Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Beavertail as a training suit

An escort and her trainer during a beavertail encounter

The beavertail jacket: when both men and women escorts begin dive-sex training wearing wetsuits we start them out wearing beavertail jackets. That’s because when closed the beavertail provides a feeling of being safely covered in thick rubber while displaying the wearer’s legs, and breast cleavage if the throat is unzipped a bit. An instructor acting as an aggressive partner quickly rids the student of any thought that her body is being protected by the 5 mm neoprene skin of her wetsuit. In less that a second her instructor has operated the twist latches holding the crotch of her beavertail in place and yanked down the front zipper leaving the students breasts and vulva visible and vulnerable to being fondled. The student has gone nearly instantaneously from being flirtatious showing off her beautiful body while it is unattainably encased in dive rubber to being at the mercy of her partner’s desires.

The first few times that happens during training the student is so shocked she is liable to freeze and become passive or panic and try and escape. At that point the student has lost any control she might have had at the first of the encounter and unless she is a submissive will have to struggle to regain any control over her partner’s actions. What we do during training is to introduce as many unexpected actions by a partner as possible so that the trainee learns to be alert for almost anything that s/he might do and thereby be able to turn the situation to her own advantage. Once the student realizes that she is vulnerable every time she is with a partner and especially in the hostile environment where underwater sex is practiced and she is relying on her dive gear for survival it concentrates her mind enabling her to focus on survival skills as well as the pelvic skills necessary to graduate with honors.

Negative effects of using a Sybian: A reader asked about the negative effects of using a Sybian machine. You should always use a condom when riding someone else’s Sybian or one at a health club because you don’t know what the sexual history of other users is. You can hurt yourself if you don’t use plenty of lube and run the RPMs up with the plug inserted, but that can be avoided by taking care how you use the machine. I think the biggest negative for skilled long term Sybian users is that the sensation is so much better than a man can provide and the orgasms are unbelievable intense that we have had women have seizures while having a Sybian encounter. Counter intuitively the intensity of Sybian encounters can be a negative because it can encourage masturbation with the Sybian rather than the intimacy of sex with a male partner. And of course there is no danger of impregnation from riding a Sybian.

On the down side there isn’t the erotic scent of male sweat and the accompanying pheromones, the caress of his fingers, the softness of his lips as he latches on to your nipples and tries to breast feed while he is giving you a clitoral orgasm. Or during penetration the amazing feel of skin-on-skin as he pushes his massive shaft deeper and deeper while totally unprotected so he can successfully transfer his male fluid filled with hundreds of millions of sperm. Riding a Sybian you miss the sound of his shallow breathing and the crush of his arms around you as he approaches orgasm and his grunts and the increased speed and power of his trusts as he batters you with his pelvis and rams the tip of his rod into your cervix as he pumps and dumps spewing sperm as deep into you as he can.

Lemons at St Lucy’s: Half a fresh lemon (cored to fit over the cervix) is a natural spermicidal barrier (made famous by Don Juan) if a girl has forgotten her pills or contraceptive device and is w/o a better alternative. At St Lucy’s there is so much emphasis put on using an effective means of contraception that as a prank some years ago one of the 6th form students put a large ceramic bowl of fresh lemons and a sharp paring knife on a sideboard in the rotunda of the administration building and it has become a school tradition to keep a bowl of fresh lemons and paring knife in that very spot as a reminder of each student’s contraceptive responsibility.

It has also become a traditional part of the initiation into the ballet club to have new members wear a half lemon as a cervical cap for their first penetrative sex en pointe in a public place. Not on Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip) of course, that comes later, just in the rotunda of Conception Hall, the administration building, at midnight with other members of the club as witnesses. The inductee can have a boyfriend take her or spring for a studley escort purchased for the evening. The inductee continues to use her usual effective method of contraception since the half lemon is only symbolic of the new member becoming publicly sexually active in the club. The lemon has long been a symbol of longevity, purification, love, and friendship.

An enquiring reader asks: “Just what is St Lucy’s? Is it a real finishing school or what is your angle just to teach young women how to seduce en pointe? And why the name St Lucy, are you of catholic roots, and do you know she had her eyes yanked out.”

Actually the details of St Lucy’s martyrdom are a bit sketchy. But yes, I know the story of her being blinded. I prefer her story as told in Jacobus de Voragine’s The Golden Legend. And yes, the school is an elite girl’s finishing school. I intentionally chose the name St Lucy’s as a nom de conte (a fictitious name in a story) to provide a name filled with irony for one of the most farsighted and liberal girls schools in the country. In today’s society a young woman needs to hone all the skills she possesses and her body and innate seductive tendencies need nurturing if she is to compete effectively for what she wants. I’m fortunate to be able to help train St Lucy’s students for their roles in the upper levels of society.


  1. Eh thats quite progressive, I cant say that I agree with all your methodes and the use of contraception on a large level like that as a christan, but you seem like a nice enough person, and I thank you for your quick responses.

    signed J

  2. The Da Vinci Code 2: Jills Blog...

    Film at 9.

  3. What are you referencing Paul?

  4. Maybe someday I'll meet a graduate of this interesting school...

  5. That was not me that said that, though what do you mean by Jills blog, film at 9?

    that is what I ment,

  6. Was just a bit of humor with the Christianity/St. Lucys dialogue...


  7. O is that it, I could not figure out what you ment by film at 9.


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