Saturday, October 30, 2010

Urination in drysuits, Testosterone at Splash Pt II

Floating in an Avon heavy rubber drysuit

Urination in drysuits: A frequent reader has taken me to task for an incomplete answer, after I raised the topic of urination while diving in my blog entry for October 25, 2010. She complained that I mentioned wetsuits but did not cover the options for a diver wearing a drysuit. There are several options for urinating in a drysuit some of which are more satisfactory than others.
• There is the ‘try-holding-it’ option, in my opinion the least satisfactory as it diverts the mind from enjoying the dive and if the diver is determined not to pee in his or her suit it shortens the dive considerably.
• Using a Pee Valve installed on the suit that allows both male and female divers to vent urine outside the suit – if it is working properly. For more about Pee Valves click here. Most of my male dive friends use pee valves but I don’t like them because they interfere with using a vaginal vibrator.
• A third alternative is self catheterization which has fallen out of favor since the advent of the Pee Valve. I’ve tried it and I really hate the feeling of the tube in my urethra and if the balloon deflates or the tube catches on something and the catheter pulls out you pee on yourself anyway. Additionally for women wearing a Penetrator plug with a vibi head for G-spot masturbation is compromised (well, it was for me) by the tube in my urethra.
• Another is to wear an adult diaper. Adult diaper technology has improved dramatically in the last few years and this is my fave alternative if I’m going to be in a drysuit for any length of time. A Penetrator plug (with urethra vent) can be worn to stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot.
• Finally the ‘wear-nothing-and-pee-in-your-suit, option. This is only satisfactory if you plan to intentionally flood your suit. Flooding a drysuit can be risky depending on the type suit and what - if any - other buoyancy devices the diver has available. The shoulder entry suits are the hardest to flood and nearly impossible for the diver to get watertight again by him or her self. My fave suit to flood is the latex HydroGlove that has a fold seal around the diver’s waist. It’s easy to reseal, but very tricky to re-inflate since it is intended for shallow water and has no constant pressure inflator valve so when submerged air has to be inserted past a wrist seal.

Women, relationships and risk in Vegas: My friends try to stay away from serious relationships with men outside the adult entertainment industry because the guys don’t understand what it takes for a woman to be successful here. A girl has to continue to push the envelope if she is going to be any sort of success, which means elbowing the competition out of the way if necessary. It also means continually training to keep a hard flexible bod and well toned pelvic muscles because men are amazed (and some are creeped out) when a small woman who they think of as being frail can ripple-grip a guy’s penis giving him a massive orgasm w/o breaking a sweat while he has her gripped tightly in his arms and is focused on staying as still and deep in her as possible. A hard bodied professional can also crush his shaft with her vaginal muscles. A girl doesn’t want to do that often or she can get a reputation as a ‘man-eater’, but if he won’t behave you have to do what’s necessary to get his attention. After his erectile tissue is crushed a guy is never the same. Transplants, implants, pumps, injections there is only so much even the best urologists can do even at a cost that will put their grandchildren through Harvard.

So a professional must keep up her training regimen which is three hours of ballet; barre, center, technique and pointe as well as two hours of pelvic training- when not with clients - every day. Guys outside the industry love it when they can partner a girl during parts of her pelvic training, but so many of them don't understand the need for a professional to constantly train. They take the girl for granted and become possessive which for them is a huge mistake because she has a long list of other admirers to choose from. It’s a given that a girl will eventually age out as a professional just as dancers and models do, but even with a modest formal education girls can make it to an upper tier with looks, talent and hard work where they can save a lot of money for retirement or to start their own business.

Towel Girls and testosterone at Splash Pt II: The puzzle has been solved. Returning readers will remember that in my entry for October 25, 2010 I wrote about a Towel Girl at Splash who claimed she was having masculizing side effects from excreted testosterone metabolites in club member’s urine and semen. The team of doctors at Splash, a Gynecologist and an Endocrinologist, insist the literature does not support her assertion. The medical team also conducted a complete inventory of the supply of drugs on hand in the small pharmacy at Splash and found a shortage in 10 cc vials of testosterone. Two were missing as were a quantity of disposable syringes. The TG who claimed the masculinizing side effects problem was interviewed and admitted taking the missing testosterone and self administering injections of it over an interval of 26 weeks in order to increase her stamina while with some of the more highly sexed club members. Her leave of absence was changed to immediate termination and increased security has been instituted at the pharmacy.

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