Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz October 17, 2010

What’s wrong with how this dancer is wearing her pointes?

A change of purpose this time. I’m not interested in the maker. I’m looking for detail about how the dancer is wearing her shoes.

I’m indebted to a frequent reader for bringing this photo to my attention.


  1. Hi Jill,

    The support laces on her ankles are done incorrectly?


  2. Hello Jill ,
    Mmmm everything looks ok .Still I am being distracted by the model. Ok think like a pro dancer . The only things I can see is the drawstring not tucked under the vamp,and possibly the ribbons not tied correctly.

  3. Looks like the ribbons are tied poorly. It seems to me the ends of the ribbons are sticking out rather than tucked behind them.

  4. It's not her ribbons guys. I'm giving her a pass on the way she tied the ribbons since she tucked the ends in.

  5. her drawstrings are not tucked in she could trip and it is not usually something that is left out if you want it to look professional, by the way jill what do you look like?

    Are you trying to hide your apperance for fear of the crazys out there, you sound like you could take care of yourself if that were the case, and just what is st Lucys? is it a real finishing school or what is your angle just to teach young women how to seduce en pointe?

    and why the name St Lucy, are you of catholic roots, and do you know she had her eyes yanked out, unlike st agatha who had her breasts removed and ST Peter appered to her and reattached them to her?


  6. Jill, some more thoughts;

    a) She is leaning her right foot on its side possibly marking the shoe?

    b) She is wearing the shoes on the wrong feet?... Surely she can't be that daft although she has forgot to put her clothes on... /shrugs shoulders.

    c) She forgot to wear a gas guard? (don't ask, I'm in a funny mood today :) )

    d) all of the above!

  7. Paul D and J had the answer I was looking for, that the drawstrings are not tucked in. It can happen during a performance that they can work out, but not at a photo shoot. Untucked drawstrings ruin the line of the foot and are unprofessional. Thanks everyone for participating.

  8. I almost considered the drawstrings, but thought, nah!


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