Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz October 11, 2010

Who is the maker & what is the style & outer covering of these shoes?


  1. On the heel, there's an imprint that says "Ballet Makers," which is a I believe now the maker of Capezio. The outer covering looks like black leather. As for the style... that I cannot find.

  2. Ohh dang they are leather capezios, your black ones I bet arn't they,
    you can tell the leather by the way it has the dull shine and the wrinkle creases.
    signed J

  3. Oooh They are leather and made by dancemakers of capezio, you can tell by the wrinkled creases in them, I bet they are yours aren't they Jill?

  4. Mmmm Jill ,
    Lovely shoes . Well ballermaker is a logo still used by Capezio . The model is 191 Name Aerial mmmm Now for the outer covering You know Jill There is nothing like Leather And The way this cobbler finished this set . He was a master . Very well done indeed !

  5. Paul D was the only one who got all three parts of the quiz correct. Eric and J did not answer the style portion. Thanks guys!

  6. I almost said Aerial, but didn't see the pattern on the sole on the web store pictures I saw of it.

  7. Eric, a better clue was the additional line of stitching around the throat of the vamp.

  8. I dont pay attention to the style, but I can tell a make by the box shape, and as for animal hide, well I can usually tell it a mile away, nothing like animal hide natural, smells good, and durable, thats why I like it in gloves I use and some of my coats. but not soo much for the fetish reasons. Just like it cuz most of the stuff out there is fake hide nowdays, and the smell of fresh leather. ;}

  9. Hi Jill,

    Was going to say Capezio also, but I wasn't sure of the style (was going to look tonight). Beautiful shoes though, presume they do them in red? Since seeing the 'Red Shoes' I'm fascinated with that colour and ballet.

    Hope you are doing well, Best wishes,

  10. Hi Paul, yes they can be made in red leather. My red ones were featured in my pointe shoe quiz for March 1, 2010

  11. Ah yes, just had a look now... you could've warned me about someone wearing them called Jill :)

    Anyway, I also spotted the entry for 3-10-10. That picture looks extremely painful!

  12. They are really nice looking thats for sure, the toes like like the lines around an arm or back of a leather covered couch, and they look nice, like a work of art, and should for the cost of cow hide pointes they cause almost 100 dollers us or more depending on what is used, I got curious and asked though email once since I did not see the sms on the website anymore.

    Signed J


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