed splendidly as he can toss my 105 lbs. into the air with ease and the momentum is channeled into fish dives; horizontally over his head, or have me fall from a sitting position on his shoulder to be caught in a fish dive as easily as though we had been partners for years.

Pelvic compatibility and contraception: When younger he had all his Gardasil shots against the HPV virus and he came to me with a clean full STI panel so we were good to go. He is uncut, about 7 inches long but his girth is amazing! So he isn’t one of those guys who make a girl wonder “Oh my God! Where am I going to put all that!” as I can easily accommodate his length, but his girth has been a treat as he thrusts into my anterior and posterior fornices! I have not required him to wear a condom as I wear a cervical barrier (a latex flat spring diaphragm or Oves cervical cap) or both when I’m fertile. I ovulated two days before he arrived so I’m safe to have unprotected sex until after my period, but I will allow him to wear a condom if he wants to while I’m menstrual which should start in a day or two, on sixteen September this cycle.

I especially enjoy having him thrust into my anterior fornix while I’m protected by a latex flat spring diaphragm as the pressure from his marvelously thick glans stretching the dome to the bottom of my fornix will at the same time force my cervix higher by a centimeter or more shifting my whole uterus while allowing the flat spring rim to rub against the erectile tissue of my G-spot.  I get wet just writing about how marvelous that is! As the weather here in London is turning cooler I’ve been wearing velvet leggings for any encounters while at the ROH. Though unlike nylon velvet is very easy to soil with coitial secretions so with velvet I’d have to be careful that neither of us drips on them. The leggings show off my legs and have a wonderful absorbent thick cotton gusset that can absorb our coitial discharge – as Kegeling immediately afterward never gets it all -  if we go out to eat before returning to Blackthorn House. I am really enjoying having Hal thrusting inside me as he is such an ardent lover and such a delight to teach! But of course the first few weeks with a new man is always such an adventure!  

I am known around the Royal Opera House as a pointe coach and more recently as a minder for Nikolai a young Russian star who had been getting in a great deal of trouble – impregnating members of the corps - until I was asked to take him in hand. So I drew no stares when I was seen between pointe classes talking with Hal and after work us going off together. That has increased my Cougar quotient with gossips which include almost everyone in the ballet world, but I’m impervious to gossip and Hal’s stock has risen (with those who don’t know of his unease around women) thinking he has charmed his way into my panties, which while the destination is correct he has arrived there by a very different route.  I don’t think I will give him experiences with Pompoir or the Mare’s Trick since in the general population women with those capabilities are rare.  So I wouldn’t want to spoil him for any lovely girl who doesn’t have an advanced degree in pelvic skills.

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