Friday, October 8, 2010

Barrier training and identity theft

All-Flex diaphragm compressed for insertion

The All-Flex as a training barrier: The 12-14 y/os at St Lucy’s in our Feminine Hygiene class are fitted with an All-Flex as their first training barrier because it is the easiest style to insert correctly. Every girl is fitted regardless of any other method of contraception she is using. For anyone reading this who says that 12 y/os are too young to be using birth control, I say, “Get Real!” It’s true that the age of consent in Nevada is 16, but we teach the use of a diaphragm as a method of flow control during a woman’s period. It just so happens that it can also be used as a contraceptive device and for URTP (upper reproductive tract protection) when she is old enough to have dive-sex. Most of the girls past menarche are on some form of hormonal or IUD method of birth control anyway because their parents have approved it. The usual reason given is ‘to regulate their cycles’ even when everyone is aware the teens are using it for protection while actively participating in horizontal sports.

Elke and Flibanserin – an update: Boehringer Drops Female Desire Drug. Germany's Boehringer Ingelheim said today (10-08-2010) it will discontinue development of its investigational compound Flibanserin for the treatment of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder because of FDA requests for further support the efficacy and safety profile of the drug. “The decision was not made lightly, considering the advanced stage of development,” said a Boehringer executive. “We remain convinced of the positive benefit-risk ratio of Flibanserin for women suffering with HSDD”. Returning readers will remember that in my entries for June 17 and July 8, 2010 I wrote about Elke, Adolph’s pool assistant and German arm-candy, being on Flibanserin. Perhaps it had some placebo effect for a while but she is off it now as the improvement she seemed to have disappeared.

Fall pregnancies: Last week at the clinic we began to see the usual crop of Fall pregnancies. There was only one St Lucy’s girl. The other seven came from UNLV (3), local public high schools (3) and the last one a new showgirl at a rival casino who came from a casino in Atlantic City. This phenomenon occurs each Fall as young women switch from their Summer vacation or intern jobs to Fall back-to-school routines. All were within the 8 week maximum for taking Mifeprex but five of the six (the seventh miscarried) had menstrual extractions. The sixth, the showgirl, took Mifeprex.

Boned at the Barre: The St Lucy’s girl is a transfer student from Los Angeles who is taking ballet and was using Lybrel the estrogen/progestin pill (90 mcg levonorgestrel and 20 mcg of ethinyl estradiol) that is taken every day for 365 days. That dosing regimen is supposed to stop your periods, but break-through bleeding is common for 30% of users for up to 6 months while user’s bodies get used to the hormone levels. In June of this year the maker, Wyeth/Pfizer, repackaged Lybrel in a new blister package and the St Lucy’s girl had a hard time remembering to take her pill from a blister pack rather than the old ClickCase. She liked the ClickCase and thinks the blister pack is common. The psychology of that probably led to her not taking her pills correctly and eventually her pregnancy. Counting back it appears she had been inseminated when she arrived on campus. She tested negative for hCG during her mandatory pelvic exam the day she arrived and hadn’t had sexual contact with a partner for the next six weeks which means she conceived a day or two after she arrived.

Since she never had a period she didn’t have any warning that she was preggers until her breasts began to swell and the milk glands surrounding her nipples became prominent as they increased in size. Three weeks later during one of her first times being penetrated from the rear while en pointe, in the usual Boned-at-the-Barre position - feet a la seconde penetrated from the rear while bent over holding on to the barre - she had her cervix rammed several times by her partner and began to hemorrhage. She fainted and miscarried right in the studio bleeding all over a new pair of Gaynors she had just bought to have sex with her fave ballet teacher. She was rushed to the clinic and had a menstrual extraction to make sure that all the fetal tissue and placenta were expelled. She was put on a ten day regimen of antibiotics and told not to have any sexual activity that would cause her uterus to cramp for the next week while her endometrium was replaced.

Identity theft: I’ve mentioned in earlier entries that my women escort candidates and St Lucy’s students who are fitted for gas guards have RFID chips put in them so we can tell who is absent from class and ensure that they are wearing their gas guards before they enter the water for dive-sex labs where partners will finish inside each student during her dive. The RFID chips also help identify women when they are wearing DiveRubber or encasement suits where faces and identifying body markings (tats, scars, blemishes, etc) are hidden so from a distance it is almost impossible to know who is wearing the rubber suit. We have had instances where someone tried to have another woman take an exam dressed in the absent students DiveRubber or fetish gear. We are seeing gym-bag, dance-bag and reg-bag thefts in women’s locker rooms apparently to get their gas guards with RFID chips in them so they can pretend to be the student/dancer when dressed in fetishwear or dive gear. Wearing another woman’s diaphragm with her RFID chip it makes it much easier to get into some of the women’s secure areas at St Lucy’s and in the escort training areas at the casino. To combat that we have gone to biometric scanning of thumbprints as a cross-check to get into women’s secure areas.

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