Friday, October 22, 2010

Dracula for Halloween

Count Dracula and Flora

Dracula in Vegas: For Halloween we are presenting eight performances of Dracula in the various high-roller venues. It’s an occult holiday favorite that we are bringing back and hope to make it a tradition. The original three act ballet was created by Houston Ballet’s Ben Stevenson in 1997 to mark the 100th anniversary of Bram Stoker’s novel and with music by Franz Liszt has become a modern classic. I have had to shorten and reduce its scale appreciably to fit our performance venues and the attention span of my audience and rather than the quite chaste neck punctures by Dracula’s fangs I have substituted a more effective but no less dangerous way for a woman to be taken over to the dark-side.

Induced menstruation: In my version, instead of sucking blood from his female victim’s neck Dracula spellbinds her and then while giving her an orgasm during oral sex forces his saliva into her uterus where its anti-coagulant properties induce her period causing her to bleed heavily. In order for this to work properly in front of an audience the dancers in the role of Flora (Mina in the book) have to be cycling naturally so their periods will be relatively heavy. It also requires scheduling their periods so they are bleeding for the performance. I’m cycle day one (CD1) today and just starting my period so I will be in full flow by tomorrow night when I will dance Flora for the evening performance. For dancers whose cycles aren’t synched to mine we shift them a few days by having them take a regimen of Aygestin tablets containing 5 mg of the progestin norethisterone which delays their periods a few days until needed for their performances as Flora.

After each performance one or two fortunate members of the audiences come away with one of Flora’s break-away thongs soaked with her menstrual blood as a souvenir. I will use the first one of mine with the blood from a public performance in a spell that I will cast for Halloween. Readers of my 360 blog know that I am, at the very least, a ‘sensitive’ though my spells are (usually) of a benign nature. Unlike Christine O'Donnell I’m not running for public office so I don’t really care if people know I’m a witch. I don’t usually mention it in public because it tends to raise eyebrows and then people want me to do something to prove it and when I don’t they think I’m kidding or lying to them. But on Halloween and the Summer and Winter solstices the power of the old religions is very much alive, and in many places it is just below the surface of what is happening in ordinary peoples lives.

I will use my bloody thong as the wick in an ancient oil lamp that will be lit for the Halloween party I’m having at my place Sunday evening. As long as the blood on the thong is less than three days old the spell is quite potent. Blood from a virgin can be used for up to three weeks after her period with no loss in the spells potency. Burning the fragrant oil with a blood-soaked wick will ensure the party is a festive one.


  1. Oooh Jill, you should watch 'Vampyres'... ;)

    In my version, Jill, the Countess of Canada tracks down her victims... I mean, willing volunteers from her Blog.

    Paul stupidly (probably on purpose) leaves his window open on that dark, smokey halloween night. Jill climbs in en pointe... her body glimmering under the moonlight with her black latex catsuit & Pantene Pro V hair....


  2. Ohhh... When HM created me first Countess of Alberta she said it would be our secret because otherwise Prince P would want his Brazilian Mistress made Duchess of Montreal. HM said he was making her quite enough himself, thank you very much! Also, just so you know. When I’m on the prowl in a latex catsuit I wear a hood so no one can recognize me or grab me by my long auburn hair.

    Paul… Are you going to participate in the Turning Pointe quiz that’s open at the moment?

  3. Jill,

    I'm still trying to find which brand of pointe shoe that is... without much success :(

    On the subject of hoods... love them, but seeing a woman wearing a catsuit with long hair on show is just awesome... especially if she was wearing day clothes on top to start with... maybe this is better for the earlier orgasm entry you made!?!


  4. That's an interesting start to a scene by Paul there.

    BTW, when are you going to post the answers to the latest quiz?

  5. From recent comments there may possibly be three Pauls participating. There is Paul D and (two?) others who are just identifying as Paul. Will the reader(s) identifying as Paul please add an identifying initial or character to your siggy so you get credit where credit is due. That would be awesome! Thanks!

    There is a time difference between posts so Paul may be a single reader, but a bit of clarification would be lovely!

  6. Hi Jill, the 'Paul' posts above are just mine. Sorry, I should've always used an initial from the beginning.

    Paul S.

  7. Thanks Paul S, that's lovely!

  8. I expanded the story a bit. Sorry, couldn't think of another girl's name so she's called Jill :p

    Legal crap : Any Similarity to Persons Living or Dead Is Purely Coincidental ;)

    It was a dark stormy night in October, the night before Halloween.

    Jill stripped naked.
    Her day clothes piled up on the floor replaced with a shiny black latex catsuit which was to become her second skin.
    She opened the cupboard door and took out a bottle of body glide which she applied over her beautiful figure.
    Jill watched herself in the mirror caressing every spot of her body with the lubricant which would ease her entry into the catsuit.
    Such were her thoughts, Jill's body quivered and trembled as she smeared herself top to toe.

    The mere thought of being cocooned in latex took Jill to another level. She knew deep in her mind that an orgasm must only take place when she wore the complete suit, otherwise the moment would be lost.

    Her catsuit, a House of Harlot item was one she had inherited from a dead female in the desert some months previously.

    Jill's body was now covered in a light layer of glide - she was ready - as she emersed herself into the catsuit a sense of fulfillment overcome her. Each part of the body the latex came into contact with completed a series of thought processes - much like that of an orgasm. It just felt right. Jill wished she could remain like this forever.

    As Jill zipped herself up she reached for her polish to finish herself off.

    The thought of remaining in this state played on Jill's mind that night as she practised ballet in the catsuit. Her auburn hair following her every flowing movement.

    Later that night Jill cocooned herself in her latex sleep sack and blissfully slipped away into the night... Little did Jill know that the person's catsuit she wore was that of a Countess.

    As the start of Halloween began a unique bonding of the catsuit become one with Jill. She could never escape this prison - and would she want to? But as Jill awoke that morning she felt a sudden rush over her, a different person's thoughts were being shared with her. Thoughts of seeking blood to fulfill the other persons needs.
    Jill was scared but intrigued to know more, unknowingly that she was giving this entity permission to take over her thoughts and desires...

    The catsuit was tight on Jill's body, the zips had sunk in to form a complete rubber outfit with no way out. Without warning the latex entered her filling her void and bringing her to climax. She came so hard, but the want for blood was ever present... "You do something for me and I'll do this for you" said the voice within her mind... The latex grew tighter around her breasts...

  9. SOO that fairly nice looking lady with the red hair in some of the photos is you isn't it Jill?

    signed J

  10. Who knows J. I kind of like that air of mystery with Jill.. One thing's for certain, the Internet would be crap without her interesting thoughts/blog.

    Paul S.


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